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  • Shipperley,
    Penalty goals: Harris (2),
11 - 6

Melbourne Rebels

  • Penalty goals: O'Connor (2),
  • Super Rugby
  • Overall Group
  • 10th Mar 2012
  • KO 08:40
  • Ground: Ballymore

Reds v Melbourne Rebels - Live

Last updated: 10th March 2012  


80 The Reds decide to go for the three points. It is 16m in and 40m from the posts. It's just short from the Harris and O'Connor has to attack from his own line. It's all over as Vuna fails to hang onto the ball. The Reds hangs on 11-6 in the end. Good game. Thank you for your company.

79 Now or never for the Rebels as they are 10m out. The Reds get it from the line out and Robinson hacks it down field. Beale and Vuna have to build from the back again. Campbell is through a gap again, but he has no support and the Reds turn it over. The Rebels go off-side and Harris gets a penalty.

77 Penalty to the Rebels after the Reds wheel the scrum. O'Connor sends the kick out on the 10m line. They pick and go before Campbell goes through a gap. They are just outside the 22m and they have advantage. No advantage so they go for touch.

75 Scrum to the Reds inside their own 22 and they can clear. Beale takes the quick throw and goes high, but Genia takes it out of the air. Penalty to the Reds after lazy running from the Rebels after the chase from Beale. Harris put the kick out close to the 22. Shocking throw and it's a scrum to blue.

73 The forwards once again pick and go after the lineout. Plenty of shouting from Genia. They finally go wide and there's a massive hit in the midfield. The Rebels drive over it and they put the kick in. Excellent chace from Beale. The Rebels regather, but then they knock it on.

71 The Rebels have the scrum feed, but it's a good scrum from Holmes and the Reds get the penalty. Harris puts it out in the Melbourne franchise's 22.

69 Knock on in the lineout and the Rebels get the scrum. They are under pressure though as it's five metres away from their own tryline. O'Connor goes long, but the Reds' backs are full of running. Harris, Lucas and Ioane all get their hands on the ball, but there's knock after a good tackle from Kingi.

66 The Rebels have been starved of possession in the last 20 minutes or so. The Reds put in the kick after the restart and there's a good chace from Ioane, but Beale just about gets there and he sets up his side again. After a few phases, Beale kicks for possession, but Shipperley gathers and allows Genia to set up a lineout inside the Rebels' 22.

Penalty64 PENALTY, REDS, HARRIS! 11-6! Harris makes no mistake with the kick and the Reds have a five-point lead.

64 Pick and go again before Shipperley gets some space to take them over the 22m line. The Rebels give the penalty away at the breakdown and this time they go for the three points.

62 The Reds are on the charge at the moment. They turn down the three points and take the quick tap. It looks like Shipperley is in, but Vuna drags him down and the Reds build again. Another penalty in front after the Rebels go off their feet. Genia again takes it quickly and they knock it on. Beale sends it deep.

60 The Reds forwards pick and go, pick and go. They are five metres out. Van Humphries is again involved and the penalty advantage finally comes. They come back left and Ioane is over the line, but gets pushed back. The ball doesn't come out and they go back for the penalty.

58 Harris misses the conversion from the far touchline. Great kickoff from Cirpriani, but the Rebels waste it and Ioane can put in a little grubber. They regain possession and Van Humphries spots a small gap. The ball comes back quickly and it goes wide. Into the 22 they go.

TRY56 TRY, REDS, SHIPPERLEY ! 8-6! The Rebels are under pressure as they have a lineout on their own 22. Stolen by Horwill and the Rebels go off-side at the breakdown. Genia swings it wide and Tapuai runs hard and is brought down a metre from the line. It comes out quickly and they skip a couple of players and give Shipperley an easy run in.

54 Triple change from the Reds as Lucas, Robinson and Van Humphries come on for Lance, Schatz and Simmons. Penalty to the Reds at the scrum and Harris puts it out on the Rebels' 10m line. The Rebels go off-side and they Reds have a penalty advantage. Higginbotham powers forward and advantage is over. Over the 22m line they go after eight phases. They finally come to the left and Morahan is down the line. The tackle from Beale is brilliant as he takes him over the touchline. The referee wants a look upstairs, but he was taken over the line.

52 Strong push from the Reds in the scrum, but they are penalised for wheeling. The Rebels go for the lineout and Gerrard puts in another superb kick. The Rebels are about 10m out. Knock on in the lineout and the Reds get teh scrum. A little bit of 'how's your mother', but it's just handbags.

50 The Rebels get a penalty after the Reds collapse the scrum. Cipriani sets up play on the halfway line. O'Connor takes it over the halfway line from the lineout, but there's a massive hit on Delve and the Reds turn it around. There is space on the outside, but Lance knocks it on. It was a poor pass to be fair to him.

48 The Reds take it through eight phases for the first time the match. Genia runs around and sends it wide to the right, but Tapuai loses the ball in contact just outside the Rebels' 22.

46 O'Connor goes for goal, but it's a shocker as he gets it horribly wrong. It goes wide to the right. After a clearing kick from the Reds, Cipriani goes high, but Harris gathers and sets up play again.

44 Genia feeds the scrum inside his own 22. Lance drops it, but the Rebels don't make much of it as the kick goes out of over the touchline. They are soon back in possession as it pops forward off one of the Reds players. Delve has been impressive tonight and he again wins a few metres for his side. The Rebels eventually get the penalty as the Reds come in from the side.

Second half We are up and running for the final 40 minute of the game at Suncorp Stadium. Cipriani sends it straight down the middle and his forwards manage to get there. Strong charge from Jones on the far side and he off-loads to Vuna, but the winger can't hold on.

Half-time REDS 3-6 REBELS

40 Higginbotham gathers from the restart and they clear down the line. Beale returns with a grubber and the Reds have a throw inside their own 22. Gill charges forward from the lineout and Harris completes the job with a kick to the 10m line. The Rebels knock it on on the ground. The hooter goes, but the Reds decide to attack from the scrum. Strong surge from Ioane and suddenly they are over the 10m line. The knock eventually comes and it's halftime.

Penalty38 PENALTY, REDS, HARRIS! 3-6! The Reds are on the board as Harris sends it over 15m in from touch on the right.

37 Not straight from Freier in the lineout and the Reds can attack inside the Rebels' 22 with a scrum. The Reds look like they have a move planned, but we don't get to see it as the Rebels are penalised for bringing down the scrum.

35 Another strong run from Delve after the kick-off. That gives Cirpriani plenty of time and space to clear outside his own 22. The Reds are driven back after the lineout, but Van Humphries suddenly sees a gap and he makes it over the 22. The ball comes wide before Morahan looks for a flick that wasn't there.

Penalty33 PENALTY, REBELS, O'CONNOR! 0-6! It's right in front and a man of James O'Connor's class doesn't miss those.

32 The Rebels are dominating possession, but they don't have much to show for it. It wil be a concern for the coaching staff. The Rebels get clean possession the lineout and take it over the 22. The Reds go off-side. Poor pass and Shipperley intercepts. He thinks he's away, but they get called back for the penalty.

31 Lineout to the Rebels on the halfway line. Forwards and backs get quite a few touches, but they are still in their own half. They eventually get the penalty after Slipper fails to roll away. Horwill needs treatment as blood is pouring out of his nose.

29 The Reds make a mess of their lineout and the Rebels get the scrum. The Reds somehow manage to get their hands on the ball as it pops out and they can build again. Genia sends it to the left, but Ioane gets penalised for going off his feet.

27 A couple of knock ons and the Rebels get a scrum on the halfway line. Another big scrum from the Melbourne side. Cirpriani goes high, but Morahan gathers and sets up play. The Rebels steal it, but they are called back for being off-side. Harris clears into the Rebels' area.

25 Schatz is forced to pick up at the back after a good scrum from the Rebels. They look to take it through a few phases, but the Rebels go off-side and they can clear the penalty to the 10m line.

23 The Rebels are dominating in the possession stakes at the moment. It's 70-30 in their favour at the moment. It opens like the Red Sea for Pyle. He beats one, two, three, but then knock it on. Scrum to the Reds inside their own 22.

21 A lovely kick from Gerrard as he sets up play 15m from the Reds' tryline. Messy lineout, but the Rebels still have possession. Delve powers forward before they go to the left. It's kicked through and the Reds can clear the ball through Harris. He hits it straight down the throat of O'Connor. He passes to Beale and they start to move the ball around. O'Connor decides to put in another chip, but the Reds can dot the ball down and it's back to the 22 for a drop out.

Penalty18 Harris decides to go for goal just outside the Rebels' 10. It's close to the left-hand touchline and he pulls it wide. That's his first miss of the season. Deep kick off and Ioane carries it up strongly. Penalty against Horwill for going off his feet.

16 The Reds go early at the scrum and give away the free kick. Chip from Cipriani, but the Reds gagher and Harris can return it deep. Beale decides to carry it up and is brought down just outside his 22. They come back to the left and move over the 10m line, but Jones holds onto the ball and gives away the penalty.

15 Harris goes deep, but Delve gets out of a tight spot with some good food work. Beale clears, but it's a poor kick. Good news for him though as Harris's kick goes out on the full. Back to the halfway line we go. Couple of knock ons and the end result is a Rebels scrum on their own 10m line.

13 PENALTY, REBELS, O'CONNOR! 0-3! O'Connor goes for goal from 40m out. It's close to the left-hand touchline, but that's no problem for the Wallaby star.

12 It's all falling into place for the Rebels as they steal a lineout from the Reds. The Reds, though, turn it over quickly and Harris can clear. Beale gathers the kick and sets his side on the way again. Higginbotham go off-side.

10 Jones carries it up strongly from the lineout. Gerrard sees a gap, but it closes quickly. He looks to pop it over the top, but knocks it on. A win against the feed for the Rebels and they put it out on the Reds' 22.

8 Genia feeds the scrum just outside his own 22m. They can't kick it out on the full so go for a big up and under. They get lucky as the ball pops back to Harris and Tapuai can clear up field.

6 The Rebels kick it deep, but the Reds return the favour. Vuna decides to take it up from his own 10m line. It's a good decision as they keep hold of the ball. Cipriani spots a gap in midfield and takes his side over the 22m. O'Connor sidesteps a couple of players, buthere's a knock on the left-hand touchline.

4 The Reds are having all the ball in the opening stages of this game. They finally knock it on on the 10m line and the Rebels will have a scrum. Free kick to the Rebels as the Reds take their own sweet time at the scrum.

4 The Reds are still on the attack in the 22 after that lineout. A bit of a maul before Higginbotham and co pick and go. Harris decides to go for a kick but Vuna covers and they can clear into touch on their own 10m line.

2 Clean lineout for the Reds and Horwill gets them on the front foot. They march into the 22, but Ioane knocks it on. Cirpriani looks to clear his lines, but his kick is also charged down. Third time lucky as Beale clears. They are still under pressure though.

Kick-off Mike Harris gets us underway at Suncorp Stadium and Delve takes the kick. Taken back into the 22 and O'Connor looks for the kick, but it is charged down. Luckily for the Rebels it goes over the touchline on the far side.

Team news While the Reds have plenty of Wallabies like Scott Higginbotham, James Horwill and Rob Simmons in their pack, the Rebels are a bit in short on experience in that department. It's a different story in the backline though as the Melbourne franchise can call on Kurtley Beale, Mark Gerrard and James O'Connor. Beale, of course, is making his debut for the Rebels today.

Greetings Welcome to Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane for the Super Rugby encounter between the defending champions Queensland Reds and the Melbourne Rebels.

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