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20 - 14


  • Super Rugby
  • Overall Group
  • 8th May 2010
  • KO 19:10
  • Ground: Growthpoint Kings Park, Durban

Sharks v Stormers - LIVE

Last updated: 8th May 2010  

Conversion80 CONVERSION STORMERS, GRANT 20-14. The all important conversion is taken and the Stormers get their bonus point. That is some consolation at the end of a poor performance. Well done to the Sharsk, you deserve this win. Thanx for joining us. Take care.


78 The Stormers have one more chance to get a bonus point as the maul it up 10 metres from the try line. January snipes but is caught. One by one they take it up...desperate stuff in the face of a well organised defense. Phase 7...we are over on the far side, still 5 out. Louw puts his head down, no luck. Then the penalty comes...right in the middle of the field. Big call...they tap and go and this time it is Louw who stretches over...


74 The Stormers are trying everything now but it's not working for them. The Sharks steal the ball and suddenly Kockott is away! He is brought down inches from the line by a flying Pietersen but the penalty goes to the home team as the tank erupts. What will they do? Close this one out Smit instructs Pienaar.

72 The Stormers get the turn over and then the penalty as they tackle, tackle and tackle some more. The home team did well through the phases but they struggle to find the gap. We are inside the Sharks half for a line out. Can the Stormers break the line and the hold? They creep up to the 22 and as another penalty comes their way Burger decides to go for goal and get within 7. Good thinking. Oh dear...Grant misses from straight in front. Well, that sums up the Stormers' night.

70 January to Grant, Louw in support, Fourie helps out. They are piling up and getting in one another's way. Yes, accidental offside is the call. The Stormers look tired and beaten.

68 The Sharks spill the pass on the near side as Daniel sprints down the line. That was dangerous for the Stormers; the Sharks have let themselves down with poor finishing.


64 After a lengthy injury delay we are back in action. January to Grant, inside to Naqelevuki...knock on...poor again. From the ensueing scrum the Sharks get the penalty on half way. Kockott takes quickly. Big clash and Burger stays down. On the 22 the Sharks get another penalty as Liebenberg doesn't release. Pienaar steps up.

62 We are back in the middle of the field, Sharks to feed the scrum. Pienaar tests Naqelevuki. He passes the test and quick recycling creates the overlap. Vermeulen makes good ground from his 22, Louw in support...great running by the two loosies. Unfortunately there is yet another handling error on the Sharks 10 metre line. Scrum down.

60 Kankowski steals the line out ball but Botes knocks it on...De Jongh to Fouirie who is carried backwards before his friends arrive. Frantic rucking and wrestling leads to a penalty to the Stormers.

59 Both teams go for the long kick option almost as though they want to avoid contact and reset their bodies. The Stormers though needs to keep the ball and score the points. Back and forth she goes untill Pienaar finds touch on half way.

57 The Stormers steak that line out ball and Duvenhage hacks ahead. Ndungane attmpts the counter but play is stopped inside the Sharks half courtesey of a Sharks handling error. The scrum goes down three times. When the ball does come out Kockott spoils it by tapping it back...a slow ball eventually gets to Grant. Liebenberg bashes it up, De Jongh for the gap with Van Zyl on his shoulder...ahhh...butter fingers by the big guy...poor.

54 Mvovo shows his pace down the touch line but desperate defense takes him out of play. Smit will feed on the Stormers 22.

52 Big tackles all over the park as the sharks keep the ball in hand. Kockott marshalls his troops, Botes working in tandem with Kankowski. The pressure tells on the Sharks; Pienaar aims for the corner in a change of tactics. The bounce is unkind and Grant dots down.

50 Good effort but it's just wide from Grant.Deep restart by Terreblanche. Naqelevuki is penalised as he mimicks Kankowski. Trying to run through a wall of black he looses the ball forward...Pienaar will go for goal. It's wide...

48 Good comeback by the Stormers. They look intense...less smiles tonight. Now the Sharks are on the Stormers 22 but quick hands work the turn over. Aplon hacks forward and Kankowski is back to cover. The number 8 takes on three defenders and loose that battle...penalty to the Stormers...Grant will have a shot.



44 Duvenhage to Whitehead...out to Grant who breaks, steps off his right food to beat the defenders and he is through...under the sticks.

43 Now the Sharks build it through the phases...suddenly the sprint is on as Fourie intercepts a Pienaat pass. It's Pienaar who gives chase and hauls him in. Burger collects the pop up pass and when he is brought down a centimetre short he finds only black jerseys. Great defense by the Sharks but the Stormers get the scrum.

41 Good intent from the Stormers from the restart. Fourie finds space. It's Fourie again during phase 5. The big men are patient at the break down and they retain the ball nicely. Truth is that they are traveling backwards and when Bekker passes the ball to no one and into touch, the Sharks explode as one man. Crazy defense!

40 As the half time whistle sounds the Stormers look shell shocked. Let's summarise: the Sharks played all the rugby and deserve to lead. They've chucked away three tries but were handed a freebie in the dying minutes. Can the Stormers recover? Let's see.


38 The Stormers are under sever pressure and find themselves cemented to their 22. Pienaar tries a new tactic...he chips over the Stormers and gives chase into the in-goal area. Naqelevuki is back there first but he must have thought he is on the beach in Fiji. He misses the simplest of rolling balls and Pienaar is right there to accept the gift.

37 The Sharks mount numerous phases from the line out getting closer with each step. There is an overlap on the left...quick through the hands to Ndungane...who drops it with the line in his face! It was another difficult take but that is the third try scoring opportunity that the home team has wasted

35 The Sharks copunter and Ndungane is hammered by Burger...penalty...Pienaar for the line.

34 The Stormers try to run out of trouble but the Sharks won't let them Grant is forced to kick and finds touch just beyond the 22. Mvovo is almost through the gap in yet another Shark attack. We are deep inside the Stormer 22 but the tackling is ferocious and they get the penalty. Grant clears.

31 The Sharks call for a scrum. Kankowski looks set to explode..Pienaar whispers and Kockott puffs his chest. It is the number 8 who picks up makes a metre. Now Smit has a bash before the stadium erupts as the Beast gets. Now to Pienaar who launches a pin point cross kick. The winger beats Aplon in the air but looses the ball as he crosses the line...how unfortunate for the blistering Sharks.

29 De Jongh gets the ball as the Stormers fight hard in the scrum. He breaks right through...excellent stepping! His grubber forward is for Fourie to chase but Ndungane gets and counters beautifully. Phase 7 as Kockott picks up and feeds his close in support. Patient and powerful rugby by the home team. Phase 12 as the Beast hammers it to within 5 metres. The Stormers rip it free but we'll come back for a penalty to the Sharks and a stern chat to Burger. The Stormers are living on the edge and the Sharks are looking like the better team here...

26 Another penalty comes for the Stormers and Grant gets them a little closer. Now Duvenhage breaks away. Excellent counter rucking see the Skarks boys walk over the ball and allows Kockott to attack. We are on the Stormers 22 where Aplon makes a rare handling error. Another Sharks scrum.

24 Kockott breaks from the base and he's away! Terreblanche is in support as they reach the 22...Mvovo is on his outside but he misses that opportunity! To the frustration of the crowd, the Sharks fail to release the ball quickly and the Stormers clear. We are back on half way.

22 Burger is everywhere tonight...it's all fore arms and blond hair. The scrum goes to the visitors but terrible handling hands the ball nicely back to the Sharks. It's a scrum inside the Sharks half.

20 Grant gets from Duvenhage and decides to go high from his 22. Lambie returns the kick and this time Grant runs it up. Nowhere to go...Vermeulen is in support but as the boys pile in the Sharks is penalised for naughty fingers in the soil.

18 Good counter scrummaging by the Stormers. Their front row is giving the Beast, Smit, Du Plessis combination a real test. Aplon takes again at the back and as is the case so often he finds space. Burger is in support but when he goes down the Sharks arrive in numbers and work another vital turn over. Terrebalnce clears the line.

16 Lambie takes sweetly at the back. He turns and weaves but it all gies into touch on half way. Burger breaks away...Fourie is on his shoulder at pace, over half way...up to the 22. Fourie is isolated but when he goes down, Burger is there....the Sharks win a miracle and try saving turn over but the hurried clearance is carried back by Aplon. Again the Stormers set up camp on the 22...to no avail, scrum Sharks.

14 Plenty of hard phases but the Stormers's resolute defense holds once more...then the turn over comes and the men in white will clear the line...must say, the Sharks mean business.

12 Mvovo carries it up...great clean out work and out she comes. Pienaar shows and steps and breaks the line beautifully. Long pass out to Ndungane...it's a difficult take and he knocks on with the try line beckoning. Penalty advantage was played and a confident Sharks team aims for the corner.

10 Pienaar finds a good touch from the penalty at the restart. A big elbow from Vermeulen landed in Smit's face...not allowed. Swanepoel finds space around the ruck. Kockott follows suit but is knocked hard enough for the ball to fly into De Jongh's hands...he does not find touch. Again the Sharks counter with positive attitude...



6 Now the Sharks are on the attack. John Smit works well on the ground...to the right they go...simple passing and straight running and it is Ndungane who gets in at the far side corner. Good try!

5 Free kick to the Stormers, Grant goes high....the Sharks return the kick. Vermeulen on the far side goes on the run. He unceremoniously hands off Kankowski...but goes to ground himself. Quick recycle...again the two number eights get physical in the middle...brilliant contest.

4 Burger collects a loose ball and bumps off one man. Duvenhage clears...Jacques Fourie, last week's hero drops a simple pass on his own 22. Good opportunity for the home team who seems to be in the mood for a fast game.

3 Kankowski takes at the back and steps nicely. It comes off the floor quickly and Pienaar lets loose to the right. They come within 10 and then come left. Terreblanche's pass goes astray and De Jongh hacks ahead...

1 Pienaar gets us going. Bekker takes and Dunenhage finds touch on half way.

Welcome to the Shark tank in Durban for this heavy duty Super 14 match. For the visiting Stormers this is another opportunity to edge closer to a home semi final. Even though the Sharks' Super season is over, South African teams are known for not giving an inch to their fellow countrymen. Expect a real hard game of rugby. The action will start in a few moments.

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