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  • Giteau (2),
    Penalty goals: Giteau (2),
    Conversions: Giteau (2),
20 - 21


  • Ashton, Youngs,
    Penalty goals: Wilkinson, Flood (2),
    Conversions: Flood,
  • International Match
  • 19th Jun 2010
  • KO 11:00
  • Att: 48,392

Australia v England - LIVE

Last updated: 19th June 2010  

80 Wilkinson kicks it into touch. That's it! ENGLAND WIN 21-20 !!!! What an upset. Matt Giteau scored all off the hosts' points, but he'll be blamed for missing that sitter of a penalty. What a game, thanks for joining us. Cheers!

79 WILKINSON MISSES!!! It's a one-point ball game going into the final minute. Cooper restarts, England drive it up as the English fans start to sing...

78 Edmonds is pinged for going off his feet so Wilkinson can set up an attacking line-out for England. Chisholm is penalised for pulling down at the line-out...Wilkinson lines it up.

76 England move the ball from one side of the field to the other. There's a poor pass to Armitage, who can't hold on.

74 FIGHT! James Slipper is claiming he has been eye gouged. The ref hasn't seen anything so we'll scrum down again.

73 Huia Edmonds on for Faingaa as we enter the final minutes. O'Connor has another go at the English defence, but spills the ball! Foden kicks but it's a poor effort and the Wallabies have possession on the half-way line. Another knock-on and England can feed the scrum.

71 Drama as GITEAU MISSES!!!! That was the easiest kick of the year and he fluffed it!

70 Australia are all attack in the England 22. Penalty! Right in front of the posts as Giteau is taken out without the ball.

68 Giteau's kick is wide! England retain their one-point lead!

66 Australia keep ball in hand driving up midfield. Now it comes wide for Ashley-Cooper. Thompson is off-side. Penalty!

64 Whoa! A huge scrum from England turns into a maul and they drive it 15m. Wilko tries the cross field kick-pass to Foden but Ashley-Cooper does very well to field the kick.

63 Digby Ioane is forced off with an elbow injury. England have a scrum on the Wallaby 10m line.

62 A bit of ping-pong kicking ends in O'Connor finding himself in space. He turns on the gas before chipping ahead. Now England must defend a line-out. They do and Wilko clears.

60 Cooper doesn't have too many options so tries the boot. Foden is waiting for it and sends play back to the Wallaby 22, where the hosts can throw in from the line-out.

58 England win the penalty and are able to clear their lines. The subs are starting to come on, Shaw adds some beef to the English pack.

56 Sloppy ball from the line-out means the Wallabies must keep it tight deep in the England 22. Cooper is in the pocket for the drop, but he sends it wide to Ioane. The English defence sold solid. They ruck over and win it back!

55 Australia, looking to reply immediately, pick and drive their way into the England 22. Now they spread it wide to Mitchell, but the visitors defence is much better organised this time.


52 There's a big cheer from the crowd as Jonny Wilkinson enters the fray. There's plenty of needle at scrum time. Australia are under pressure at the set piece again as the cough up another penalty. Wilko lines it up.

50 A knock-on ends the England attack, but Australia are under pressure in their own half. Cooper punts up-field but England are happy to run the ball back.

48 Engalnd are back on the attack as they spread the ball through the hands from a line-out deep in Wallaby territory. Lots of momentum with the white jerseys.

Penalty46 PENALTY, ENGLAND, FLOOD. 20-18. The Wallaby scrum coughs up three points.

Conversion44 CONVERSION, GITEAU. 20-15. It's the Matt Giteau show! England feel hard done by because Genia knocked on before spreading it wide and the ref missed it...

TRY43 TRY, AUSTRALIA, GITEAU. 18-15. Super try from the Aussies who bash away through Elsom one side and then spread to to the other. O'Connor breaks down the touchline, Giteau's up in support again for his second try!

41 Here we go again as Toby Flood provides the restart. It goes deep and the Wallaby backs have a run...but conspire to pass the ball into touch!

40 England finish the half with a flourish but Flood's final pass flies into touch. The visitors are good value for their lead at half-time...the Wallabies have a game on their hands!

38 England have had 62 per cent of the possession! Australia haven't had much answer to be honest, they've kicked the ball back quite a bit.

36 Steve Thompson breaks clear! No! The final pass was forward...a let off for Australia. The game has slowed down a tad as both sides have started to kick a bit more.

34 Wow, super kick from Drew Mitchell, who punts the ball 60m to set up a line-out in the England half.

32 Giteau kicks at goal again, this time from long range...but it bounces off the upright!

30 England are penalised at the breakdown once again. Croft off his feet, but Giteau's effort from the kicking tee sails wide. England stay in front by two points.

28 Flood misses the conversion, but it must be said that England deserve their lead.

TRY27 TRY, ENGLAND, ASHTON. 13-15. Great first Test try for Chris Ashton. England pick and drive it up well before Ashton is given a neat inside ball, Daley misses the tackle and Ashton's pace does the rest!

25 England are ahead of the kicker at the restart so the Wallabies have a scrum on the centre spot, but they give away a penalty at scrum time, meaning Flood can kick at goal...but his effort is just wide.

Conversion24 CONVERSION, GITEAU. 13-10.

TRY23 TRY, AUSTRALIA, GITEAU. 11-10. The English defence targets Cooper, leaving a hole for Ioane to wrap around and bust through the line. Giteau is up in support and scores under the posts! Perfect reply from the Wallabies.

21 England are playing with so much confidence. Australia aren't being given much chance to attack. Moody makes a huge tackle on Faingaa, and both players stay down!

Conversion19 CONVERSION, FLOOD. 6-10.

TRY18 TRY, ENGLAND, YOUNGS. 6-8. Brilliant try from the young England scrum-half, who runs into a gap at the back of a line-out and uses his pace to score without being touched. Poor defence from Australia in that inside channel.


15 England are doing most of the playing...but Lawes is off his feet at the ruck so Giteau will have a crack at goal from nearly 50m out.

13 England are playing with plenty of confidence as the but pressure on the Wallaby try-line. Digby Ioane steals it at the ruck! He clears to relieve some pressure but the English are happy to run it back. Penalty to Australia...Thompson shoulder charging into the ruck.

11 Enterprising play from England as they run their way into the Wallaby 22. The visitors looking to attack a bit more this week, it's clear. Giteau clears from a line-out, but Mitchell is penalised for a dangerous tackle. Flood sets up another line-out.


8 Assistant ref Nigel Owens has a won with ref Romain Poite. The penalty goes against Tim Payne for punching. Giteau lines it up.

6 Free kick to England. The Wallabies jumped the gun. England want another scrum...but Australia have twisted it around and won the feed! The handbags are out! A bit of biffo between the front rows..

5 Australia keep it tight after the restart. Now Cooper tests Foden with a high bomb, but the English full-back is up to the task. Easter drops the ball, so time for the first scrum inside the England half.

Penalty3 Saia Faingaa finds Nathan Sharpe but the Englands backs are all over Cooper. The visitors win the ball back and they rumble into Aussie territory. Penalty! The Wallabies not rolling away, Flood will have crack at goal. PENALTY, ENGLAND, FLOOD. 0-3.

1 Here we go! Quade Cooper kicks us off, England have it under control in their 22. Flood finds touch. Neat start for England.

0 It's time for the anthems. Please stand...

0 Here come the players for the second Test in the Cook Cup series. We have perfect conditions for rugby tonight so expect a couple of tries, especially from a Wallaby back-line overflowing with attacking prowess.

0 Hello and welcome to Stadium Australia in Sydney, the venue where England crushed Aussie hearts by snatching the World Cup in the dying minutes seven years ago. That's all history now and the Wallabies start as clear favourites today - assuming of course they can sort out their scrum. Kick-off is minutes away...stay where you are!

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