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  • Basson, Stander,
    Penalty goals: Steyn (7),
    Drop goals: Steyn,
    Conversions: Steyn,
36 - 34


  • Speight, Smith, Hegarty, Prior, Mogg,
    Penalty goals: Lealifano,
    Conversions: Lealifano (3),
  • Super Rugby
  • Overall Group
  • 21st Apr 2012
  • KO 18:10
  • Ground: Loftus Versfeld, Pretoria

Bulls v Brumbies - Live

Last updated: 21st April 2012  

Full TimeFull time Wow, that was quite something. The Bulls won it with tough, disciplined rugby with the boot of Steyn leading the way. But oh boy, credited must go to the Brumbies who didn't have the level of execution they would have liked but they certainly had heart and a lot of good touches.

80 CONVERSION, BRUMBIES, LEALIIFANO 34-26. Lealiifano adds the extras and amazingly in the end that was a two-point game!

80 TRY, BRUMBIES, HEGARTY 32-36. They do it, they have a fifth try and a losing bonus point! A great effort to work it up, in the end it's a near mistake that makes the difference. Lealiifano looked like was going to knock the ball on as he juggled it but managed to reach out and knock it back. The gap opened up and replacement hooker Hegarty goes over!

78 CONVERSION, BRUMBIES, LEALIIFANO 27-36. Two more to the total - can they get a second bonus point too?

TRY77 TRY, BRUMBIES, PRIOR 36-25. You can't keep these Brumbies down! They bounce back from the disappointment of the near miss to work the ball up from halfway with some great hands and running into gaps and the replacement scrummie Prior gets over! That's the four try bonus!

75 The Bulls get a free kick for an early engagement and replacement fly-half Fouche hammers it down field.

74 Speight has butchered the chance for his second! Coleman breaks through the middle having collected the ball on his own 22m. He passes to Vaea who in turns finds Hooper who brings Speight back on the angle. He loses it diving over the line in a heavy tackle from Hougaard

73 PENALTY, BULLS, STEYN 36-20. The Bulls get a chance to claim a chunk of those points back as Steyn gets a shot at goal on the 22m. They still obviously feel the win isn't secure as they're not going for the bonus point try.

Conversion70 CONVERSION, BRUMBIES, LEALIIFANO 20-33. The Brumbies ten makes no mistake with the conversion.

TRY69 TRY, BRUMBIES, SMITH 18-33. They do just that! A neat little move off the line-out first puts Vaea into space and then he in turns puts Andrew Smith over the line.

68 Some aerial ping-pong ends with a Brumbies line-out on halfway. They get a penalty on the 10m line for off-side and White sets up a line-out inside the 22. Can they make it count this time?

66 Frustration for the Brumbies as again they work it up to the Bulls 22 only to lose the ball and see it hammered back deep into their half. They in turn clear but the Bulls have pushed up to halfway.

65 The Bulls force the Brumbies back with a good up and under that is followed by a great chase. McCabe looks to bash it up but Potgieter doesn't release at the tackle and the Brumbies clear.

62 PENALTY, BULLS, STEYN 33-13. Hougaard does well at a ruck on halfway to win the Bulls a penalty as the Brumbies hold on. Despite already being 17 points ahead they go for posts and Steyn slots it from more than 50 out.

59 TRY, BULLS, STANDER 30-13. Crazy stuff as Steyn clearly knocks the ball on, the players stop but the ref doesn't call anything. The Bulls react first and CJ Stander breaks up the right-hand touchline. He nearly makes a mess of it by not passing inside to Ndungane but gets over in the corner. Steyn misses the conversion.

57 Steyn clears from the 22m into the Brumbies half. The visitors work it up through countless phases only to give it away at ruck time.

56 They look to maul it up but it's ripped away by the Bulls and cleared. Good work from the Brumbies at ruck time sees them regain possession after they had kicked it away. They work it up through the favours but they run out of options and Lealiifano goes for the drop which he doesn't connect properly.

53 After some good work from the men covering back from both sides, Ralepelle is penalised at a ruck midway into the Brumbies half and they set up a line-out on the Bulls 22m.

51 There is an infringement at the line-out with the jumper being interfered with - for the record, i'm not convinced - and Steyn has another shot at goal. It's just wide this time though.

49 The Brumbies attack but they're going nowhere fast and the Bulls turn it over and clear. Speight hammers i right back and the Bulls have a line-out on halfway.

47 PENALTY, BULLS, STEYN 25-13. The replacement prop Murphy is penalised for collapsing the scrum and Steyn goes for posts from the halfway line. The distance is not a problem though and the Bulls push further ahead.

44 A blow for the Brumbies as skipper Ben Mowen comes off. The Bulls continue with their kicking game and Jesse Mogg knocks on a high kick on the halfway line.

Drop Goal43 DROP GOAL, BULLS, STEYN 22-13. The Bulls move it from side to side without making too much ground but the Brumbies infringe and with the advantage Steyn goes for the drop which he lands.

42 Auelua knocks a Hougaard up and under into touch and the Bulls have a line-out just outside their opposition's 22m.

Ready to go The Brumbies gets us underway in the second half.

Half TimeHalf time The Brumbies have put up a better effort than many may have expected, but the boot of Morne Steyn is keeping them in it. It's 19-13 at the break.

40 The Bulls aren't able to make much from the line-out that is set up and it's half time.

40 The line-out is over thrown and the Brumbies burst all the way up to the edge of the Bulls 22m line before they're pinged for coming in from the side.

39 Hougaard puts good pressure on his opposite number White at scrum time and as a result the number nine kicks the ball out on the full and the Bulls have a final chance for the half with a line-out well in Brumbies territory.

37 The penalty is on the Bulls 10m line and as such Mogg takes the kick, he gets a lot of height on it but the direction is all wrong.

36 Auelua and Mogg are prominent as the Brumbies atack. Hooper gets caught in a maul with little support but the Bulls are penalised for not releasing the tackled player.

Penalty34 PENALTY, BULLS, STEYN 19-13. Once again Steyn makes no mistake, that's five from five!

33 The Brumbies hand back possession with an early engagement at the scrum. They go backwards though in the face of a barrage of big tackles but the visitors then concede a penalty for going off their feet and it's almost straight in front for Steyn.

31 The Bulls are called back for a forward pass from Olivier as they look to execute a back-line pass. The Brumbies are putting good pressure on here, they're not shying away from the contact.

30 The Bulls move it up and the ball gets stuck in a hotly contested ruck just outside the Brumbies 22 and the Bulls have a scrum.

Penalty28 PENALTY, BRUMBIES, LEALIIFANO 13-16. The Brumbies number ten makes no mistake and from 10 to the left of the posts and we're back to a three point game.

27 White puts in a chip over the top and Ndungane does well to take it just outside his 22m line but the Bulls are penalised from the ensuing ruck.

Conversion25 CONVERSION, BULLS, STEYN 16-10. After his kicking woes last week, Steyn has his radar right today!

TRY24 TRY, BULLS, BASSON 14-10. The ball is spread wide and some good hands put Basson over in the left-hand corner!

24 Moore's fed to the line-out is skew and the Bulls have a scrum just inside the Bulls' half. Olivier is brought in on the angel with little success but there is better luck for Ndungane who breaks down the middle.

22 Some more kicking and after a tad over a minute of back and forth we have a line-out in almost exactly the same place! The line-out is messy this time for the Bulls though and there is a knock on.

21 Time for some aerial ping-pong and Steyn gets the better of it, setting up a Bulls line-up on the Brumbies 10 metre line.

19 Steyn clears from the restart and the Brumbies attack from the back through number eight Auelua who makes great yards. The Brumbies attack well but White is bundled into touch five metres out.

Penalty18 PENALTY, BULLS, STEYN. 9-10 . Another one straight down the middle.

17 No try. That's unlucky for the Bulls. No clear evidence it was grounded. But we'll come back for a penalty.

16 The Bulls are back on the front foot. CJ Stander bursts clear, makes 20m and finds Wilhelm Steenkamp in support. The lock crashes over! Is it a try or was he held up? The TMO will decide.

14 Lealiifano misses the conversion.

TRY13 TRY, BRUMBIES, MOGG. 6-10. Whoa! The Brumbies are on fire! The long pass goes out wide to Mogg, who finds a gap as Basson is out of position. The full-back turns on the gas to score!

12 Lealiifano misses the conversion.

TRY10 TRY, BRUMBIES, SPEIGHT. 6-5. The Brumbies strike back! Henry Speight is at the end of a flowing move, he cuts inside to beat three defenders. What a finish!

9 Great take under pressure from Akona Ndungane, who leaps into the air to take the mark after Christian Lealiifano's bomb. A bit of kick tennis follows and Steyn finds touch.

Penalty7 PENALTY, BULLS, STEYN. 6-0. Another one down the middle. The Brumbies are pinged for not rolling away.

5 The Bulls are rampant. 9 phases of powerful runs and offloads and Dawie Steyn is stopped just 5m short. The Brumbies do well to drive the blue wave back but the Bulls are camped in the visitors' 22.

3 Lealiifano makes a hash of the restart, sending it straight out. Scrum to the Bulls on the centre dot.

Penalty2 PENALTY, BULLS, STEYN. 3-0. Straight down the middle! That'll be good for Steyn's confidence.

Kick-off Here we go! Morne Steyn kicks us off and the Bulls gather possession! The Brumbies are offside at the first ruck. Penalty!

Team news There is just one change to the Bulls XV: Dawie Steyn starts at loosehead prop after Dean Greyling failed a late fitness test.

Team News White has made just one change to the side that beat the Rebels last week with centre Andrew Smith replacing young gun Tevita Kuridrani, who has been relegated to the bench.

Welcome Hello and welcome to Loftus Versfeld in Pretoria for this Super Rugby clash between the Bulls and the Brumbies. The Bulls want to continue with their recent resurgence while Brumbies coach Jake White is back in his homeland for the first time since taking over the reins with the Canberra-based franchise.

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