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Western Force

  • Sharpe, Hodgson, Stannard, Wara, Seymour,
    Penalty goals: Harvey (4),
    Conversions: Harvey (4),
45 - 19


  • Humphries, Slipper, Shipperley,
    Conversions: Murphy (2),
  • Super Rugby
  • Overall Group
  • 31st Mar 2012
  • KO 11:40

Western Force v Reds - Live

Last updated: 31st March 2012  

Full TimeFull-time FORCE 45 REDS 19

Conversion80 CONVERSION, REDS, MURPHY! 45-19! Well it's a good end to the 80 minutes for the Reds as Murphy slots the conversion, but it's a massive victory for the Force. First time they've got a four-try bonus point at nib Stadium and the Reds have to go back to the drawing board after losing three in a row. Quick reminder, they are the defending champions, albeit an extremely injury-ridden squad.

TRY80 TRY, REDS, SHIPPERLEY! 45-17! Siren sounds in the background as the Reds try to end the match on a high. Plenty of tackles being made by the Force, but not enough as Dom Shipperley sneaks through a tired Nathan Sharpe and scores the consolation.

79 Luke Morahan goes on a darting run into the Force half, but it's stolen again and the Force kick it out to safety. They're just running the clock down now as they take it through the phases.

77 Force have their tails up and the Reds have nowhere to go. Another charge down goes in favour of the Forces who swing it wide. Penalty goes the way of the home side on halfway and the frustration boils over for the Reds. Rob Simmons is at the centre of the scuffle with Brett Sheehan who shrugs it off and just seconds later gets announced as the man of the match.

Conversion75 CONVERSION, FORCE, HARVEY! 45-12! Harvey cannot miss and Richard Brown is off his set celebrating on the sidelines.

TRY74 TRY, FORCE, HODGSON! 43-12! Reds have an attacking lineout and win a penalty as the Force close the gap too early. They're not giving up and continue to drive up from the fringes of the breakdown. Genia gets Beau Robinson a a bit of space, but he loses the ball and Nick Cummins goes on a massive run up field for the Force. Murphy gets fended off in the process and the passes go through a number of Force players until Hodgson slides in at the far corner to cap off a superb team try.

Conversion71 CONVERSION, FORCE, HARVEY! 38-12! Incredible stuff by David Harvey who curls it in from the corner. Let's hope this man gets his short-term contract extended.

TRY70 TRY, FORCE, WARA! 36-12! Reds attempt to go on attack, but momentum is all with the Force as Pocock steals another one at the breakdown and Ben Seymour put in the grubber. Perfect bounce for Samu Wara who pick it up and runs in untouched for the bonus-point try.

Penalty68 PENALTY, FORCE, HARVEY! 31-12! Just a two-step and bang it's over from Harvey. Force can't lose from here, surely?

67 Force have a penalty within kicking distance as Liam Gill is signaled out as the guilty party, but it's actually Albert Anae who who enters from the wrong side.

65 Nathan Charles receives some attention after a scrum goes to ground. Greg Holmes is the man penalised for bringing it down and Harvey blasts the ball into the Reds 22.

63 It's end-to-end stuff at the moment and if it's not Hodgson stealing the ball for the Force, it's Pocock. There's still time for the Reds, but one more score for the Force and this on e over. Tapuai makes a line break and takes the Reds back into the Force half, but Purphy throws a horrible pass to Rod Davies who can't hold on.

61 Here comes the Force on attack again, inside the Reds' 22, but Nathan Charles is penalised for holding on.

60 Matt Hodgson makes a steal on the ground and wins a penalty. James Horwill is fuming with the decision, but there's very little he can do about it as the Force clear the ball to the safety of the touch line.

59 Tapuai breaks the line and passes inside to Gill who sets it up. Genia goes for the cross kick, but it's horrible and a chance goes wasted as it's over the goal line. Not the type of thing you'd expect to see from a man with Genia's experience.

57 Reds win a penalty in a kickable position, but Genia goes for the quick tap. Another penalty comes as Sheehan infringes and they call for the scrum. Kicks aren't going to be enough to win this match with just over 20 minutes to play.

55 Little knock at the base of the ruck from Sheehan gives the Reds a scrum on halfway. Genia goes wide and Murphy tries to put Rapana into space, but the youngster gets ball and man at the same time and knocks on. Referee plays advantage and the Reds later recover the ball after Sheehan's kick up field.

53 Force gather the restart and slow the game down to their pace before building up a some go-forward ball. Rod Davies collects a kick inside his 22 and blasts it back into the Force half. Lots of niggle and banter out there at the moment, and you wouldn't expect anything less in the derby game.

Conversion51 CONVERSION, REDS, MURPHY! 28-12! Murphy raises the flags as Humphries gets replaced by Rob Simmons.

TRY50 TRY, REDS, HUMPHRIES! 28-10! Reds overthrow on the attacking lineout, but the steal it back at the ruck and swing it out wide to big Van Humphries who is hanging out on the wing. The veteran sneaks over in the corner for the Reds' second try of the evening.

48 Another rookie error as the Reds cough it up. Ma'afu comes away with it, but it gets kicked back to the visitors. Murphy then puts a brilliant ball into the corner and Force find themselves under pressure at the lineout.

46 Substitute Beau Robinson makes an immediate impact with a bustling drive up the middle and wins a penalty. Murphy puts into touch near the Force tryline.

Conversion44 CONVERSION, FORCE, HARVEY! 28-5! Another one goes over via the boot of Harvey. Is there still a chance for the Reds here?

TRY43 TRY, FORCE, SEYMOUR! 26-5! Sheehan charges down Dallan Murphy's kick and gets a lucky bounce to collect. He finds Ben Seymour on his outside and the replacement flyhalf steps on the pace and over he goes.

40 Murphy gets the second period underway for the Reds.

Half TimeHalf-time FORCE 21 REDS 5

40 Murphy can't add the extra two from the corner as he hooks it horribly to end the half. Pulsating stuff we've had, it's been one side in it for 39 minutes, with the Reds sneaking the try in the final minute.

TRY40 TRY, REDS, SLIPPER! 21-5! Reds choose a scrum over a penalty and out it goes to Morahan. Another penalty for the visitors as Hodgson kills the ball. It goes to scrum again, they want seven points. Genia dummies and goes short side before Horwill, Slipper and Daley all drive it up. Slipper then gets over in the corner and they're finally on the scoresheet. Reds deserved that.

39 Genia ushers his forwards into position and they swing it wide to Dallan Murphy who sets it up inside the 22. It's slow ball for Genia as the Reds forwards are reluctant to join the breakdown. Morahan flirts with the touchline, but it goes through 14 phases before referee gives them a penalty. Pocock's not happy and gives Horwill a shove in the face. Play nicely now, gentlemen.

38 Reds tighthead! Well done, James Slipper who gets the foot in over Pek Cowan. They also win the penalty as Cowan brings the scrum down.

35 Reds look to take it through the phases from their own half, but there's no space being allowed by this Force defence. Murphy has his kick charged down and the home side, bang it up in response. Another turnover and Dom Shipperley has a first chance to run. Genia then knocks on while trying to take a high ball. They really need something to go their way in this match.

Conversion33 CONVERSION, FORCE, HARVEY! 21-0! The fullback curls it through the middle and there's only one team in this now.

TRY32 TRY, FORCE, SHARPE! 19-0! Sheehan spots a gap from the scrum and takes them within a metre. The forwards drive it up and Sharpe gets it over the line. No need for the TMO as Garrat Williamson gives the five-pointer.

31 Now the Reds knock on from the scrum. Bit of miscommunication from Genia and Schatz, means Morahan gets the ball under pressure but can't hold on. Now the handbags come out as Nathan Sharpe and Scott Higginbothan push each other around. That will fire things up now.

29 Force send the ball through the hands and Cummins sets it up just outside the Reds 22, but Richard Brown knocks on. Such a promising build up from the home side, but it comes to nothing as the flanker sticks his hand up.

28 Reds on the attack now and Morahan makes a nice run, but Genia gets penalised for holding on. It took the Reds forwards an age to help the scrummie who got isolated ten meters from the Force tryline.

26 Pocock drives through the middle and looks clean through, but just loses his footing. Stanley gets penalised for holding on, good tackle from Reds number two James Hanson.

24 Reds earn their first penalty as Hodgson infringes at the ruck. Meanwhile, Reds coach Ewan McKenzie still cuts a very grumpy expression on the side of the pitch.

22 Seymour at first receiver for the Force now as it goes through the hands, but it's a turnover for the Reds. Davies runs crossfield, but but Ben Tapuai straightens and another knock on from the Reds foils that attack. Oh dear, when it's not going your way...

21 Daley makes another good run for the Reds, but it's that man David Pocock who makes the steal at the breakdown. A bit of aerial tennis until Genia slows it down with a solid touch finder.

Penalty19 PENALTY, FORCE, HARVEY! 14-0! Easy as you like, the left-foot of Harvey strokes the ball through the middle to raise the flags.

18 Schatz drops a high ball inside his 22 and the Reds go piling into the breakdown from the wrong side. Another shot at goal for the home side.

Penalty17 PENALTY, FORCE, HARVEY! 11-0! Harvey bangs over the three-pointer, but the bad news is that James Stannard appears to have done his ankle some damage. Ben Seymour is on the park now.

16 Discipline gets the better of the Reds as they give away a penalty in a kickable position. Referee has his arm out for the advantage, but it doesn't come as Harvey gets another shot at the target.

14 Stannard bangs it into touch on the far side, ,just inside his own 10-metre. Force come away with it from the Reds lineout and now they're making metres through some quick ball at the breakdown. Stanley takes the half-gap and the Sheehan breaks through. Reds defence has holes like a block of Swiss cheese at the moment.

12 A couple of resets at the scrum as the props try to get in a big right shoulder. Referee loses patience and give the short-arm penalty to the Reds. Genia taps quickly and passes to Jake Schatz who drops it. That's amateur stuff from the number eight.

10 Sharpe fails to hold onto a lineout ball and Reds have it. Genia hands it over to Ben Daley who breaks a tackle and passes to Gill, but the young flanker loses the ball in the tackle.

8 Harvey fails with the extras, but the Force are the only team in this one so far with 92 percent of possession. Meanwhile, Cowan comes back all strapped up.

TRY7 TRY, FORCE, STANNARD! 8-0! Force doing all the running here as they move it through the hands. Nathan Charles finds himself on the wing, - as hookers do - and throws a pass back inside. Still there for the home team as Cummins breaks a tackle, Stannard then picks it up and goes over for the opening try. Great start for the home side.

5 Reds finally get their hands on the ball, but Rod Davies knocks on in the Force half. First scrum of the match, and it's routine for the Force as the penalty goes against the Reds number seven Liam Gill. Stannard kicks up field.

3 PENALTY, FORCE, HARVEY! 3-0! Harvey slots it to take the lead. Meanwhile, Pek Cowan - in his 50th match - leaves the field with blood gushing from his head.

2 Wave after wave of attack from the Force who win a penalty after the Reds tackler fails to roll away. Dave Harvey has a chance at goal. Reds are yet to get a touch on the ball.

Kick-off Referee Garratt Williamson of New Zealand gives the signal to start the derby and James Stannard kicks off for the Force. Force get possession and Nathan Sharpe drives it up before Stanley takes it through midfield.

Force News It's an all-Wallaby back row as Richard Brown comes into the trio to join David Pocock and Matt Hodgson. Toby Lynn partners Nathan Sharpe in the second row after Sam Wykes was ruled out. With Will Tupou out injured, Nick Cummins moves to the centre, while Samu Wara comes on to the wing.

Reds News After the 61-8 thrashing at the hands of the Bulls last week, there's a number of changes in the Reds team. Flanker Liam Gill earns his second starting opportunity of 2012 while outside back Joel Rapana makes his debut at outside centre. Hooker James Hanson, prop James Slipper and lock Van Humphries are also new faces in the starting XV.

Welcome Hello and welcome to the nib Stadium in Perth for this Super Rugby derby between the hosts, the Western Force and the defending champions the Reds. Both teams are keen to register wins after suffering losses last weekend. The Reds were thrashed by the Bulls and the Force lost narrowly to the Rebels.

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