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  • Maitland, Fruean, Dagg,
    Penalty goals: Taylor (3),
    Conversions: Taylor (2),
28 - 21


  • Goosen, Ebersohn,
    Penalty goals: Goosen (3),
    Conversions: Goosen,
  • Super Rugby
  • Overall Group
  • 24th Mar 2012
  • KO 06:35
  • Ground: AMI Stadium, Christchurch

Crusaders v Cheetahs - Live

Last updated: 24th March 2012  

Full TimeFull time Nothing coming for the visitors though. One more chance in their own 22, but they're tired... and Goosen kicks it out to take the bonus point! a few bemused faces,but perhaps he knew his team had barely any steam. A well-deserved win for the Crusaders, in the face of staunch competition from the visitors. Cheers from Canterbury.

78 Crusaders looking for the fourth try now, the Cheetahs look out of gas completely. Another series of picks and goes culminates in a knock on,so the Cheetahs do have one more shot at finding a last-gasp try.

Conversion76 Taylor lands the conversion! CONVERSION CRUSADERS, 28-21!

TRY75 Fruean for the line... he could have reached, but he sets it back instead. A couple of short passes on the line, looking for creating space.... out wide, Dagg in an acre! TRY CRUSADERS, DAGG!

74 Carter switches with Taylor off the scrum, Taylor over in another pile of bodies, but this time the call is definitive, held up.

73 Read off the back, Ellis dummies and goes, Ellis is being ushered to the line by a morass of Crusaders bodies,which crashes over but where the ball is is a mystery. TMO time... no try! A5m scrum.

72 Crusaders pressing hard here, and they've got a scrum 15m out,but remember, they can't count on their powerwith the scrums being uncontested.

Penalty70 It's over! 21-21 with ten to go! PENALTY CHEETAHS, GOOSEN!

69 Cheetahs get a penalty now... Goosen steps up from distance.

67 Dagg fluffs a clearance only to his own 22. One interesting note though, we've gone to uncontested scrums as a result of Cheetah injuries, yet about six penalties have gone against the Cheetahs at scrum-time... coincidence? It's clearly playing a part in the Cheetahs' revival.

Conversion65 Goosen puts over the extras! CONVERSION CHEETAHS,GOOSEN! It's 21-18!

TRY64 Going well through the phases, but they look a touch tired now. Out to Goosen, lovely long pass to Benjamin, inside to Ebersohn, he stretches.... he's there! TRY CHEETAHS! EBERSOHN! 21-16!

62 Crusaders with 55 per cent territory this half... they'd be further ahead but for the brilliant try by Goosen that allhere are still talking about. Cheetahs have pinched a line-out here and they're up to 15m out!

59 Crusaders just starting to look a little more dangerous now. Guildford and Dagg with some great soft hands to keep the ball alive. And a penalty against Brussow for hands in.

Penalty56 Taylor lands the long kick and the gap is back to ten. PENALTY CRUSADERS! 21-11!

55 Cheetahs going through the phases now, Goosen takes a great line, offloads, but Jacobs can't take the pass... and then messes around on the ground trying to recover his error, giving away a penalty.

53 Searing break down the right by Maitland after good work by Dagg, inside to Guildford, but he just couldn't find the finish...and Ellis is robbed of the ball.

51 Crusaders making more early changes as they seek to close it out. Wyatt Cockett on for Owen Franks. Carter crunched by Johnson now, so Ellis kicks downfield without his playmaker. Daniller smashes it back.

Penalty50 Cheetahs back to within a score! PENALTY CHEETAHS! GOOSEN! 18-11!

49 We've got a problem now for the Crusaders, with a white card shown for a lifting tackle on Goosen... no idea of the perpetrator though, but our replay shows it's Guildford... who dropped Jacobs, could be trouble.Goosen with a shot...

47 He can't bring the conversion in though, so it's 18-8!

TRY46 Cheetahs countering from their own line frmo the restart.... and Goosen breaks superbly! Out to Strauss, inside to le Roux, inside to Goosen again, brilliant! TRY CHEETAHS! GOOSEN! Wonderful wonderful try, best of the season to date!

Conversion43 Taylor steps up to convert. CONVERSION CRUSADERS! 18-3!

TRY42 Crusaders working hard down the left, Romano takes on some good ball, Carter out, a wrap, a long pass,Fruean cuts and is home! TRY CRUSADERS! FRUEAN!

41 SECOND HALF: Injuries strike at the Crusaders hard,as Ryan Crotty and Israel Dagg bothj look set to leave the field... the former is definitely off, Dagg stays on, but he looked uncomfiortable. As Crotty goes, on comes DC! Taylor goes to12.

Half TimeHalf time Hooter goes, cheetahs go for a maul, but it's lackadaisical. De Bruyn put the ball to touch and that's the half. Crusaders in charge of the scoreboard but the cheetahs still with plenty to offer. Join us in ten to see how much!

39 Taylor can't land the extras, but the Crusaders are onthe offensive again right from the restart, with Dagg taking good ball up to 5m out. Flynn takes it on... but there's a hand too many in the ruck from the Crusaders and the Cheetahs get a penalty.

TRY37 here we go! Guildford takes an inside pass and breaks, long pass out to Dagg, Dagg to Maitland, who shrugs off tacklers and is in at the corner! TRY CRUSADERS! MAITLAND! 11-3!

36 Another penalty to the Crusaders at scrum time... the Cheetahs are getting no change from the set piece.

35 Le Roux steps and goes superbly off the line-out, the ball then goes wide, but again it's lost in contact just asthemovewas gaining momentum.

33 De Bruyn goes su0erbly off the scrum, but he loses the ball in contact - a shame. Taylor clears.

31 Crusaders run their ball perilously close totheir own line and Ellis has to clear hurriedly. Daniller runs it back and forces a knock on by his tackler somehow.

Penalty30 Half an hour gone and the Crusaders hit the front! PENALTY CRUSADERS, TAYLOR! 6-3!

29 Another driving maul, this one much more effective and it wins a penalty. Surely Taylor will pot this one over.

28 Goosen doesn't clear far though, so a chance for the Crusaders again.

27 Now a penalty, and it's pout down well into the Cheetahs 22. a real chance here.... but the maul breaks down and is forced into touch.

25 Attempted counter by the Crusaders loses momentum as the Cheetahs chasers close up the channels excellently. Crusaders win a scrum.

23 A lot of boot to ball right now, and one kick leaves Todd isolated, but he's strong. Crotty breaks... but the Cheetahs turn it over!

21 But Taylor has pulled this one around to the left.

20 Crusaders keeping the pressure on territorially at least... they concede penalties, then turn over possession again. Whoever cracks first in terms of having their gameplan nullified will be in real trouble. right now though, the Crusaders get a rare penalty, kickable.

18 Better building from the Crusaders, asking questions in different areas.... but a penalty for not releasing. They are their own worst enemy, and the Cheetahs are visibly growing in confidence, their line speed is quicker every time.

17 A technical penalty here to the Crusaders, well within Tom Taylor's range,but instead he goes for the corner.

Penalty15 Easy stuff for Goosen. PENALTY CHEETAHS, GOOSEN! 3-3!

14 This is tighter from the visitors as they rumble up to the line once more. and another penalty comes for offside after some neat work by the locks.

13 Good driving maul fromthe Cheetahs, but again as it goes down the Crusaders forwards find an accurate counter ruck and turn it over. Cheetahs need tohave a think about numbers, they're being out-witted.

11 Crusaders concede another penalty at ruck time and Goosen puts them up to 5m from the Crusaders line.

10 Another promising attack from the home side builds from a terrific counter-ruck,but this one ends with Ben Franks holding on. But the Crusaders are targetting the Cheetahs breakdown with numbers

8 Some real iffy decisions about knock-ons by Keith andrews so far... this time he gives one to the Crusaders while he was playing an advantage to them! Good kick ahead and chase by Dagg, but Le Roux is there covering.

Penalty6 It fades onto the post, but the bounce is good and Taylor gives the Crusaders the lead! PENALTY CRUSADERS! TAYLOR! 3-0!

5 A more dynamic attack here from the home side, with Guildford and Maitland working well and Ellis seeing space to go short and make yards. Hint of a forward pass from Ellis, but it's not flagged... and there's a penalty for an offside against Brussow.

3 On and on the big hits go, but one victory for the home side, they win a penalty at the secodn scrum, all won in the front row.

1 A physical start up front as you'd expect, the Crusaders have a point to prove especially on that front.

Team news Cheetahs a change on the wing, where Cameron Jacobs comes in for the crocked Ryno Benjamin. Otherwise, it's the same team that came from the dead to pip the Rebels last week, with Willie le Roux still hunting down the left wing.

Team news Crusaders The return of Dan Carter has domnated the talk this week, with the AB legend warming the bench for this one as he works his way back to fitness. Ryan Crotty is also back in the centres, while Tom Taylor is the starting pivot.

Welcome Welcome to the second of Saturday's Super Rugby clashes as the buoyant Cheetahs roll on to the Crusaders, fresh off a potentially season-turning win at the Rebels last week. But the Crusaders are back in Canterbury for the first time since the earthquake of 2011, fresh off a bye week, and with a lot to prove after two losses in three.

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