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  • Strauss,
    Penalty goals: de Bruyn, Ebersohn (3),
17 - 13

Western Force

  • Stanley,
    Penalty goals: Harvey (2),
    Conversions: Harvey,
  • Super Rugby
  • Overall Group
  • 5th May 2012
  • KO 17:10

Cheetahs v Western Force - Live

Last updated: 5th May 2012  

Full TimeFull time It's been a scrappy encounter but the Cheetahs won't care, they've won a close one this week and they deserved it to. For the Force, the woe continues. Join us tomorrow for the final clash of the weekend between the Crusaders and the Reds, it should be a cracker.

80 The Force can't hold on though and van Zyl boots the ball into touch and that's the ball game!

79 An early engagement gives the Force a free kick and they move it quickly. After six phases they knock it on though and flanker Heinrich Brussow produces a super clearance kick!

78 The Cheetahs are driven back at ruck time and they concede possession inside their 22. A big moment here for the Force.

77 The home side launch another attack, it's not particularly pretty and is knocked on. Seymour puts in a great clearance kick and puts the Cheetahs right back in their 22.

76 Hodgson is penalised for not releasing the tackler and Ebersohn has a kick from 47m on the angle. He strikes it really well but just doesn't have the direction.

74 Ashley Johnson does really well to hold the attacker up and form a maul, he gets lots of support and it's held up. Cheetahs ball as a number of replacements come on, perhaps most importantly, Ben Seymour comes on for the unimpressive David Harvey at fly-half.

72 Harvey knocks it on and the Cheetahs look to counter through the backs. Robert Ebersohn tries to put in a chip as they run out of space but it's out on the full.

71 Sias Ebersohn does really well to kick to the corner and push the Force back. Sheehan clears with an up and under and Jacobs looks to run it back. He's penalised for holding on though and the Force have a line-out just outside the Cheetahs 22.

69 The Force have a line-out on halfway as they look to make some inroads into Cheetahs territory. They're hold up at the maul though and the Cheetahs once again have possession as it goes to ground and the ball doesn't appear.

66 Manu is pinged again and the Cheetahs set up a line-out on the Force 22m. A bit tough there on the prop, he was certainly making a good attempt to bind. The men in white bash it up strongly but they're penalised five metres from the line!

64 Wow, this game has been really messy at times and both teams exchange mistakes here before a piece of accidental off-side hands the hosts a scrum just inside the Cheetahs half.

63 It proves a very bad move those as the scrum goes down and Salesi Manu is penalised, allowing the Cheetahs to clear!

62 The Force are handed a chance to hit back straight away as they concede a penalty in the middle of their 22 and strangely Pocock calls for a scrum rather than going for posts.

60 PENALTY, CHEETAHS, EBERSOHN 17-13. He's missed some easier kicks tonight but the number ten makes no mistake this time!

60 Some scrappy play sees the Froce boot the ball down to Jacobs in the Cheetahs 22 and the winger does well to run it back strongly. Some lazy running and back-chat from the Force means that Ebersohn has a penalty attempt just inside the Force half.

57 The Cheetahs are using the width of the field a lot better now and they move the ball around well before four men watch as a wayward pass goes into touch.

TRY54 TRY, CHEETAHS, STRAUSS 14-13. It's a Cheetahs scrum five out and Ebersohn does well as he takes at first receiver. The forwards bash it up and then they bring it wide. For a second it looks like Daniller is going to make the same mistake Snyman did and not take it all the way out but he does and the captain Strauss goes over! Ebersohn can't add the extras.

52 Off side at the ruck and the Cheetahs take another quick tap, they're determined to make the most of this chance. The ball goes wide to Philip Snyman who is taken over the line but has he got it over? The TMO will tell us. It's held up. That shouldn't have happened though, there where men out wide and Snyman should have moved it on.

51 The jumper is clearly taken out in the air and referee Berry gives the Force a final warning for foul play as the Cheetahs press on.

50 The Cheetahs engineer a turnover though and the ball is hacked ahead. Harvey is ruled to have obstructed the Cheetahs chasers and Ebersohn sets up a line-out on the Force line.

49 The restart is adjudged not to have gone the 10 metres and the Force get a scrum. Sheehan grubbers it into the Cheetahs 22 and the home side look to run it out. Van Zyl looks to clear from the base but it's charged down, the Cheetahs knock it on and there is a scrum to the Force.

Conversion47 CONVERSION, FORCE, HARVEY 13-6. From in front, Harvey adds two more.

TRY46 TRY, FORCE, STANLEY 11-6. And they make the most of it! Hennie Daniller looks to clear but his kick is charged down and Benson Stanley picks up and trots over the line.

46 Harvey follows it up with another boot for territory and it's now the Cheetahs who are back in their 22.

45 Ebersohn does well to kick into the corners and keep the Force pegged back in their half. It nearly pays dividends but they conceded a penalty at ruck time and Harvey almost clears out of the Force half.

41 The Cheetahs have made a host of changes at the break, with Ashley Johnson, Piet van Zyl and it looks like Philip Snyman coming on.

And we're back Ebersohn gets the second half underway!

Half TimeHalf time The half time whistle goes as Nalaga is tackled into touch. That's the end of the first forty which has been a bit of a battle of attrition.

39 The Force get some momentum at last and Napolioni Nalaga breaks through the middle. They spread it wide and Samu Wara goes over in the far touchline! There is a report of foul play though and they go back for an earlier penalty as Salesi Ma'afu was applying a bit of a choke-hold on one of the players on the deck. Not sure it would have impacted on the try but the assistant ref says it did.

38 PENALTY, CHEETAHS, DE BRUYN 9-6. It's actually the number nine de Bruyn who takes the kick because Sias Ebersohn has picked up an injury. He's ok to continue though.

37 Better play from the Cheetahs as the backs find some space and move the ball through the hands well, working the angles. The Force are penalised at a ruck in front of the posts deep in the 22m and Ebersohn has a chance to put the hosts back in front.

Penalty34 PENALTY, FORCE, HARVEY 6-6. They don't execute it too well though as they look to run from the 22 and concede a penalty for holding on. Harvey knocks it over from in front.

33 The Force at last look to get their backs moving but Andries Strauss comes out of the line and makes a big hit in the midfield to slow things down. Harvey hammers the ball down field, too far though, it's a 22 and the Cheetahs look to attack.

30 The Force are penalised at scrum time for scrumming in at an angle but they won't be too upset though as they demolished the Cheetahs front row even if it wasn't totally legal.

28 This certainly isn't picture perfect rugby as both sides battle to find some flow.

26 It's messy from the Cheetahs and they knock it on only to be handed posession back when an awful up an under from Sheehan sees all his players off-side. A good effort from about 50m out from Ebersohn but it's just to the left.

23 Robert Ebersohn does really well to take advantage of a good tackle from Andries Strauss as he's able to contest at the breakdown and win the penalty. Line-out on the Force 22m.

22 Good work from the Cheetahs tight five but Heinrich Brussow is isolated as he goes on the drive and Pocock is on his feet and wins the penalty.

21 The Force are giving away far too many penalties as they allow the hosts to get back into Force territory as Pocock is pinged for entering a ruck from the side.

Penalty19 PENALTY, CHEETAHS, S EBERSOHN 6-3. The fly-half makes no mistake.

19 The Cheetahs backs and forwards combine well and it looks like George Earle is about to concede possession as he falls badly in the tackle but they go back for an early off-side.

17 After a scrappy maul the Force are penalised for coming in from the side of the maul. Ebersohn sets up a line-out on the 22.

16 The Force work the ball up from the restart and after Sheehan makes a bit of a mess at the breakdown he's pinged for holding on and the Cheetahs set up a line-out just inside the Force half.

Penalty13 PENALTY, CHEETAHS, S EBERSOHN 3-3. From almost the exact spot he missed from last week, the number ten strokes this one over.

13 The Cheetahs pick and go really well, making good ground before spreading the ball wide. They bring it back well before Sias Ebersohn breaks through the middle. Pat Cummins is penalised for hands in the ruck and the Cheetahs have a penalty right in front.

11 A bit of aerial ping-pong and the result is we're pretty much back to where we started two minutes, with a Cheetahs line-out.

9 Mafi clears from the kick off and he puts in a great touch finder, pushing the Cheetahs back 20 metres into their own half.

Penalty9 PENALTY, FORCE, HARVEY 3-0. Coenie Oosthuizen is penalised for a silly bit of hands in the ruck and Harvey makes him pay.

7 Harvey kicks straight into touch as the Force struggle to make ground in the middle of the park. The Force turn it over and it's spread wide, Samu Wara grubbers it down the touchline but it's too far and Jacobs dots down in goal.

5 A big up and under is knocked on by winger Cameron Jacobs and the Force have a scrum on the Cheetahs 10m line.

4 Sias Ebersohn looks to bury the memory of that miss from straight in front last week with an attempt from ten metres in but he hits the post and the Force clear deep into the Cheetahs half.

2 Great start from the Cheetahs as Justin Downey breaks down the middle. The hosts work the ball into the Force 22 and are awarded a penalty as the men in blue don't roll away.

Kick-off David Harvey gets us underway.

Ready to go The players have made their way out onto the field and we're ready to get underway.

Debut We have a debut of a different kind tonight, with referee Stuart Berry taking charge of his first Super Rugby game.

Trying times For a moment this week it looked like there was some sunlight on the horizon for the Force as the Reds announced Wallaby number nine Will Genia was heading to Perth. The moment of happiness was short lived though, with the scrum-half backtracking and signing a new deal with the Reds. This comes in a season when the Force lost coach Richard Graham a handful of weeks ago after he announced he was joining the Reds next season.

Big loss The men from Bloemfontein will be without star fly-half Johan Goosen who has been ruled out of action for four months due to a shoulder injury.

Bouncing back The Cheetahs suffered an agonising three-point defeat at the hands of the Highlanders last time out and will be looking to erase some of the pain from that loss with a strong showing against the men from Perth.

Welcome Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the Super Rugby clash between the Cheetahs and the Western Force.

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