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  • Speight, McCabe,
    Penalty goals: Lealifano (4),
    Conversions: Lealifano,
24 - 23


  • de Bruyn, Le Roux,
    Penalty goals: Goosen (3),
    Conversions: Goosen (2),
  • Super Rugby
  • Overall Group
  • 10th Mar 2012
  • KO 04:35
  • Ground: Bruce Stadium

Brumbies v Cheetahs - Live

Last updated: 10th March 2012  

PenaltyFull-time BRUMBIES 24-23 CHEETAHS

Penalty80 PENALTY, BRUMBIES, LEALIIFANO! 24-23! The Cheetahs are penalised for not pushing straight at the scrum. Lealiifano will have a shot at goal. Cheetahs skipper Strauss is gutted about the penalty as the siren goes. Lealiifano makes no mistake. His team-mates mob him after the kick. They sneak home by one point. Brilliant finish to the game.

80 Final minute and there has been something like five turnovers in the space of two minutes. Brumbies have a scrum just outside the 22. Will they go for the drop? No, they get a penalty at the scrum.

79 Good scrum from the Brumbies and they set up play. They take it through the phases. Probably looking for a penalty at the breakdown. Hooper gives them a few yards, but the Cheetahs turn it over and they charge down field. It doesn't last long though as the pass is poor and the Brumbies have their hands back on. Another turnover! But this time Goosen knocks it on.

77 Deep kick from the Cheetahs, but they slow it down at the breakdown and the Brumbies can gain some valuable ground with a kick to touch. The line-out is good and Toomua carries it forward. The Cheetahs steal it, but knock it on.

Penalty75 PENALTY, BRUMBIES, LEALIIFANO! 21-23! Scrum to the Brumbies in the middle of the park about 10m out. The Brumbies get the penalty for yet another early engagement. Lealiifano makes no mistake and it's a two-point game.

74 Early engagement from the Cheetahs at the scrum and they give away a penalty. Harsh call, but on we go to the Cheetahs' half with a kick. Great hands from Mogg and the Brumbies are into the 22. The Cheetahs steal it at the breakdown, but they lose it forward.

72 Goosen puts the penalty out on the Brumbies' 10m line. They take it up the middle before it goes wide. Daniller is in the backline. The ball is too slow in coming out and the Cheetahs get a scrum.

70 This has been a very good half of rugby again. The half has flown by. Toomua sets up play just outside the Cheetahs' 22, but the Brumbies lose it at the line-out. Goosen sends it long and the Brumbies have to start from their own 10m line again. Brilliant work from the forwards as they take it over the halfway line. Suddenly the backs get involved and they are over the 22m line. They look good, but suddenly Brussouw pops up and it's a turnover. The Brumbies give away the penalty.

68 After a deep kick from the Brumbies, Daniller goes for a chip over the top. He tackles McCabe and manages to steal the ball. They don't make anything of it as they lose the ball in midfield. Penalty to the Brumbies for incorrect entry.

Penalty66 PENALTY, BRUMBIES, LEALIIFANO! 18-23! Solid scrum this time from the Cheetahs and they somehow manage to get their hands on the ball. They take it to the 22m line, but then lose it. Hands on the ground as the Cheetahs look to regain it, but they get penalised. Lealiifano has a shot and goal. No mistake.

64 Good scrum from the Brumbies and they get the penalty after the Cheetahs collapse it. They take the scrum again. Another infringment from the Cheetahs, but this time it is a free-kick. Surely they will take another scrum? Yes, they do. Pressure really on now.

TRY62 Clean ball from the scrum just outside the 10m line. The Brumbies suddenly have runners from all over the place. Eight phases see them into the Cheetahs 22. Fardy thinks he is over after stretching for the white line, but the referee calls them back for a penalty as he was off-side. The Brumbies take the scrum on the five-metre line.

61 Shocking mistake from Daniller. The Brumbies send it back with a kick and the full-back takes his eyes off the ball with no one in site. It pops out of his hands. Those in the stands made sure he felt it.

59 Goosen decides to go for the penalty from all of 62 METRES OUT! No, that is not a mistake. It's a sweet strike, but falls a couple of metres short. That is his first miss of the season. The Cheetahs start again from the halfway line, but they lose it forward and the Brumbies can get their hands on the ball.

57 Good line-out from the Brumbies and Kemlin powers forward yet again. The Brumbies have gone up to third gear here. They take it through a couple of phases before a certain Mr H Brussouw does what he does best. Hands in from the Brumbies as they try to steal it back. Penalty Cheetahs.

55 Deep kick-off from the Cheetahs, but they go off-side at the ruck and the Brumbies can get out of their 22.

TRY52 TRY, BRUMBIES, McCABE! 15-23! The hosts set up the line-out just outside the 22 and take it through a few phases. Good run from McGabe and they are on teh front foot. Inside ball and now they are just five metres out. They suddenly go right and they have numbers. Scramble defence. It comes out quickly from the ruck and McCabe has an easy run-in. The Brumbies have woken up. Lealiifano misses the conversion.

50 Another shocking kick-off from Toomua as he sends it out on the full. The Cheetahs have a scrum on the halfway line. Johnson makes plenty of ground, but one of the props go off their feet at the breakdown and the Brumbies get a penalty. Some relief.

Penalty48 PENALTY, CHEETAHS, GOOSEN! 10-23! - The Cheetahs are under the posts and the tackler fails to release the man on the ground. No advantage and Goosen will have a shot at goal. No mistake from the No 10.

47 The Brumbies are not at the races yet. They get a free-kick at the scrum and kick it out. The Cheetahs though take the line-out and then they start to power forward. Strauss makes several metres with a powerful run.

45 Deep kick-off from the Brumbies and Goosen returns it it with interest. The Brumbies have to clear the ball. From there the Cheetahs win the line-up and they make it into the opposition 22. They spoil things with a forward pass.

Conversion42 CONVERSION, CHEETAHS, GOOSEN 10-20! Goosen makes no mistake and suddenly there is a 10-point gap.

TRY42 TRY, CHEETAHS, DE BRUYN! 10-18 - Lovely, lovely stuff from the Cheetahs. The Brumbies go for a chip, but the Cheetahs turn it over on the ground. Suddnely they move it quickly to No 11 Le Roux. He beats one, two with a side step and off-loads inside to De Bruyn. The scrum-half also sidesteps one and then crashes over. That was oh so easy for the visitors.

Second half Matt Toomua sends it to the 22m line where van der Walt takes the ball. The run it up before Goosen sends it deep.

Half TimeHalf-time BRUMBIES 10-13 CHEETAHS

Penalty40 GOOSEN PENALTY! 10-13! And they end the half with three points on the board to make it a three-point lead for the visitors. A good half of Super Rugby in Canberra. Stay with us to see how this one pans out.

38 The Cheetahs are looking to finish the half with a flourish and are readying themselves for a scrum, ten out from the home line. Plenty of options here.

Penalty37 LEALIIFANO PENALTY! 10-10! Great kick from wide out.

35 No score for a while then as play is fittingly on halfway with the Brumbies in possession. And that scoring drought could change here as Brussow is penalised for going off his feet at the breakdown. Stay tuned to see if Lealiifano can tie the scores in Canberra.

32 Bad from Mogg who puts the ball out on the full, inviting pressure on the Brumbies via a Cheetahs line-out 35 out from the home line. Here's Johnson on a run.

29 Another entertaining passage of Super Rugby as both franchises look to spread the play. And it is of little surprise that while prop Oosthuizen is down receiving treatment, the water is on for the players. We restart with a Brumbies scrum in their own half.

25 It has been a good first 25 minutes from wing Le Roux who continues to cause the Brumbies bother, this time on the right wing. In fact, the Australians are looking rather tired and disorganised at this early stage which is a worry for Jake White.

22 Here come the Cheetahs again with Goosen finding an excellent touch after Alexander is penalised at scrum-time against Nel. However, the South Africans don't have another trick up their sleeve this time at the set-piece and ultimately are repelled.

Conversion19 GOOSEN CONVERSION! 7-10! Simple enough.

TRY18 LE ROUX! 7-8! Oh what a line-out move from the Cheetahs. It went over the top from Strauss to Oosthuizen, who put it back inside to his rampaging winger.

16 The Cheetahs finally get out of their own third following a sliced Goosen clearance from that scrummage. There is more defending that needs doing mind as Speight has it on his own ten-metre before slow ball finds hooker Stephen Moore, who is looking busy.

13 Encouraging rugby from the Brumbies as they look a much more structured team than in week one. Unfortunately for them though, White's offload is deemed forward so it's a Cheetahs scrum on the visitors 22.

Conversion10 LEALIIFANO CONVERSION! 7-3! Great kick.

TRY9 SPEIGHT TRY! 5-3! Great initial break from Nic White, who beat three tacklers to take his side into the red zone. The recycled ball found Ben Alexander on two charges before it came wide to the wing. That is what the home fans have come out to see.

7 A few handling errors though early on as the enterprise ultimately leads to lottery balls being given. Net result, Cheetahs ball about 35 metres out from the home line.

5 It has been a decent start in good conditions as both sides show they are willing to run the ball in the sunshine. Cheetahs have a relieving penalty on their own 22.

Penalty2 GOOSEN PENALTY! 0-3! No mistake from the youngster.

Kick-off Here we go with Johan Goosen getting us going and there's an early penalty for the Cheetahs as, following an Ita Vaea knock-on, the Brumbies offend.

Team news Jake White has had his Brumbies XV boosted by the return of Pat McCabe while Ben Hand is in at lock in place of Leon Power. Meanwhile, Coenie Oosthuizen returns to the front-row in one of four changes from the Cheetahs. Ashley Johnson starts ahead of Davon Raubenheimer at number eight while George Earle comes in at lock for Andries Ferreira. Amongst the backs, Cameron Jacobs replaces Rocco Jansen on the right wing.

Welcome Hello from Canberra for the Brumbies v Cheetahs. Jake White has been in the press this week regarding the England job but his focus must now be on Super Rugby as he looks to avoid what would be a dismal defeat if things don't go their way today.

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