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  • Samo, Tapuai,
    Penalty goals: Harris (7),
    Conversions: Harris (2),
35 - 20

Western Force

  • Pocock, Stannard,
    Penalty goals: Stannard (2),
    Conversions: Stannard (2),
  • Super Rugby
  • Overall Group
  • 3rd Mar 2012
  • KO 08:40
  • Ground: Ballymore

Reds v Western Force - Live

Last updated: 3rd March 2012  

Full time Penalty to the Reds at the death, they eschew the kick for goal this time and go for a run. Couple of phases in front of the posts, out to Ioane who spills it, Force go left to Nalaga, penalty Force. They're playing a lot of rugby in their own 22... bit aimless all this. Genia goes for a drop goal but drives it low and straight across the turf, and that's it! A win for the Reds, a little ugly, but they are two from two, while the Force need to burgle a win next week to rescue a season in danger of slipping away early. Cheers, from Brisbane!

Penalty79 Over the black dot once again! PENALTY REDS, HARRIS, 35-20!

78 Good driving maul from the Reds here, with Hanson at the back... they've got a penalty now. Surely Harris will go for goal and extend the lead...

77 Slow ball for the Force now, they look shot of breath and ideas - they need a try for a bonus point, and perhaps Rod Davies has given them a chance now as he spills a high ball in his own 22... but the scrum goes to the Reds! Crowdecstatic, they've dodged a bullet... and now can fire one of their own as the Force are penalised at the scrum.

Penalty75 Over it goes! He's landed 23 from his last 23 kicks at goal Mike Harris, you just can't give him the chances. PENALTY REDS! HARRIS, 32-20. Game over.

74 Sharpe pinged for his part in a touchline scuffle and Harris has a chance here probably to kill this game as a contest...

73 Numbers for the Force out left now, but Dellit started too flat and is shunted across rather than straight.

72 Seymour clears from the scrum, with Genia puttign heavy pressure on Stannard and forcing the visitors to rethink their clearances. The longer this goes on, the more control the Reds are winning back, even if their own ball is badly executed.

71 Flat pass to Tapuai, so nearly effective, back to Harris, but he tries to pass before he has control and loses it.

70 Force go wide from the scrum and now Dellit knocks it on in his 22. The handling from both teams has been really indifferent. Reds scrum in strike range.

69 Another Reds line-out not straight - this is killing them today.

68 Hodgson gets the ball wide for the Force, but he's isolated and gives away a penalty, won by Ioane at that breakdown. Put down to the Force 22, chance for a killer blow now.

67 Horrible scrum by the Force this time, Genia seizes on a loose ball out the back but can't pick it up! Getting very tense out there.

65 Horrible scrum by the Reds, they're lucky not to have turned that over. Another poor scrum, Genia goes, but loses the ball in contact. He's not started his season well.

64 Seymour hoists a high ball, Morahan takes it, furious scrap for the ball on the ground, Reds just win the scrum.

63 Force building in midfield with real purpose now and much more control. Reds scuffling for the ball in the tackle, but Tapuai can only knock on.

61 Morahan picks up a stray Stannard kick and counters with a long kick, Mopped up by Cummins, but Sheehan's box clearance is charged down! Ioane in space, scoring pass out to Simmons and he spills it! A sure five-pointer goes begging!

Penalty59 Harris from wide out... right over the black dot! PENALTY REDS, HARRIS! 29-20 - back to a two-score gap.

58 Schatz picks up loose ball off the restart, Broken field ball for the Reds and Ioane and Shipperly combine on the right, they win a penalty!

Conversion56 CONVERSION STANNARD! 26-20, the momentum of this game has made a polar shift!

TRY55 Pocock into the midfield from a Sharpe line-out, Sharpe is ruling the air. Stannard takes and steps inside, and he's clear! Can he make it? he can! TRY FORCE, STANNARD!

54 Great hit by Charles on Simmons and the Force win a penalty... the Redes just look a little off the boil right now.

53 Stannard clears the restart to touch. Horwill takes the line-out, but again it's not straight. Anae is having a shocker and Hanson is getting warm.

Conversion51 Stannard lands the extras! CONVERSION FORCE, STANNARD, 26-13! A way back into the game?

TRY50 Another Force penalty, Pocock goes quickly.... and scores! TRY FORCE, POCOCK!

48 Force win a penalty and put to the corner, chasing the game with half an hour to go.

47 Loose ball at a line-out again, Force win it back and have good position to build from. But the Reds D shifts across well and forces another error.

44 Stannard can't take a flat pass and Genia goes for a run, Shipperly nearly away, but not enough numbers at the ruck and he holds on too long.

Penalty42 Easy stuff for Harris, PENALTY REDS, HARRIS, 26-6!

Second half We're away again, with the Force coming into it with a new momentum, running hard.... and then losing it.Reds on the Force 22, but the ball is slow and static right now... they've got a penalty if they need it, they get it, and a fight breaks out as Horwill is taken off the ball.

PenaltyHalf time The half draws to a disjointed close, with the Reds well in control on the scoreboard of an average match, and now a penalty for Harris right in front of the posts. He lands it, PENALTY REDS, HARRIS, 23-6- it's a long road back for the visitors. See you in ten.

38 Early days obviously, but this lead already looks unassailable. Mafi clears a long Harris kick, but the Reds have one final chance to attack this half.

Conversion36 CONVERSION HARRIS, 20-6! Under the posts, easy.

TRY35 Force begin to build, Sheehan snipes off a ruck and pops inside, Samo picks it off! He's haring away, they won't catch him! TRY REDS! SAMO! 18-6 - a killer blow!

Penalty33 seems Harris is having trouble with his digestion... but he does land the goal, albeit off the post. PENALTY REDS, HARRIS, 13-6!

32 Yes, quick ball too, Reds probe back and forth, then win a penalty, this should be bread and butter for Harris...

31 Sheehan clears some messy ball to touch from his 22, but the Reds have a decent attacking position here. can Anae find his man?

30 Now Sheehan sees the ball slip from his grasp - he was through too! Wet ball is playing havoc with this match.

28 Harris lets the ball slip from his grasp now - the Reds have lost their way since the try.

Penalty27 Over it goes again! PENALTY FORCE, STANNARD! 10-6!

26 Bit of territory kicking going on here, then the Reds again piling over the top, and again Stannard has a chance..

Penalty24 No mistake, the Force are on the board! PENALTY FORCE, STANNARD, 10-3!

23 Reds defence is very accurate at identifying the Force attack channels at the moment, they're winning collisions... but Horwill pinged for over the top. Chance for Stannard...

Conversion21 Harris drills the ball just home from the touchline, excellent kick! CONVERSION REDS, HARRIS, 10-0!

TRY20 Harris clears centrally. Turnover at the ruck, Anae blind side, he shold have given it! Ioane was free! Out it does come and Tapuai goes on a powerfulrun left, he's got Ioane... he doesn't need him! Tapuai in for the try! TRY REDS, TAPUAI, 8-0!

19 Force probing, but ball is pretty slow and the Reds' D is well-organised... ball slips out in contact and the Reds have a scrum to clear.

17 Bad Reds line-out and Sheehan is onto it... then spills in contact, but back we come for a Force scrum 10m out as the throw was not straight. Anae is really struggling with his throws.

16 Super kick from Mafi to the corner, the Force are winning the territory so far. The rain has abated somewhat, still falling though.

14 Better from the Force now, as Stannard takes the ball on a loop and makes metres, offloads a switch to Dellit, into the Reds 22, but then a lazy wide ball to Nalaga and the move breaks down harmlessly into touch.

13 Reds line-out not straight, the game is littered with errors thus far.

12 They lose the ball for going off their feet. Harris clears. Not a good start for the Force thus far.

11 It's going to be an ugly grind, this one, Harris is kicking well for territory, the Force are struggling for cohesion... but Morahan slices a clearance kick now so the Force have a line-out on the Reds' 22.

Penalty9 Harris sneaks it just inside the upright! PENALTY REDS, HARRIS, 3-0!

8 Reds catch some Force players offside and Harris now can have a pop from about 40m.

7 Now Nalaga sees the ball slip from his grasp. scrum Reds by the Force 22.

6 Wonderful long drop-out by Harris bounces over Nalaga and into touch, a quick throw puts Mafi away, but someone had touched the ball in touch, so back we come. Fractured start to the game.

5 He can't pull it in through the rain.

4 Better line-out take this time by Lynn and a good drive that wins a penalty advantage... which is now whistled. Ben Daley colapsed the maul. an early chance for Stannard...

2 Reds break from their own 22 with Lance tearing away, but Ioane not quite there in support. The rain is extraordinary at the moment - you can barely see the other side of the field.

Kick-off It is fairly bucketing down here - what is it with Brisbane and rain? We're underway! Harris launches a high ball from the kick-off, but it's blown into touch, taken back in so the Force have an attacking line-out... but the slippery ball is fumbled in the rain.

Team news For the Force, the only change to last week's side is the return of Pat Dellit to the centres, displacing Rory Sidey. Hopefully they can be a little more cohesive than last week.

Team news The Reds have a long injury list: no Higginbotham, neither of the Faingae, while Quade Cooper is the big-name long-term casualty. Jono Lance and Jake Schatz fill in this week.

Welcome Welcome to Suncorp, where the champion Reds are looking to build on their somewhat burgled win over the Waratahs last week, while the Force will see another defeat as huge early damage to their playoff hopes.

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