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  • Coles, Taylor, Barrett, Perenara,
    Penalty goals: Barrett (4),
    Conversions: Barrett (3),
38 - 47


  • Daniller, Strauss, Benjamin, Oosthuizen (2), Nel,
    Penalty goals: Goosen (3),
    Conversions: Goosen (4),
  • Super Rugby
  • Overall Group
  • 31st Mar 2012
  • KO 05:30
  • Ground: Westpac Trust Stadium

Hurricanes v Cheetahs - Live

Last updated: 31st March 2012  

Full TimeFull time cheetahs win the line-out, there's the hooter and the drive ends with De Bruyn kicking the ball out! A deserved win for the Cheetahs by six tries to four and 48-37 points, once they stopped turning the ball over they were fantastic! Back to the drawing board for the Hurricanes though, for whom this defeat is a big blow. Cheers from Westpac!

78 Loose line-out, several phases... and Brussow wins a penalty as only he can, and that probably wraps it up for the visitors... they'll leave here with all five points and a massive boost!

77 Scrum Cheetahs on halfway, Goosen tries for an outside line but is just caught and has the ball turned over. Kirkpateick chips and regathers, Conrad Smith was surely taken off the ball... he was, penalty to the home side. Kicked down into the Cheetahs' 22.

76 Goosen sets Strauss away now, he's not able to get an offload out but he does win a scrum. The visitors are starting to close this one out.

74 cheetahs go through a few phases, now Goosen goes for a drop goal.... it's nowhere near. But it winds down the clock.

72 Goosen clears from a scrum off the restart, not to touch, Jane and Taylor countering. But good Cheetahs defence forces eaton into a chip straight to touch and the visitors looking more and more in control.

Conversion70 Goosen lands the extras! CONVERSION CHEETAHS - is this now an unassailable lead! 47-38 to the visitors, on the brink of a famous victory.

TRY69 Good drive off the line-out... and real danger for the Hurricanes here! Ossthuizen takes and goes... and scores! TRY CHEETAHS! OOSTHUIZEN's second!

67 Cheetahs have an advantage in midfield, and this might be one for Goosen. Rightn on the edge of his range at 53m... he's going for touch.

Penalty65 He's pulled it left!!

64 Big Hurricaners scrum this time and the Cheetahs are beginning to look tired here. Goosen clears, Taylor launches a counter, pops inside... he's gone down in a heap, that looked a little nasty. Back the ball comes... and a penalty to the Hurricanes! a chance for the lead...

62 Kirkpatrick slips an inside ball to Jane and Jane breaks! Tearing away.... he drops the offload! A huge chance goes begging.

61 Hurricanes are probing round midfield but can't find much - they look very out of ideas to the team that roared to a 32-11 lead early in this game. But Goosen again puts a ball out on the full, so another chance comes in midfield.

Penalty59 PENALTY HURRICANES! BARRETT! 40-38 - the Hurricanes trail by two with 20 to go.

58 Barrett, Eaton, Lam, Broadhurst all take it on, Hurricanes earn a penalty advantage. Three points? Barrett calls for the tee.

55 Goosen can't land the extras, nor off the restart can he bounce the ball into touch, so the Hurricanes get a line-out on the Cheetahs 22 and have a chance to get back in this. But the ball is messy and Goosen clears... again, he can't bounce it in touch though, so another Canes line-out.

TRY54 Cheetahs put in a monster drive and Brussow turns the ball over! A couple short phases,,, Nel dives and he's there! TRY CHEETAHS! NEL! 40-35!

52 Penalty to the Cheetahs in midfield and van Zyl taps and goes... and streaks through a gap, haring to the line, dummies Taylor so close but Broadhurst reaches out a big arm and makes an incredible cover tackle! Cheetahs do have a penalty at the ruck though. A chace for the lead... taps and goes! and knocks on short... Strauss blows a try, just as Van Zyl did by dummying Taylor before.

50 Cheetahs win their own restart - they've done that excellently all day. Oosthuizen and Johnson take it on, now Strauss and van der Westhuizen. Punishing physicality 10m out from the Hurricanes line... but strauss loses it forward.


47 Ebersohn gives Barrett an instant chance at restoring parity with an asinine hand in the ruck.

Penalty46 Over it goes! PENALTY CHEETAHS, GOOSEN, and from 32-11 down ten before half-time, they'rein the lead at 35-32!

45 Daniller troops off to be replaced by Snyman - he's shaking his head, but is he injured or has he just been subbed? He's been a standout player for the Cheetahs. Oosthuizen takes the ball on and has it stripped... but a penalty to the Cheetahs for not releasing and Goosen will surely put his side in the lead here...

44 Ball dislodged in the tackle by the Hurricanes,with the tryline inches away.... we could have had the visitors in the lead there!

43 A kick exchange ends with Goosen sparking a counter and it's Daniller charging away down the left! Inside to Le Roux, momentum stops 10m out...

42 Free-kick to the Hurricanes at scrum-time. Not quite the full-paced start tothe half we expected.

Second half Here we go again then! Eight tries in the first half, what's to come in the second?

Half TimeHalf time That's the half,a chance for us all to catch our breath! Eight tries, 64 points, a stunning comeback from the Cheetahs from 32-11 to 32-32. What will the second half bring? Do not go away!

Conversion40+1 Goosen lands the extras to tie the scores! CONVERSION CHEETAHS! 32-32!

TRY40 Another Cheetahs move left and Daniller breaks! He's crashing nearly home!,Van Zyl takes it on,to 5m out! Penalty now comes, Hurricanes not happy there. But a quick tap, out to oosthuizen and the cheetahs have their fourth! TRY CHEETAHS, OOSTHUIZEN!

38 Goosen kicks the restart clear.... I can't remember the last time I saw a kick this game!

Conversion37 Goosen lands another peach from the touchline! CONVERSION CHEETAHS, 32-25 and we're not even at half-time yet!

TRY36 This has turned into a magnificent rugby match. Goosen now makes a scorching break down the right, striding away, can't get his offload to hand but his flankers recover it. a couple of phases bashing short,flicked right, Johnson to Benjamin,it's another TRY CHEETAHS! BENJAMIN! Fabulous rugby!

Conversion34 Wonderful touchline kick from Goosen! CONVERSION CHEETAHS, and at 32-18, it's not over yet!

TRY33 Grief! Not quite complete control... good work from the Cheetahs left and then another flat attack wide, super quick hands and Daniller is thundering home in the corner! TRY CHEETAHS! DANILLER!

30 Barrett blots his copybook with the conversion miss, but at 32-11, the Hurricanes are in complete control.

TRY29 Here they come again! and again it's a result of Cheetahs turnover! A ball spilled in the Hurricanes 22, Barrett flips it to Savea who streaks down the left, Perenara takes the ball inside and is tapped short of the line, but he scrambles to his feet and dots down! TRY HURRICANES! PERENARA! An exhibition of counter-attacking rugby!

Conversion27 Super kick from Barrett! CONVERSION HURRICANES! 27-11 - that's a body blow to the free-running Cheetahs.

TRY26 Cheetahs going hard off the restart, Brussow through a big gap and van Zyl takes it on! But the support is slow, Lowe turns it over and there's a chance! Levave up the right! Inside to Taylor and the full-back's going into the corner! TRY HURRICANES! TAYLOR! Cheetahs killed on the turnover again!

Penalty25 this is good stuff from the visitors, Goosen, van der Walt, Strauss all making metres, Goosen is felled by a late hit and so the Cheetahs have a penalty short and central. Goosen chips it over. PENALTY CHEETAHS, GOOSEN! 20-11!

24 Better movement, but again it's on the edge and Cory Jane nearly picks off a pass! But instead he knocks on and the Cheetahs have a good attacking scrum position, in the 22 on the left.

22 Apologies, minor techincal glitch here loses us the last four minutes... Cheetahs have been back on attack but a little more laboured as they seek to close the 12-point gap and fast. The visitors have a scrum on halfway as we have an injury break.

Penalty17 Over it goes! PENALTY HURRICANES, BARRETT makes it 20-8!

16 Hurricanes regather the ball on the restart and they're in the mood! Barrett now, chips and goes... and is taken late! He has a penalty shot in front of posts for his trouble...

Conversion14 Barrett converts his own try! HURRICANES 17-8!

TRY13 Cheetahs on the attack down the left, but the move breaks down when Goosen can't take a pass from his half-back. He recovers, and no fires a coupleof phases and the cheetahs are in the red zone now.... turnover! Andre Taylor tearing away down the left, back inside, recycled, Barrett breaks and he could go all the way! TRY HURRICANES! BARRETT!

12 Hurricanes go on a counter after a kicking exchange, but a pass from Barrett to Savea is called marginally forward.... tight call.

11 Goosen can't land the kick, so the Hurricanes still leading 10-8!

TRY10 Cheetahs win the restart and start putting together some phases of their own. Crash, bash stuff, but effective, and they're up to the line. Wide ball now, to Andries Sttrauss... overthe line! But has he dropped it? TMO having a long hard look... he's given it! TRY CHEETAHS! STRAUSS!

TRY9 PENALTY HURRICANES! BARRETT restores the seven-point lead. 10-3!

8 Slightly fractured opening this, as the Hurricanes now get a pot for goal following a Cheetahs scrum offence. Barrett lines it up...

Penalty6 Super strike! PENALTY CHEETAHS, GOOSEN makes it 7-3!

5 Less good from the home side, here, with a little over-enthusiasm at a ruck leaving Goosen with a long shot at poles...

Conversion3 Beauden Barrett lands the easy extras! 7-0 HURRICANES!

TRY2 And we're off. And the home side has clicked right into gear. Phase after accurate phase,metres every time, and now it's Coles who busts through the midfield and he's on a clearrun tothe posts! A wonderful start for the Hurricanes! TRY HURRICANES! COLES!

Team news Cheetahs The Cheetahs have WP Neland Coenie Oosthuizen back propping, while Ryno Benjamin returns to the wing and Piet van Zyl is the preferred scrum-half.

Team news Hurricanes The big loss is that of Victor Vito for the Canes, with the big man pulling out on Thursday. Karl Lowe comes back into the team for the first time since 2010, while Charlie Ngatai and James Broadhurst make their first starts of the season.

Welcome Welcome to Westpac for the second match of the New Zealand leg of the Cheetahs' 2012 tour. They're all but out of the running for a playoff spot, but having pushed the Crusaders all the way last week the visitors are not to be messed with. The Hurricanes are one of a four-pronged assault by NZ teams on the overall table, so every point counts for them, they'll have looked at this one as a banker before the season. Action coming up!

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