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  • Botes, Viljoen, Bosman, Mvovo,
    Penalty goals: Lambie (2),
    Conversions: Lambie (3),
32 - 20


  • Taute, Dreyer,
    Penalty goals: James (2),
    Conversions: James (2),
  • Super Rugby
  • Overall Group
  • 10th Mar 2012
  • KO 15:05
  • Ground: Kings Park

Sharks v Lions - Live

Last updated: 10th March 2012  

Full TimeFull time SHARKS 32-20 LIONS

80 Lambie pushes the conversion wide, but it doesn't matter as his side leaves the stadium with a full house of five points. Thanks for your company.

TRY80 TRY, SHARKS, BOTES! 32-20! Lambie finds touch inside the Lions' 22. The Sharks are looking for a bonus-point try. They maul it up. They are 10m out, five metres, two metres and over they go. Jacques Botes is the man who got down.

79 Play is set up on the halfway line, but the Sharks get the turnover. The Lions get another chance on the nearside after Mvovo takes it over the touchline. This time the visitors maul it up. Minnie loses the ball in contact and the Sharks hack it forward. The Lions have to run it up, but they hold on and the Sharks get a penalty. Bismark loses his mind and takes it quickly. He knocks it on, but the Lions were not 10m.

77 The Lions send it back after the restart. After another up and under, Taute holds on and wins a penalty after the Sharks fail to release the tackled player.

Conversion75 CONVERSION, LIONS, JAMES! 27-20! James chips over the conversion and we are down to a seven-point game.

TRY75 TRY, LIONS, DRYER! 27-18! The Sharks are penalised for holding on from the restart. Coetzee puts it out inside the Sharks' 22. Van der Merwe gathers the lineout and they try to maul it up. The forwards crash it up. Van der Merwe is involved a couple of times. After six phases, Ruan Dryer reaches for it and goes over. The referee asks for confirmation from the television official, but it's good.

Conversion73 CONVERSION, SHARKS, LAMBIE! 27-13! Lambie makes no mistake with the conversion and there is daylight between the two teams now.

TRY72 TRY, SHARKS, BOSMAN! 25-13! The Lions knock it on in midfield in the Sharks' half. The ball comes to JP Pietersen and he breaks through the middle. First he thinks about going on his own, but he doesn't have the legs. He pops it to Lambie who throws it to Coetzee. All he has to do is run forward five metres to claim the try. That should be that.

70 Strong scrum from the Sharks. The Lions took it back into their own 22 and they put the kick out on the full. The Sharks are on the attack with a lineout on the 22. Poor passing from Bosman, but the Sharks keep possession. The Lions' defence once again hold strong. The Sharks go backwards after the ball slips through Whiteheads hands. McLeod gathers a kick and then throws it to Lambie. The Sharks full-back motors down the touchline, but gets dragged back.

68 The Lions win it against the throw in the lineout. Bondesio puts in the air, but it is tapped back to the Sharks side. Bosman has a dart, but the gap closes quickly. Coetzee goes over the advantage line again. It suddenly opens up, but a pop goes loose and the Lions can breathe again.

66 Butch James takes it quickly, but no one is on his wavelength and he throws it away. The Lions give away the penalty for holding on. Play is set up on the Lions' 22. Strong defence from the Lions after the lineout. Lambie eventually decides to go in the air. It is tapped down on the Lions side, but goes over the touchline.

64 The Lions have found a third gear here. They take it through a couple of phases and then there are couple of kicks back on forth. The Lions finally decide to hold onto the ball and carry it into the Sharks' half. No advantage for the high tackle from Sykes and they come back for the penalty.

Conversion62 CONVERSION, LIONS, JAMES! 20-13! It's a seven point game as James' conversion goes over off the post.

TRY61 TRY, LIONS, TAUTE! 20-11! James goes deep, but McLeod gathers and gives it to his forward. They knock it on and the Lions are on the front foot. Oosthuisen and Bezuidenhout go on the charge. The ball comes wide to Taute. He's a strong runner and goes over close to the corner.

Penalty59 PENALTY, SHARKS, LAMBIE! 20-6! Lambie curls it in from the right-hand side and the Sharks' lead increases to 14 points.

58 Bondesio feeds the scrum close to his own 22m line. James thumps it down field, but Ndungane takes it and he returns with a kick of his own. Taute gathers and he also goes down field. Viljoen decides to run before going for an up and under. James gathers, but his pass is forward. After that aimless bit of rugby from both sides, all you need to know is that the Sharks have a scrum close to the Lions' 22m line. Advantage to the Sharks for scrumming in on the angle. No advantage so they come back for the penalty.

56 McLeod feeds the scrum on his own 10m line and Lambie kicks deep. Terrible stuff from the Lions as Taute throws the ball into his own player. They regain possession though and can clear up field. Lambie goes for another up and under, but it is too deep and Coetzee can carry it forward again. Van der Merwe carries the ball up a couple of times. Turnover Sharks on the 10m line thanks to du Plessis. Alberts go through the middle and they move it to the left quickly, but the pass to Ndungane is forward.

54 Bondesio feeds his backline after the lineout. The Lions are going backwards though. They finally go forward thanks to skipper Strauss. James loops it to Minnie, but the Sharks slow it down again. It goes back into the midfield where it's lost forward again.

52 Bresler takes the lineout and they look to maul it up, but they fail to make any ground. Finally it comes out and du Plessis makes a few metres. After they get tackled backwards, Whiteheads finally puts them on the front foot again, but then they give away another penalty for going off their feet. James finds touch on the Sharks' 10m line.

51 Whiteley takes it from the lineout, but the du Plessis turn it over after a failed loop around from the Lions. Mvovo puts in the kick. The Lions look to carry it up, but they go off their feet at the breakdown and the Sharks have a penalty. Into the Lions 22 we go.

49 Lambie toes it through after the lineout, but Taute gathers well and the Sharks fail to roll away. Penalty to the Lions. Coetzee puts it out in the Sharks' 22.

47 Strauss knocks it on in midfield and Pietersen puts the kick out on the Lions' 10m line. Messy stuff from both sides after the break. The ball goes right across the field from the lineout. Looping pass to Killean, but he is taken out of the field of play.

45 Daniel picks up from the back of the scrum and this time Michalak puts the kick out close to the Lions' 22m line. The Lions get advantage for off-side at the lineout. Bondesio takes it quickly, but they knock it on again. He gets lucky as the Sharks didn't go back 10m line. This time they put it out on close to the Sharks' 10m line.

43 Michalak feeds the scrum on the halfway line. Another up and under from Lambie and Pietersen reclaims it. His forwards fail to protect him and they give away the penalty. Quickly taken by the Lions, but Bondesio knocks it on.

Second half Butch James with the restart after the break. Bresler gathers and gives Michalak an opportunity to chip over the top. The Lions regain possession and decide to take it up. Coetzer takes it up strongly on the far touchline, but when the ball comes to the right, Whiteley throws a forward pass.

Half TimeHalf-time SHARKS 17-6 LIONS

Conversion40 CONVERSION, SHARKS, LAMBIE! 17-6! Another excellent conversion from Lambie right from the touchline. The Sharks have an 11-point gap at the break.

TRY40 TRY, SHARKS, MVOVO! 15-6! The Sharks steal the ball in the lineout and suddenly they are just five metres out. The hooter goes, but the Sharks are still on the front foot. Daniel and du Plessis all have a go, but the Lions hold firm. Well I spoke too soon as a couple of quick passes see the ball go to Mvovo. He is in the clear and dots it down. The referee wants a second look and the television official rule that his boot didn't touch the whiteline. Try to the Sharks right on half time.

39 Excellent kick from Coetzee as he sets up play on the Sharks' 10m line. James knocks it on after a gap opens up. The Sharks carry it up through their forwards before Lambie goes for another high one. Again the high kick works as Mvovo gathers. Lambie gets his hands on the ball again and this time he puts in a good kick into the Lions' 22.

37 Viljoen goes deep. Taute gathers, but Ndungane is there to put pressure on. The Lions slow it down before Bondesio puts it out close to his own 10m line. The ball goes wide from the lineout and there is some strong running from Whitehead and Viljoen. Turnover on the ground and the Sharks are penalised for not releasing the player.

Penalty35 PENALTY, LIONS, JAMES! 10-6! Another easy three pointer for James.

35 The Sharks make a mess of the lineout, but both sides knock it on and the Lions get a scrum about eight metres out. James and Whiteley take it up, but the Sharks hold firm. The hosts are off-side and the Lions get a penalty.

33 It's a 22 drop out for the Sharks after the ball goes over the dead ball line from the restart. Bondesio takes the kick. They pick and go before Coetzee sidesteps a couple of defenders. James toes it through, but it goes over the touchline and the Sharks have a lineout five metres from their own line.

Conversion31 CONVERSION, SHARKS, LAMBIE! 10-3! Excellent conversion from the touchline from Pat Lambie.

31 TRY, SHARKS, VILJOEN! 8-3! Bismark feeds the lineout, but the Lions win it against the throw. Taute kicks down field. Viljoen fields and goes for another up and under. The Lions fail to gather the ball and suddenly Viljoen is there. He kicks it forward and follows it up. All he has to do is pick it up and go over in the corner.

29 Early change for the Lions as Hollenbach is off with a hamstring injury. On comes Andries Coetzee. The Lions lose the lineout just inside their own half and then give away a penalty at the ruck. They set up the lineout on the 22. The forwards take it, erm, forward before it goes to the backs. Daniel loses it forward and La Grange can clear.

27 Knock-on from the Sharks at the lineout and the Lions kicks upfield. Viljoen returns the favour before it is kicked out close to the halfway line. The ball is toed through from the lineout and Daniel's chase is good. Taute knocks it on as he slides back and the Sharks can attack. Good defence from the Lions and they get the turnover and kick it upfield. Viljoen hits back with a kick of his own.

25 James goes deep into the Sharks 22. Coetzee crashes it up before Viljoen clears close to the 10m line. Slow ball after the lineout and it goes wide before a pass is tapped back to the Sharks side. Whitehead sends the kick upfield and it's a foot race for Ndungane, but the ball goes over the touchline.

Penalty23 PENALTY, SHARKS, LAMBIE! 3-3! The score a level as Lambie sends it over from the 10m line.

23 Plenty of up and unders from the Sharks and more often than not they regain possession. They make it into the Lions' half with another kick, but unfortunately they go off-side. The Lions send the penalty into the Sharks half, but they lose it at the lineout. Strong run from Pietersen, but Strauss holds him up and steals the ball. The Lions clear the ball, but play is called back for a high tackle on Pietersen.

21 Skeate picks and go after the lineout, but his body is upright and he gets driven pick. Another knock from the Sharks and the Lions get possession at the scrum. Plenty of pressure on Whiteley from Michalak, but he gets it away to James who sends a kick upfield.

19 Whiteley is forced to pick up from the back and Bondesio clears to the 10m line. Ndungane takes it quickly and he has support from Viljoen. Chip from Michalak, but Taute reads it and he kicks it out close to the 10m line.

17 Solid scrum from the Sharks and Lambie finds a gap, but there is no one on his shoulder. The forwards join in and pick and go. They are only four metres out. Frustration for the hosts as they knock it on.

15 Viljoen is into the backline following the lineout. He's not held in the tackle and gets up to gain a few more metres. The forwards get involved, but the Lions' tackling is excellent for now. Sharks still outside the 22. The ball fails to come out and it is a scrum to the Sharks as they were going forward.

14 The quick throw wasn't straight from Daniel so the Lions have a scrum. The Lions swing it wide, but they get tackled backwards. Great work from Pietersen and Coetzee in there. The Sharks eventually turn it over and Lambie chips it over the top. Van Rensburg takes the kick, but the chase is excellent and the Sharks get the penalty after he tries to get up.

12 The Lions maul it up again after the lineout, but then kick it and says 'over to you'. Michalak also kicks, but James returns it with interest. Daniel allows the ball to bounce and it goes out inside his own 22. The referee rules that Daniel had a foot in touch when he tried a quick throw-in and it's Lions ball.

10 Short lineout just inside the Sharks half. Taute and James carry strongly, but there is a knock from Bondesio. It is drizzling again. Solid scrum from the Sharks and Whitehead gets through a gap. Pick and go, but there's a knock and the Lions can go on the attack. Counter ruck from the Sharks and Alberts charges down the line. He gives it to Daniel, who is taken over the touchline.

8 Viljoen kicks deep again and du Plessis drives the Lions back as they look to make ground. Advantage to the Lions after the Sharks go off their feet again. No advantage so the Lions get the penalty.

Penalty6 PENALTY, LIONS, JAMES! 0-3! It's right in front and Butch James makes no mistake.

6 The Lions secure the ball in the lineout and opt to maul it out. They are into the 22 before La Grange bursts through a tackle. The Sharks are penalised for going off their feet.

4 Deep kick from the Lions and Alberts takes his eyes off the ball and knocks it on. It gives the Lions forwards an opportunity to pick and go. It finally goes through the hands. They have numbers out wide, but the Sharks shepherd it into touch.

2 Minnie is penalised for slowing the ball down at the breakdown. It's on the halfway line, but Lambie will have a shot at goal. This will be a tester as it is into the wind. He has the height and distance, but it shaves the right-hand post.

Kick-off Riaan Viljoen gets the game underway with a kick close to the Lions 22. Strauss takes it up strongly and James clears down Lambie's throat. He also goes for a kick but Taute gathers. Strauss picks and drives again. Taken back and James kicks straight down the middle, but gets away with it.

Weather Plenty of rain has fallen over the past 24 hours at the Shark Tank. It is wet underfoot and conditions will be difficult.

Team news The Sharks welcome back Willem Alberts on the side of the scrum while Odwa Ndungane replaces Louis Ludik on the wing. Tim Whitehead is also back in midfield with Meyer Bosman making way. The Lions have Jacobie Adriaanse at tighthead prop with Shark Pat Cilliers moving to the other side. Butch James, meanwhile, is in at fly-half with Elton Jantjies out injured.

Greetings Hello and welcome to the ABSA Stadium in Durban for the Super Rugby clash between the Sharks and the Lions.

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