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  • Penalty goals: Jantjies (9),
27 - 25


  • Nel,
    Penalty goals: Goosen (5),
    Drop goals: Goosen,
    Conversions: Goosen,
  • Super Rugby
  • Overall Group
  • 25th Feb 2012
  • KO 17:10

Lions v Cheetahs - Live

Last updated: 25th February 2012  

Full TimeFull time LIONS 27-25 CHEETAHS

80 The siren goes, but the Cheetahs are still in possession. Can they set up the drop goal here? They continue to drive towards the 22m. Ebersohn thinks about the drop but then he passes and they continue to build. Robert Ebersohn runs strongly, but he loses the ball in contact and the Lions can clear. That is that. The Lions sneak home by two points. Thank you for your company.

80 Johnson steals the ball from the scrum, but he was not bound and the Lions get a penalty. Jantjies clears it and sets up play on the halfway line. The Lions maul it after the line-out. Looking to count down the clock here. Slow stuff, but any other team would be doing the same. Big counter ruck from the Cheetahs and they somehow manage to turn it over. The visitors spread it from one side to the other.

78 Good scrum from the Cheetahs and Strauss gains a couple of metres with a strong run, but the Lions turn it over thanks to Minnie. Scrum to the Lions now. They need to clear their lines here and not give the Cheetahs a sniff of a drop goal.

76 Brilliant take from Daniller for the Cheetahs from the restart. Ebersohn carries it up, but the defence is excellent and they take him over the touchline on the far side. Not straight from the Lions and then the Cheetahs knock it on.

Penalty74 PENALTY, LIONS, JANTJIES 27-25 - Jantjies takes two steps and sends it through the posts. That's his ninth penalty and a new record for most penalties kicked in a Super Rugby game.

73 Only seven minutes remaining. Can the Lions get into the Cheetahs' 22? They move it through the hands and get over the 10m line. Advantage as the Cheetahs are penalised for a high tackle. Jantjies decide to go for a drop this time with advantage there. It's wide, but he will have a shot at goal.

71 Sias Ebersohn finds touch on the Lions' 10m line. They move it into midfield and the Lions slow the ball down. Advantage Lions. Sias goes for the drop, but it's wide. No advantage so Ebersohn gets a chance to go for three points. Shocking kick though and it's well wide.

69 Jantjies looks to put the Lions in front from the left-hand touchline, but he hooks the penalty and Sias Ebersohn can clear from the kickoff. The Lions, tough, are soon back in the 22 after some great work. The Cheetahs turn it around and they get a penalty after the Lions go off-side.

67 Deep kick from the Lions after the restart. Johnson takes it up strongly before the Cheetahs decide to go high. The Lions gather and suddenly Strauss breaks through the middle. Jantjies also gains a few metres and suddenly the Lions are inside the 22. Penalty after the Cheetahs go off-side.

Penalty65 PENALTY, LIONS, JANTJIES 24-25 - The Lions get a penalty after the Cheetahs collapse the scrum. Jantjies sends it through the middle and it's a one-point game again with 15 minutes to go. That's an eighth penalty from Jantjies by the way.

64 Bondesio sends the line-out out on the halfway line. The Lions build again, but the Cheetahs' defence in midfield is very good. Van der Walt finally makes some headway, but his little pop bounces forward and the Cheetahs get the scrum.

62 Wow, great play from the Cheetahs' forwards. After a couple of phases, suddenly the ball is spread to the blindside where Strauss and Nyakane show excellent skills and speed to take the Cheetahs into the Lions' 22. Nyakane is taken over the touchline though. The Lions get some breathing space after a man is tackled in the air during the line-out.

60 With Goosen off the field, De Bruyn takes over the kicking duties. He misses though and the Lions kick it deep from the restart.

59 This time it's the Cheetahs who steal a line-out and they go for an up and under. The Lions gather and Bondesio can kick it deep, but the Cheetahs send it back. Strong tackle from van der Walt and the Cheetahs win the penalty as the Lions go off their feet.

57 The Lions steal a line-out close to their own 22m. It gives Jantjies the chance to clear it up field. Daniller returns the favour and the Lions have a line-out of their own on the halfway line.

Penalty55 PENALTY, LIONS, JANTJIES 21-22 - Jantjies makes no mistake with the kick to goal and the lines are now just one point behind.

Yellow Card55 Hollenbach takes the Lions over the advantage line. Brussow steals the ball, but play gets called back as the Cheetahs didn't roll away. Yellow card to Goosen.

53 Goosen sends up another high kick, but the Lions secure it. WP Nel goes off his feet at the ruck and it's a penalty to the men from Johannesburg. Jantjies sets up play close to the Cheetahs' 10m line.

52 Goosen required treatment after that kick. Back to the game and Daniller clears into the Lions' half. Taute takes it over the halfway line and the forwards follow up his good work. The fans finally wake up and get behind their team. Kamana gives possession away with a kick and it's the Cheetahs' turn to build.

Penalty50 PENALTY, CHEETAHS, GOOSEN 18-25 - Big drive from the Lions after the kick-off. Jantjies goes for a big up and under, but Goosen gathers and suddenly he is over the 22m line. The Lions go off their feet and Goosen has another shot and goal. He makes no mistake.

48 PENALTY, LIONS, JANTJIES 18-22 - Great kick from Jantjies as he steers another long-range penalty over from the left-hand touchline. It's back to a four-point game.

47 Van der Merwe gathers from the restart and teh Lions can build again. Bondesio kicks an up and under and the chase is good from Van der Merwe. The Cheetahs go off their feet and the Lions have another penalty.

Penalty45 PENALTY, LIONS, JANTJIES - 15-22 - Jantjies goes for the three pointer from just inside the Cheetahs' half. He doesn't have a problem with the distance or the direction.

44 It's suddenly a 10-point game. The Cheetahs clear into the Lions' half and the hosts decide to take it up. They move onto the 10m line before there's a big hit on La Grange from Ebersohn. Advantage to the Lions as Brussow goes off his feet.

Penalty42 PENALTY, CHEETAHS, GOOSEN 12-22 - The penalty is just inside the Lions' half to the left-hand touchline, but Goosen decides to go for the poles. This should be easy for him after that 60m kick in the first-half. Walk in the park as he strokes it over.

Second half Goosen gets the game underway again. Jantjies launches an up and under after his side secures possession. The Cheetahs get a penalty though as the Lions fail to roll away.

Half time LIONS 12-19 CHEETAHS

40 Messy stuff from the restart and the end result is a Cheetahs scrum on the halfway line. De Bruyn sends it to Goosen and the fly-half gains a couple of metres, but they knock it on with just seconds to go in the half. The Lions take it through the hands from the scrum and make it past the halfway line. Turnover ball and that is that for the first half. Join us again in 10 minutes for the second half.

Penalty38 PENALTY, CHEETAHS, GOOSEN 12-19 - Goosen decides to go for a monster kick which is probably about 60 metres long. It comfortably sails over the crossbar.

38 After a deep restart, Daniller gets his hands on the ball and suddenly there is some space in front of him. He takes his side over the 10m line and they can build again. The Lions let themselves down again as they concede a penalty for not rolling away.

Drop Goal36 DROP GOAL, CHEETAHS, GOOSEN 12-16 - De Bruyn feeds the scrum on the 10m line. After a few phases, the ball is sent to Goosen and he sends a drop goal over from just inside his own half. That was massive.

34 Strauss feeds the line-out and the Cheetahs drive it forward. They don't make much ground though. No surprise as the Lions manage to turn it over. Their joy doesn't last long though as they knock it on and the ball is back in possession of the Cheetahs. Scrum to the Cheetahs after the ball is held up.

32 Jantjies clears the restart into the Cheetahs half, but the Goosen runs it back over the halfway line. The ball comes back into the midfield and Brussow is tackled backwards. Goosen is forced to chip it over the top and Jantjies gathers and can put his side forward. After a couple of phases, Jantjies puts it out on the full.

Penalty32 PENALTY, LIONS, JANTJIES 12-13 - The penalty is reversed after a report from the assistant referee. Ebersohn is punished as he held a Lions player back at the breakdown. Jantjies makes no mistake and it is back to a one-point game.

30 Goosen sends the restart back into the Lions' half. The hosts decide to take the throw quickly. They are lucky to hold onto possession after a loose pass. Strauss takes it up before it goes through the hands. Strong leg drive from van Renseburg. Another strong run, this time from Taute, but Brussow just about manages to hang on. The Lions go off their feet and the Cheetahs get a penalty.

Penalty28 PENALTY, CHEETAHS, GOOSEN - 9-13 - Goosen makes no mistake with the penalty and the Cheetahs have a four-point lead.

29 The Cheetahs get some relief with a penalty and they kick it out short of the Lions' 22. Strauss feeds the line-out and they decide to chip. Kamana gathers the ball, but the Lions were off-side from the line-out.

27 The Cheetahs put the pressure on and suddenly they found themselves five metres away from the tryline, but the Lions make a mess of things and Strauss picks it up. The line is in front of him, but he knocks it on. Penalty and they take it quickly, but it gets turned over. Deep kick and suddenly we are in the Cheetahs' 22.

25 Jantjies sets play up on his own 10m line. Clean ball and they spread it wide, but the Cheetahs rip it away in midfield and Ebersohn charges forward.

23 The Cheetahs knock it on in midfield and Strauss has a long chat with his forwards before the scrum. Andries Strauss is back on the field meanwhile after his 10 minutes in the sin bin. The Lions take it up from the scrum, but the defence from the Cheetahs are strong. The visitors were off-side though and the Lions can clear.

21 The Lions lose the ball from the throw-in, but Goosen kicks it out on the full and we are back where we started a few minutes ago. Clean possession at the second time of asking for the Lions. Ebersohn rips the ball away and Daniller kicks it deep. The Lions have a throw in their own 22.

19 Knock-on from the Lions after the kick-off and the Cheetahs get a scrum. Raubenheimer picks up from the base of the scrum, but the Cheetahs are penalised after Brussow held back a tackler.

Penalty17 PENALTY, LIONS, JANTJIES - 9-10 - Good take from Ferreira from the kick-off. The Cheetahs clear with an up and under, but van der Westhuizen is penalised for not retreating 10m. Jantjies makes it a one-point game again.

Penalty15 PENALTY, CHEETAHS, GOOSEN - 6-10 - Goosen takes it up strongly and they get the penalty after the tackler fails to roll away. The fly-half gets up and sends it over for three points.

14 Deep kick from the Cheetahs and the Lions look to take it up the middle, but there was a forward pass the visitors get a scrum.

Penalty12 PENALTY, LIONS, JANTJIES - 6-7 - Jantjies kicks the penalty in front of goal.

Yellow Card12 The Lions get another advantage after there is a dangerous tip tackle on Wickus van Heerden. He requires treatment and is forced to go off. Andries Strauss was the tackler and he becomes the first player to get a yellow card and a white card at the same time. The sighting commissioner will have a look at that.

Conversion12 Goosen clears after the restart and Jantjies decides to take it through the middle. Good tackle, but the Lions are still in possession. The Lions come in from the side and are penalised. The Lions take it quickly and they get another advantage as the Cheetahs slowed it down. Cilliers picks up a loose ball, but decides to chip. New advantage after the Cheetahs are off-side.

Conversion10 CONVERSION, CHEETAHS, GOOSEN - 3-7 - Clean strike from Goosen as he adds two more points to his side's total.

TRY9 TRY, CHEETAHS, NEL 3-5 - The Cheetahs secure the ball from the throw and then sends up up the middle. Ebersohn gains a few metres before it goes back to the forwards. They keep hold of it and swings it to the left-hand touchline. Ebersohn is again involved. There's an advantage for off-side for the visitors. The continue to build and there's a little pop pass on the inside to Nel. The prop takes it and dives over for the five pointer.

7 The Lions make a mess of the restart but they get a line-out just outside their 22. They look to clear from the line-out, but it's straight into touch and the Cheetahs get a line-out.

Penalty5 PENALTY, LIONS, JANTJIES - 3-0 The Cheetahs send the restart deep and the Lions have to build from their own half, but they do it well as Grobbelaar gains plenty of metres. Penalty to the Lions as the tackler fails to roll away. Jantjies makes no mistake this time and the Lions take the lead.

Penalty3 Bondesio feeds the scrum and the Lions get a penalty straight away as WP Nel is penalised for going down. Jantjies shaves the right-hand upright with the kick at goal.

Kick-off Elton Jantjies gets us underway as he knocks it into the Cheetahs' 22. The visitors immediately spreads it down the line before the forwards take it up. Superb stuff from the Lions as they hold up Strauss. They get a scrum for their hard work.

Team news The Lions are looking to take their Currie Cup winning form into Super Rugby so they have kept most of that side in tact with Elton Jantjies preferred at fly-half instead of Butch James. They will no doubt look to skipper Josh Strauss for inspiration. The Cheetahs on the other hand are sans captain Juan Smith but they have Heinrich Brussow in their side. Should be an interesting tussle.

Welcome Hello and welcome to Coca-Cola Park in Johannesburg for the final game of Super Rugby Week One. Today's game sees the Lions take on their neighbours the Cheetahs. It should be a cracker.

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