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Thursday 9th August Results


Brighton Results 9th August
Time Race News & Video
14:20 Join 888sport, Get 88 In Free Bets! Handicap video available
14:50 Village Marquee Company Selling Handicap video available
15:20 Freddie Frost And The Dream Deals Maiden Auction Stakes video available
15:50 Brighton Challenge Cup Handicap video available
16:20 Number One Dealer In Sussex, Frosts Chevrolet Fillies' Handicap video available
16:50 Thistle Hotel Brighton Handicap video available
17:20 Piper Heidsieck Handicap video available
17:55 Gay Kelleway Funownership With Lady Amateur Riders' Handicap video available


Chepstow Results 9th August
Time Race News & Video
17:15 Handicap (Lady Amateur Riders) video available
17:50 Free Bets Fillies' Handicap video available
18:20 Free Mobile Betting Median Auction Maiden Fillies' Stakes video available
18:50 Nursery video available
19:25 Chepstow Annual Members Maiden Stakes video available
20:00 Happy 50th Birthday Andy Smith Handicap video available
20:30 Handicap video available

Haydock Park

Haydock Park Results 9th August
Time Race News & Video
14:10 TRC Charity Raceday Maiden Stakes video available
14:40 John Greaves & Derek Wilson Supports TRC Fillies' Handicap video available
15:10 Lordship Stud Supports TRC Handicap video available
15:40 Professional Footballers' Association Supports TRC Handicap (Div 1)
16:10 Professional Footballers' Association Supports TRC Handicap (Div 2)
16:40 Betfair Supports Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Centre Handicap (Betfair Sprint Flat Series Qualifier)
17:10 Jockey Club Supports The Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Centre Handicap (Betfair 10F Flat Series Qualifier)
17:45 Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Centre Handicap

Sandown Park

Sandown Park Results 9th August
Time Race News & Video
17:40 Slug And Lettuce Canary Wharf E.B.F. Maiden Fillies' Stakes
18:10 Slug And Lettuce O2 Arena Handicap
18:40 Slug And Lettuce Happy Mondays E.B.F. Maiden Stakes
19:15 Slug And Lettuce London Eye Handicap
19:50 Slug And Lettuce 2-4-1 Cocktails Handicap
20:20 Slug And Lettuce Book Now For Xmas Handicap


Southwell Results 9th August
Time Race News & Video
16:55 Mirror Punters Club Nursery video available
17:25 Maiden Auction Stakes video available
18:00 Free Bets Median Auction Maiden Stakes video available
18:30 Free Betting With Handicap video available
19:05 Follow Us On Twitter At Southwell_Races Selling Stakes video available
19:40 Membership Available At Southwell Golf Club Handicap video available
20:10 Download Our iPhone App Handicap video available


Yarmouth Results 9th August
Time Race News & Video
14:30 British Stallion Studs Supporting British Racing E.B.F. Maiden Stakes video available
15:00 Norfolk And Suffolk Animal Trust Maiden Handicap video available
15:30 Golden Mile Great Yarmouth Selling Stakes video available
16:00 Betterbet Fillies' Handicap video available
16:30 BBC Radio Norfolk Handicap video available
17:00 Norfolk Chamber Of Commerce Handicap video available
17:30 Scroby Sands Windfarm Handicap video available


Leopardstown Results 9th August
Time Race News & Video
17:25 Foxrock Fillies Maiden video available
17:55 Irish Stallion Farms E.B.F. Maiden video available
18:25 Irish Stallion Farms E.B.F. Fillies Handicap video available
18:55 Handicap (50-70) video available
19:30 Ballyroan Stakes (Group 3) video available report available
20:05 ''Ryan Sheridan'' Maiden video available
20:35 Leopardstown Club Members Handicap video available


Sligo Results 9th August
Time Race News & Video
17:35 Follow Sligo On Facebook Maiden Hurdle video available
18:05 Martin Reilly BMW Dealer Novice Hurdle video available
18:35 Leo McMorrow Memorial Handicap Hurdle (80-102) video available
19:10 Martinstown Opportunity Maiden Hurdle video available
19:45 Guinness Sligo Handicap Hurdle video available
20:15 Strandhill Lodge & Suites Maiden Hurdle video available
20:45 Student Day At Sligo 3rd October Flat Race video available


Turffontein Results 9th August
Time Race News & Video
11:45 Racing Express Workriders Maiden Plate
12:20 All To Come Maiden Plate
12:55 Computaform Express Maiden Plate (3 Year-Old Fillies)
13:30 Soccer 13 Your Biggest Payday For The Lowest Outlay Maiden Plate
14:05 Mr B Warren Mr 85 Divided Handicap
14:45 Mr C Varejes Mr 72 Divided Handicap
15:20 Mr M P Makgoba Mr 90 Divided Handicap
15:55 Racing Association Mr 71 Divided Handicap

Canterbury Park

Canterbury Park Results 9th August
Time Race News & Video
01:03 Maiden Special Weight
01:31 Maiden Claiming
01:59 Claiming
02:28 Claiming
02:57 Maiden Special Weight
03:26 Starter Allowance
03:54 Claiming
04:21 Maiden Claiming
04:48 Allowance

Charles Town

Charles Town Results 9th August
Time Race News & Video
00:15 Maiden Claiming
00:46 Claiming
01:23 Maiden Claiming
01:51 Claiming
02:18 Maiden Claiming
02:44 Allowance
03:10 Maiden Claiming
03:37 Allowance Optional Claiming
04:03 Maiden Special Weight

Delaware Park

Delaware Park Results 9th August
Time Race News & Video
18:15 Maiden Claiming
18:45 Allowance Optional Claiming
19:15 Claiming
19:45 Claiming
20:15 Allowance Optional Claiming
20:45 Claiming
21:15 Claiming
21:45 Claiming
22:15 Maiden Special Weight

Emerald Downs

Emerald Downs Results 9th August
Time Race News & Video
02:00 Claiming
02:28 Maiden Claiming
02:56 Claiming
03:24 Claiming
03:52 Claiming
04:20 Claiming
04:48 Claiming

Evangeline Downs

Evangeline Downs Results 9th August
Time Race News & Video
23:40 Maiden Claiming
00:05 Claiming
00:30 Maiden Claiming
00:55 Claiming
01:20 Maiden Special Weight
01:45 Maiden Claiming
02:10 Claiming
02:35 Claiming
03:00 Allowance
03:25 Starter Optional Claiming
03:50 Maiden Claiming

Finger Lakes

Finger Lakes Results 9th August
Time Race News & Video
18:10 Maiden Special Weight
18:37 Starter Allowance
19:04 Claiming
19:31 Starter Allowance
19:58 Claiming
20:25 Claiming
20:52 Claiming
21:19 Claiming
21:46 Claiming

Louisiana Downs

Louisiana Downs Results 9th August
Time Race News & Video
19:25 Allowance
19:52 Claiming
20:20 Claiming
20:50 Maiden Special Weight
21:20 Claiming
21:50 Claiming
22:20 Maiden Claiming
22:50 Claiming
23:20 Maiden Claiming

Monmouth Park

Monmouth Park Results 9th August
Time Race News & Video
21:00 Maiden Claiming
21:24 Claiming
21:48 Claiming
22:18 Claiming
22:48 Allowance Optional Claiming
23:18 Claiming
23:46 Claiming

Penn National - Abandoned

Penn National Results 9th August
Time Race News & Video
23:00 Claiming
23:28 Claiming
23:56 Maiden Claiming
00:24 Claiming
00:52 Maiden Claiming
01:20 Claiming
01:47 Claiming
02:14 Claiming
02:41 Maiden Claiming

Prairie Meadows

Prairie Meadows Results 9th August
Time Race News & Video
00:30 Claiming
00:56 Maiden Claiming
01:23 Maiden Claiming
01:50 Claiming
02:17 Claiming
02:44 Claiming
03:11 Claiming
03:37 Allowance
04:03 Maiden Claiming

Presque Isle Downs

Presque Isle Downs Results 9th August
Time Race News & Video
22:25 Claiming
22:50 Allowance
23:15 Allowance
23:40 Allowance
00:05 Starter Allowance
00:30 Maiden Special Weight
00:55 Claiming
01:20 Claiming

River Downs

River Downs Results 9th August
Time Race News & Video
18:30 Claiming
19:01 Claiming
19:32 Claiming
20:03 Maiden Claiming
20:34 Allowance
21:05 Allowance
21:36 Allowance
22:07 Claiming


Saratoga Results 9th August
Time Race News & Video
18:00 Mrs. Ogden Phipps Hurdle
18:35 Maiden Claiming
19:08 Maiden Special Weight
19:41 Claiming
20:15 Maiden Special Weight
20:49 Claiming
21:23 Maiden Claiming
21:57 Maiden Special Weight
22:31 New York Stallion Series Stakes Fillies
23:04 Claiming