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New Zealand

  • Cowan, Muliaina, Bill Williams, Kaino (2), Vito (2), Guildford (4), Dagg,
    Penalty goals: Slade,
    Conversions: Weepu (4), Slade (4),
79 - 15


  • Trainor (2),
    Penalty goals: Monro,
    Conversions: Monro,
  • World Cup
  • Pool A
  • 2nd Oct 2011
  • KO 03:30
  • Ground: Wellington Regional Stadium
  • Att: 30,000

New Zealand v Canada - Live

Last updated: 2nd October 2011  

Full TimeFulltime End of the match, New Zealand clinical for the most part, but a few questionsabout concentration at times. Canada shouldnmot be too dismayed withthe scoreline, they contributed plenty to the match. On to Argentina next weekend for New Zealand, with a number of selection questions brewing. Cheers, from Wellington! FULL-TIME, NEW ZEALAND 79-15 CANADA!

Conversion79 Easy extras for weepu, 79-15!

TRY79 Too easy. Crash middle ball, out toWeepu, inside toVito, under the poles. TRY NEW ZEALAND!

78 Weepu stabs another kick through low and right, and Trainor is forced to slide into touch with it... Into the final minute, New zealand with a 5m line-out.

Conversion77 Weepu converts! 72-15!

TRY76 here's a chip from Ellis,taken on the fly by Guildford and he's looking for support, but nothing really there... so he goes alone! He could go all the way! He does! TRY NEW ZEALAND! Number four for Guildford... a selection headache for Graham Henry brewing!

74 Kleeberger is in a terrible mess, staggering, vomiting... not a good sight at all, he'shad a superb World Cup. Franks is alsoo off, but under his own steam, he doesn't look so bad. Guildford stepping itno midfield now, but holds onto theball inthe tackle.

72 Williams finds Guildford with a miss-pass, but Canada scramble again, their discipline in defence and the way they held their shape at times in the second half has been very impressive. Out the ball goes wide to Franks.... OUCH! huge clash of heads between Franks and Kleeberger... which was really the Canadian's fault, he used no arms in the tackle. But they are b oth down and out for the count.

69 Canada snaffle ball at the restart, but can only gain a scrum, which is hardly to their advantage. Kaino rumbles off the back of it after another turnover. Handed to weepuwho kicks deep. Hirayama clears.

Conversion67 Easy conversion, 65-15!

TRY66 Scrum from the penalty, marched and marched towards the line, Kaino picks and scores. TRY NEW ZEALAND!

65 Ellis is also on for someone, so Weepu is now back to ten - a lot of chopping and changing by new Zealandhere. Weepu breaks, finds Ellis, up to Canada's 5m line and Kleeberger is penalised.

64 Thorn comes on for Slade - I was misinformed before, Weepu came on for Cowan - which sounds like an odd change. It sends Vito to the wing. Meanwhile, Carpenter one again cleansup a messy scrum.

63 weepu switching with smith in midfield, Whitelock taking it on, Canada really look tired now, Williams finds a hole, into the 22, but there's not much support for him either.

Conversion60 Super touchline conversion from Weepu. 58-15!

TRY59 ABs knocking on the door hard at the moment, but Canada win a rare turnover in the red zone and are running it out of their own 22! Carpenter once again tothe fore, he's been tremendous. New Zealand turn it back over and there's trouble out left, hands hands hands... a goose-step and go frmo Williams and he slides in the corner! TRY NEW ZEALAND! That might see the floodgates open,Canada looking tired now.

56 Slade is off with a calf niggle, weepu slotted in at ten, and we're just hearing Aaron Cruden has been called up to replace Dan Carrter in the AB squad - a reaction to Slade's first-half kicking display? The game is a litany of errors at the moment, with light rain making conditions harder. But not THAT hard...

54 Weepu caught in the headlights fmo the restart, gives a hospital pass to Franks, and turned over. But Smith spills the pass.

Conversion53 Easy two-pointer for Slade. 50-up: 51-15

TRY52 Kaino off the back of a scrum! It's that easy! TRY NEW ZEALAND!

51 More and more mistakes from New Zealand now... dropped passes, high passes... uncharacteristic, a slight mental slackening?

49 Toeava on for Dagg,puts Muliaina into a hole, into Canada's 22... but a turnover and canada opt to run it, it's getting more and more open.

47 whitelock loses the restart though - it's been very patchy from New Zealand despite the scoreline. New Zealand win a penalty at the scrum.

Conversion46 Easy conversion for slade. 44-15!

TRY45 Here's the response! Williams again finds a way of offloading out of nothing, Smith clear, inside to Cowan, who slides home. TRY NEW ZEALAND!

Conversion43 Monro gets the extras! 37-15! New Xealand need to wake up a bit.

TRY42 Evans tried to clear further fro the scrum, but overcooks it straight into touch. Line-out taken by Vito, poor pass into midfield goes into no-man's land and Trainor hacks ahead, he's got a march on the others in the foot-race... he wins... and scores! TRY CANADA!

41 SECOND HALF: Canada claim the restart and clear, not to touch, but Muliaina knocks on the sliding catch.


TRY40 Last play of the half will be canada's scrum under the NZ sticks, can they get a crumb of comfort? Out it goes left after another good run from carpenter off the back. Good straight lines and Trainor is home! TRY CANADA! Super try, well-worked. Monro pulls the conversion left, but Canada get a just reward for their endeavour. 37-8!

38 Kaino penalised for being off his feet. Carpenter goes string off the line-out, Fairhurst had a sniff of a gap there too. 5m out from the AB line... driving over! But it's held up.

36 Slade's conversion drifts out right - that one more due to the wind. 37-3

TRY35 another line-out steal, sonny Bill through the middle, a grubber for Muliaina, he flips out to Guildford, steps inside, tears home. Wonderful rugby. TRY NEW ZEALAND!

34 ABs disrupt and knock it on, scrum, which won't bother NZ at all. Turned over and cleared by Cowan.

33 Canada scrum, Carpenter again off the back, out it goes toMackenzie who surges on and on, great strength. Canada move back and forth, side to side, and win a penalty. Surely a go for the corner? Yes.

Conversion30 Slade lands the extras at last! 32-3 - it's a point a minute at the moment.

TRY29 Fairhurst offside at the scrum, Cowan taps and goes, and to Guildford...another scorching break! Inside to Muliaina, no stopping him! TRY NEW ZEALAND!

28 another Canadian scrum shoved unceremoniously off its own ball, Vito attacking, but a rare turnover for the Canucks, van der Merwe going down the left, a good offload inside, good build, then Monro knocks on.

24 Slade's pushed this one right... he's not built on that first kick. New Zealand now have 20 pool points, the only team to achieve that. 25-3!

TRY23 A more solid scrum from Canada this time, and Carpenter again makes a half-break, he's playing well. Hore has turned over at the ruck though and Smith kicks ahead... Cowan is chasing! he might win.... not quite, but the ball squirts free from Trainor, Guildford scores! TRY NEW ZEALAND!

21 Slade's kick curls round, just not quite enough. 20-3!

TRY20 Good building by the all Blacks here... they are so good at stepping into each others' roles, with smith at scrum-half and Guildford first receiver here. Guildford's doing a lot of damage here, another break, and Dagg is on hand on the right to finish off! TRY NEW ZEALAND!

18 Good run by Carpenter off the back, but Monro stabs it through ineffectively and it's tidied up by Dagg.

17 Less impressive from slade here as he mis-times a wraparound move. Canada scrum on the NZ 22.

15 Over it goes! PENALTY NEW ZEALAND! 15-3!

14 ABs pinch a line-out now - Canada's set-piece is splintering. out the ball goes to Kaino, Muliaina stabs it ahead. Cleared back, dagg tries to counter. Hore flings it out, Monro picks it off! But he's offside... by quite some distance. Salde will have a go at goal...

12 Slade pulls this conversion left.

TRY11 AB scrum has absolutely annihilated Canada! Vito picks off the back... and scores! TRY NEW ZEALAND! Wow- that was some scrum.

10 Here's Sonny Bill streaking through the middle now, also looking for the offload, Vito to the right... knocked on. But New Zealand have found their pace after the false start.

9 Vito carries from the restart and now good hands and Guildford away again! Just ankle-tapped at the last andhis offload is knocked on by a Canada hand.

Conversion8 Wow - Slade lands a peach of a kick from the touchline! Dan who? NEW ZEALAND 7-3 CANADA!

TRY7 Vito and Williams combine well midfield, back the other way to slade who shows... and goes! Carter-esque! wonderful long pass to Guildford too and he hares home! All Blacks strike with venom! TRY NEW ZEALAND!

5 Six phases from Canada, all with intent, deep running...a great start! But then a turnover, and Slade finds a decent long touch.

3 Ali Williams bundled into touch from the restart! and now Mackenzie bursts through the midfield, Monro kicks to thecorner.... superb! Canada make the early running!

Penalty2 Monro lands it! Canada hit the front! PENALTY CANADA! 3-0!

1 ABs attack straight off the kick-off from deep, franks into midfield, wide to Muliaina, back into themiddle to Williams but then slade has a kick charged down! Carpenter has it... and wins a penalty! Canada could take the lead...

Anthems rousing anthems - they always are at this RWC. A good Ka Mate haka, but everything about NZ seems a little downbeat today in the wake of the DC news. Let's see how they respond on the park.

Team news Canada It's a familiar-looking Canada side, including a rhododendron bush in the warm-up... oh no wait, it's Adam Kleeberger. Impressive wing Phil Mackenzie gets another start, as does center kingpin Ryan Smith. And Jamie Cudmore heads up a bulky pack with his experience and physicality. It's a good team, today will be their benchmark day.

Team news New Zealand The big news today is concerning the loss of Dan Carter for the rest of the tournament with a groin tear. a massive shame for him, and now the big question that so many have asked theoretically for so long, what are the AB chances without him for the rest of the tournament? Can Colin slade step up? We'll see today what he's got. In better news, there's a welcome return to the number eight jersey for Kieran Read.

0 Welcome to Wellington for New Zealand's last pool match against Canada. Nothing much at stake here... Canada could sneak an automatic qualifying spot for the next tournament if they win, but we reckon that's unlikely, to put it mildly. New Zealand will be the only team to get 20 out of 20 pool points with a bonus point win... that's probable. But hopefully we get some good running stuff and not too much fear of injury, or should I say, further injury given today's news. Canada will certainly have a go.

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