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  • Smith, Eaton, Taylor, Savea, Perenara,
    Penalty goals: Barrett (2),
    Conversions: Barrett (2),
35 - 19


  • Stanley,
    Penalty goals: Weepu (4),
    Conversions: Munro,
  • Super Rugby
  • Overall Group
  • 4th May 2012
  • KO 07:35
  • Ground: Westpac Trust Stadium

Hurricanes v Blues - Live

Last updated: 4th May 2012  

Full TimeFull time The Blues woe continues but credit to the Hurricanes who always looked industrious and ran the ball well. It's a bonus point win too for the Canes as they bounce back strongly from defeat to the Chiefs last week. Join us shortly for the Rebels v Bulls clash.

80 CONVERSION, HURRICANES, BARRETT. 35-19 Barrett adds the extra two and that's all she wrote!

80 TRY, HURRICANES, J EATON.33-19. Alapati Leiua gets within inches of the line before the Blues are able to clear, it's hammered down field to Taylor who sets Jane away. The winger puts in a great run before a chip is taken by Parkes in the 22. He calls for the mark but takes it quickly, the ball slips out of his hands as he looks to take it quickly and Jason Eaton bounces and trots over for the try.

78 The 'Canes work it through the phases in the Blues half but get lazy and the Blues drive over the ruck and regain possession. Just as it looks like the me from Auckland are starting to build some phases, a loose pass breaks the momentum. Ranger is then hammered in midfield and knocks it on, allowing Chris Eaton to clear into the Blues 22.

75 CONVERSION, BLUES, MUNRO, 19-28. Replacement Lachie Munro adds the extras.

74 TRY, BLUES, STANLEY.17-28 Well that came from nowhere! Great work from Ranger as he sprints down the right-hand touchline, he then puts in a lovely little chip which he manages to collect before turning it inside to Stanley who trots over for the Blues' first try.

73 Nonu knocks it on in the midfield - he's not having a great night - and the 'Canes try to counter but they knock it on themselves after some good work from Jane.

72 The impressive Perenara gets a break but it doesn't stop the Hurricanes attacking although they cough it up on the far touchline just inside the Blues territory.

70 It's back and forwards from the Blues, not particularly scrappy and the result is a 'Canes scrum out wide after a knock on.

68 CONVERSION, HURRICANES, BARRETT 28-12. Barrett has had some tough conversion attempts and this is another one but at last he has some luck and gets it over!

68 TRY, HURRICANES, PERENARA 26-12. A lovely little move off the back off the scrum and Perenara dummies and burst over! He's had a great night and that's just rewards!

67 Incredible stuff! The line-out is messy but Vito breaks off the back of the line-out, he finds space and then hands it off to Perenara who pulls off a wonderful juggling act before kicking the ball into space. The Blues look to have it covered but the ball spills out of Moala's hands and replacement prop Reg Goodes is somehow the man there to collect it but the TMO can't see any conclusive prove that he's got it down over the line and it's a scrum. Phew!

65 Saili breaks strongly off the back of the scrum. The Blues make good ground and Hobbs goes at the line (not sure if it was the right choice, there where men out wide) and the Blues concede a penalty for holding on.

64 A messy line-out from the Blues but the ball is hacked of the in-goal line by a Hurricanes player. Mathewson (who is on for Weepu) hammers the 22 down field and Savea and Taylor conspire to make a mess of collecting the kick and Taylor knocks it on, handing the Blues a scrum just out the 22m.

62 Scrappy stuff as both sides knock on the ball at ruck time before Barrett restores some skill to proceedings with a lovely little kick in behind the defence that sets up a Blues line-out about ten out from their line.

61 Oh Nonu. The Blues do really well as Braid breaks through the middle, they have momentum and for some reason the centre puts the grubber in behind and it goes out of the in-goal area rather softly. Parkes smacks the ball out on the full and the 'Canes have a line-out on their 10m line.

58 TRY, HURRICANES, SAVEA. 21-12. A shocker from Weepu as he boots the ball straight out while outside his 22 and the 'Canes have a scrum just on the Blues side of their 10m line. The Hurricanes attack strongly and once again it's a lovely little pass from Barrett that puts Smith into space who releases Savea with some great quick hands and there will be no denying him this time! Barrett hits the post with the conversion, once again from way out wide.

55 Weepu clears to the 22m but it's still Hurricanes pressure. A great little move sees Perenara break through but he's pinged for not releasing the ball in the tackle. A bad call though, he wasn't held.

53 He's even on point enough to break the game line and set up an attacking ruck just five out. Barrett gives off a lovely little pass out the back to Savea who looks to have a foot in touch just as he's about to go over and the TMO correctly rules no try.

52 Some aerial ping-pong sees the Hurricanes come out on top as Hobbs clears to his 10m line. Perenara took a heavy fall on his shoulder as he went up to collect one of the high kicks but he is going to carry on for now at least.

50 A great scrum from the Blues as they push the Hurricanes off their own ball and the Blues get a penalty. Weepu racks up his first miss of the night though.

48 The Blues get it back though and look to involve Nonu and Ranger but it's all a bit scrappy and they knock it on.

46 The Blues scrum is under a bit of pressure and a poor pass from Weepu gives Hobbs very few options as he's forced to boot it into touch on the 22m. The line-out is ruled not to be straight - this time Dane Coles is the guilty party.

44 The Hurricanes move it though a number of phases before a poor pass results in a knock on just inside the Blues 22. The Blues clear to halfway.

42 The scrum is also a mess and the ball is scrambled into touch on the 22m. McCartney hands the ball back to the hosts though with a skew throw.

41 A scrappy start as the teams exchange knock-ons with the 'Canes getting a scrum just inside Blues territory.

Off we go again The second half is underway and it looks like both teams are unchanged.

Half TimeHalf time Phew. While there have been a fair few mistakes in the first half there has also been plenty of great running rugby. Go recharge the beverage of your choice and join us in ten minutes for the second half.

40 Barrett is happy to boot the ball into touch from the resulting scrum and that brings a close to the first forty.

40 Great work from Ranger as he breaks down the middle, he hands it off to Braid who is brought down by the last man. The Hurricanes get back into line and effect the turnover, there is a chance for a great attack but Thrush's pass is forward as he looks to set the backs away. They go back for a Blues knock on though.

38 PENALTY, HURRICANES, BARRETT 16-12. There is a high tackle on Barrett in the middle of the park just on the Blues side of their 10m line and the 'Canes fly-half gets back up and strokes the kick over.

35 TRY, HURRICANES, TAYLOR 13-12. The ball is lost though and Perenara does really well to get his hands on it and burst away, he puts Jane into space and he races down the right-hand touchline. Jane draws the last man and Taylor streaks away for try number number eight. He's now the top try scorer all on his own. Another tough kick for Barrett from the touchline and he can't find the target.

33 Weepu clears from the base and the 'Canes have a line-out on their own 22m line. Perenara puts in the high kick and Parkes attacks well.

32 The hosts initially claim the restart but there is a knock on and the Blues clear. Savea brings it right back at them but is tackled into touch just inside the Blues half. The ball is ruled to have come off Ranger last though. The 'Canes can't make the most of the chance though and cough it up in midfield.

30 PENALTY, BLUES. WEEPU 12-8. Weepu puts over another one.

29 No problem this time though as Nonu and Parkes are involved strongly as the Blues attack. They go back to a penalty in front as Karl Lowe is penalised for off-side at the ruck.

27 After a few reset scrums the Blues are awarded a free kick as the 'Canes don't keep the scrum steady. Braid decides to take another scrum.

25 The Hurricanes look to attack from deep after a Blues clearance but there is some miscommunication and the result is a forward pass which hands the Blues a scrum on the 'Canes 10m line.

23 PENALTY, BLUES. WEEPU 9-8. The Blues attack in waves with limited success before Savea is very harshly penalised for not rolling away. He was given about a millisecond to get out of there. Weepu makes it three from three.

20 PENALTY, HURRICANES, BARRETT 8-6. No mistake this time from Barrett as he puts the hosts back in front.

19 A fair few up and unders coming into play, some more successful than others but the end result is a penalty right in front for the Hurricanes.

18 The Blues can't take the restart cleanly and Weepu is forced to clear into space. Taylor runs back at them and puts in a nice little grubber that forces Hobbs to take the ball into touch inside the 22.

17 PENALTY, BLUES. WEEPU. Sweet as you like from Weepu and the Blues are ahead again.

16 The scrum is messy and the Hurricanes are penalised for illegally turning it and Weepu has another shot at goal ten metres from his left-hand touchline.

15 Ranger breaks through the defence as Weepu pops it up to him coming into the line at pace. It's worked to Lowrey who storms towards the line but the combination of Perenara and Bateman sees him held up. Scrum to the Blues five out from the line.

14 Braid manages to steal the ball at the restart. First Benson Stanley and then Braid are prominent as the Blues work it up but the ball is caught up in a ruck and the Blues have a scrum midway inside the 'Canes 22.

11 TRY, HURRICANES, SMITH 5-0. Try to the hosts! A great high kick into the corner from Barrett and Jane challenges really well for it, George Moala can't hold onto it as he takes it in the air and Smith is there to pick up the pieces and dive over for the try. Barrett can't add the extras from out wide.

9 Scrum on the Hurricanes left-hand touchline, just inside Blues territory. Taylor is brought into the line and he does brilliantly, cutting through the Blues defence. The ball comes back to Barrett who puts in a chip behind the defence and Parks is forced to take it into touch inside his 22.

7 The Hurricanes knock on the restart as the ball spills loose. Nonu punts the clearance from the scrum down field and the 'Canes run it back at them. They surrender possession though and the Blues look to attack before spilling it themselves.

5 PENALTY, BLUES, WEEPU, 3-0. No mistake from the number nine as he strokes it straight through the middle.

4 The Blues maul it up all the way into the 22 with Luke Braid the man at the back with the ball. As the maul loses steam it's moved to the left and the 'Canes are penalised for not releasing the tackler. With the advantage, Hobbs hoists the ball into the in-goal area and it nearly works too but they go back for the penalty.

2 The first scrum is clean and Vito breaks of the back, allowing Perenara the chance to clear to just short of the 10m line.

1 The 'Canes take the kick-off but maul it to outside the 22 so can't kick it straight out. They look to move it but are met by strong defence and are lucky to hold on to the ball at ruck time as ref Jaco Peyper blows for a scrum.

Kick-off And we're away!

Interesting battle One tussle that should be a fun one to watch is that between the two number nines, with 19-year-old TJ Perenara certainly looking to give the vastly more experienced Piri Weepu a tough run.

Almost there Luke Braid leads the Blues onto the field and he's followed closely behind by Conrad Smith's 'Canes outfit.

Team news As mentioned earlier, Michael Hobbs comes in at fly-half for the Blues and in other changes, Rene Ranger switches to the wing and Benson Stanley comes into the midfield. In the pack, the versatile Chris Lowrey comes in on the flank. Despite coming up second best last time out, the 'Canes are unchanged.

Star of the show Hobbs will be up against you star Beauden Barrett, with the Hurricanes fly-half running the show supremely for Mark Hammett's men. Few would have predicted Barrett would have had quite this impact so early on and the 'Canes will need him to be at his best if they're to recover from last week's loss to the Chiefs.

Shuffling the deck Blues coach Pat Lam is struggling to find the combination that will lift his men off the bottom of the New Zealand conference, and has named Michael Hobbs at ten for this clash in an attempt to master a victory. Gareth Anscombe has struggled in recent weeks and as a result gets the chop - can Hobbs make the difference?

Welcome Hello and welcome to our live coverage of what is sure to be a cracking encounter between the Blues and the Hurricanes in Wellington.

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