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  • Palu, Pretorius,
    Penalty goals: Halangahu (3),
    Conversions: Halangahu,
21 - 25


  • Shipperley,
    Penalty goals: Harris (6),
    Conversions: Harris,
  • Super Rugby
  • Overall Group
  • 25th Feb 2012
  • KO 08:40
  • Ground: Aussie Stadium, Sydney
  • Att: 32,071

Waratahs v Reds - Live

Last updated: 25th February 2012  

Full TimeFull time REDS 25-21 WARATAHS

Full Time80 It's all over. The Waratahs will kick themselves after throwing the victory away, but give credit to the Reds for hanging in there. Thanks for your company. Goodbye.

Conversion80 CONVERSION, REDS, HARRIS - 25-21 - Harris keeps is 100 per cent record by sending the conversion over.

TRY80 TRY, REDS, SHIPPERLY - 23-21 - The Reds have stolen it right at the death. Ioane loses the ball in possesion and McKibbin decides to chip it, but the Reds gather and suddenly it opens up. The ball goes to Shipperly and he moves up to fifth gear. He leaves a couple of Waratahs players in his wake and goes over in the corner. The Waratahs players are all heartbroken as the Reds jump for joy.

79 The Waratahs steal a lineout and they get a sniff at putting the game out of touch, but they give a penalty away right under the posts and the Reds clear their lines. The 'Tahs send it straight back. The Reds decide to build from their own 22m line, but the Waratahs' defence looks strong at the moment.

77 McKibbin looks for the grubber from the scrum, but it is charged down and the 'Tahs are lucky to regain possession. Foley puts the kick in and it's an excellent result for the Waratahs as it's a lineout on the Reds' 22.

75 The Reds put the ball out in the Waratah's half from the kick-off. The hosts use their backline and there's a nice kick from McKibbin, but the gather from the Reds is good and they clear from their own 22. From the line-out the Reds get another opportunity to clear. Ben Lucas gets a big boot in, but it's too big and goes over the deadball line and they come back for teh scrum just inside his own half.

Penalty73 PENALTY, REDS, HARRIS - 18-21 - The Reds get a penalty right in front after the Waratahs bring down the scrum. Harris makse it six from six and it is a three-point game.

72 The Reds can build again after the line-out. They take it through a couple of phases before Genia sends out a flat pass which is forward. Scrum to the 'Tahs.

70 Ten minutes to go and the Reds have to score a converted try if they want to win this one. The Waratahs clear their lines from the restart. Penalty to the Reds after the 'Tahs tackled a man in the air during the line-out.

Conversion68 CONVERSION, WARATAHS, HALANGAHU - 15-21 - Halangahu adds the two points from 15m in.

TRY67 TRY, WARATAHS, PRETORIOUS - 15-19 - Quick hands and they are just outside the 22m now. The Waratahs are on the charge. Pretorious throws a nice inside pass and they take it through the phases again. Pretorious gets his hands on the ball again and this time he is very close and has a dart. He is brought down just before the tryline, but stretches to touch down.

67 After a deep kick from the 'Tahs, Genia decides to settle things by putting out out on his own 10m line. Pretorious sends his backline away and Horne straightens the line. Advantage for the visitors.

65 The Waratahs get a free-kick from the scrum and Halangahu puts the ball out on the 10m line. Sloppy stuff from the Reds in the lineout and the Waratahs are back in possession. They take it up a couple of times, but the ball is turned over by both sides in quick succession.

63 The Reds somehow manage to get the ball from the restart. Genia looks to send his backline away, but the Waratahs defence is solid. Ioane pops it back inside and suddenly it opens up, but their joy doesn't last long as the Waratahs turn it over. The visitors get teh scrum.

Penalty61 PENALTY, WARATAHS, HALANGAHU 14-15 - Tapuai was off-side and Halangahu makes it a one-point game with a kick in front.

60 Rob Horne took a massive hit in that previous passage of play, but he got straight back up. Good to see. Halangahu puts the penalty out on the 22. They go deep and the ball is popped to Polota-Nau. Slowed down by the Reds and the visitors have some advantage. Halangahu puts them on the front foot as he goes to the short side. They are right on the line now. New advantage for off-side. The ref has had enough and gives the penalty.

58 Scrappy stuff again from both sides and the end result is a line-out to the Reds close to their own 10m line. Simmons takes the throw and they decide to maul it up. Impressive mauling as they take it to the halfway line. Genia decides to go for the kick, but it's a terrible one. The Waratahs gather and there is space on the right-hand side, but they make a meal of it. They will get the penalty though.

56 Penalty to the Waratahs after the Reds collapse the scrum. Slipper was the man that was punished there. Halangahu goes for touch and sets his side up inside the 22. They go to the front and make a mess of it. Harris clears.

55 The restart from the Reds is deep and Halangahu puts in a high kick. Kingston challenges for the ball just outside the 10 and it pops up to Polota-Nau and he charges for the line. Over he goes and the crowd goes wild, but they are called back as the referee feels it went forward. That is a very close call though.

53 Turn over ball from the line-out and the Reds soon go off-side and it's a penalty to the Waratahs. Halangahu will have a shot at goal, but it goes past the left-hand upright.

52 Pretorious puts in a chip and the bounce nearly works in favour of the Waratahs, but the Reds somehow manages to gain possession. They decide to go for another kick though and Halangahu returns the favour.

50 The Reds spreads it to the left after the line-out and Morahan puts them on the front foot after showing some good foot work. The ball goes back the other way with a kick and sloppy stuff seeds the Waratahs get a line-out.

48 Loose stuff from the Reds after the restart. The ball is charged down from Harris's kick and they are forced to scramble. Harris gets another chance and again the defence is on him. He gets it clear this time, but there was a touch from a Waratahs player and it will be a Reds throw. The Reds get a chance to clear the ball as the Waratahs concede penalty No 11.

Penalty48 PENALTY, REDS, HARRIS 15-12 - Harris makes it five from five as he strokes it over from the left-hand touch.

46 Pick and go, pick and go, pick and go before Harris spreads it wide. It's a poor pass though and Morahan does well to keep possession. Poor stuff from the Waratahs though as they go off-side and give Harris another shot at goal.

44 Pretorious gathers from the restart. The ball finally goes to Halangahu and he clears. Not the best of kicks and the Reds have a line-out just outside the 22. Horwill takes it up before Harris gets his hands on the ball a couple of times. Slipper takes it over the 22 before it goes wide. Morahan straightens. They are forced to build again.

Penalty42 PENALTY, WARATAHS, HALANGAHU 12-11 - Right in front and the Waratahs skipper makes no mistake. It's a one-point game now.

Second half Halangahu gets us underway again in Sydney. Simmons gathers and after grubber from the Ioane, the Waratahs regains possession. Pretorious sets them up again and the Reds fail to roll away at the breakdown and it's an early penalty to visitors.

Half TimeHalf time REDS 12-8 WARATAHS

40 PENALTY, REDS, HARRIS 12-8 - It's right in front and Harris extends the lead to four points. That's half time. Join us again in 10 minutes.

40 Deep start from the Reds and the Waratahs decide to build from their own 22 before Halangahu finds touch on his own 10. From the line-out Anthony Fainga'a spots a gap and gains a few metres. Robinson goes off-side as the Reds look to spread it wide and it's a penalty on the stroke of half time.

TRY39 Halangahu misses the conversion from the left-hand touchline. It just shaved the upright.

TRY38 TRY, WARATAHS, PALU - 9-8 What can the 'Tahs do from the scrum here? Will they go for a pushover try? The answer is no as Daley is penalised for bringing the scrum down. After a mother's meeting, the Waratahs take another scrum. The ball pops out on the side and Genia picks it up, but he loses the ball in contact and Palu snaps it up and runs in for the try.

35 Harris sends it deep into the Waratahs' half from the restart, but he is soon back in possession as the favour is returned. Alcock steals it and the ball goes wide. Ashley-Cooper chips it back into the Reds' 22. The hosts get themselves in an awful mess. Couple of poor passes and excellent defence from the 'Tahs see them ends up having to put the ball down for a five-metre scrum.

Penalty33 PENALTY, REDS, HARRIS 9-3 - Harris has a shot at goal from just inside the Waratahs' half. It's in the middle of the park and it just sneaks over the crossbar.

33 Sloppy stuff from both sides here. The Waratahs turn it around just outside the 22 after awful passing from the Reds, but a poor kick sees the Reds back in possession. The end result is the Reds start again on the hlaf-way line. They get a penalty after the Waratahs come in from the side.

31 The Reds go to the front of the line-out, but the Waratahs somehow manage to steal possesion and they send it deep. The Reds takes it up again before Genia puts in a good kick. Halangahu gathers and puts it out just outside his own 22.

29 Line-out to the Waratahs on the 10m line. Mumm takes it forwards, but Douglas goes off his feet and the Reds get the penalty. Harris sets up play just outside NSW's 10m line.

27 Just as it looked like the Reds are going to make something from a good step from Ioane, a knock on spoils the fun. They are soon back into possession as the Waratahs return the favour. Harris spots a gap, but he pops it to Palu and the Waratahs can set up possession again. Ashley-Cooper gets lucky as he knocks it on, but the ref says it went backwards. The Reds are punished anyway and they can put the penalty out.

24 The Reds gather from the restart. After a few phases, there's some good hands from Harris and Anthony Faingaa and suddenly they are inside the Waratahs 22. There's a handling error though and the Waratahs can take a breather. From the scrum, they decide to take it up. They are going nowhere at the moment. They finally go high but Ioane gathers well.

Penalty22 PENALTY, REDS, HARRIS - 6-2 - After securing the line-out, the Waratahs move the ball to the left-hand side but Mumm is punished for coming in from the side. Harris has a shot at goal and puts his side in the lead.

20 Plenty of mistakes from both sides at the moment. The Reds spread the ball from one side of the field to the other, but Genia puts it out on the full and the Waratahs are back in possession.

18 The Reds look to give the ball air, but Tapuai knocks it on and the Warathas get the scrum. Big push from the visitors at that scrum. It was perhaps before the feed, but the ref didn't see it. Poor passing from Halangahu and it goes out over the touchline.

16 The Reds start again from just outside their opponents' 22, but they are bundled into touch after some strong defence from Pretorious. It's as you were! Genia feeds his forwards, but the Waratahs turn it over and Halangahu finds touch just inside his own half.

14 Harris puts the penalty out on his own 10m line. From the line-out, some quick hands see the Reds move into the Waratahs half. Good work from Higginbotham and they get a penalty for an infringement at the breakdown.

14 The Reds gather from the scrum and Genia has to put the kick in as he is under all sorts of pressure. The Reds get a break as the assistant referee calls out Palu for shoving the man off the ball. Penalty to the hosts.

12 The Reds spread it from the scrum before they put the high kick in. The Waratahs gather and Pretorious feeds his forwards a couple of times. It finally goes wide to Kingston and some excellent foot work sees him gain plenty of metres. They spread it to the left side, but a couple of bad passes see them knock it on.

10 Simmons takes his eyes off the ball and he knocks it on from the restart. Waratahs get the scrum just outside the 22. Poor handling from the visitors and they knock it on. Genia gets a chance to feed the scrum.

Penalty7 PENALTY, REDS, HARRIS - 3-3 - Alcock and Palu are punished for not releasing the player. Reds have a shot at goal right in front. Harris is a good kicker and he makes no mistake. It's all square in Sydney.

6 The Waratahs restart with a line-out on their own 10m line. After a couple of hpases, the ball spills out on the Reds side and Shipperley takes it forward. Flat pass to Simmons and they go over the advantage line.

4 Deep kick off from Harris this time and the Waratahs gather. Pretorious goes deep. The Waratahs put the pressure on at the breakdown and they again get possession. Another kick from Pretorious, but the Reds get the ball and they can clear.

Penalty2 PENALTY, WARATAHS, HALANGAHU - 0-3 - Halangahu has a shot and goal and its a super strike from close to the 10m line. Waratahs take the early lead.

2 Short line-out and they take it through the phases. Big hit from Palu. The Reds come back again, but Slipper seals off the ball and the Waratahs get a penalty.

Kick off Mike Harris gets us underway at the ANZ Stadium. Halangahu sends it back and the Reds have a line-out inside their own half.

Team news Mike Harris has massive boots to fill as he is the man who replaces Cooper at pivot. All eyes will no bout be on him. Over in the Waratahs team, Sarel Pretorious makes his debut for the men from Sydney.

Preview The Reds are without a host of key players as Quade Cooper, Saia Fainga'a and Rod Davies are all missing. The 'Tahs, though, win the 'injury list competition' hands down as they are without Berrick Barnes, Drew Mitchell, Lachie Turner, Rocky Elsom and Dan Vickerman for this encounter.

Welcome Hello and welcome to the ANZ Stadium in Sydney for this massive Australian derby between the Waratahs and the defending Super Rugby champions the Reds. If you are a Reds fan that probably sounded very good. The defending champions!

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