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Melbourne Rebels

  • Mortlock, Phipps (2),
    Penalty goals: Beale (3),
    Conversions: Beale (2),
28 - 19


  • Whitelock,
    Penalty goals: Taylor (4),
    Conversions: Taylor,
  • Super Rugby
  • Overall Group
  • 12th May 2012
  • KO 10:40

Melbourne Rebels v Crusaders - Live

Last updated: 12th May 2012  

Full TimeFull time The Rebels take it 28-19 and they deserved it, they really turned it on in attack and defence. The Crusaders just never got going - and largely because they weren't allowed to - and they paid the price. Wow, I don't think many saw this coming. We still have two games later in the day as the Sharks take on the Force and the Stormers meet the Cheetahs so do join us for those.

80 McCaw knocks it on and it's all over, the Rebels have come up with one of the biggest upsets we've seen in a while!

80 Crusaders penalty and they have a line-out on their 10m and we're in the last minute.

79 The Rebels steal the ball at ruck time and Phipps finds touch on the Crusaders 22. Time is running out for the 'Saders!

78 Dagg and Beale exchange kicks and the end result is a Crusaders throw on halfway.

77 The Crusaders spread it wide but going wide is all they do, all the way into touch.

76 Delve is caught at the back of the scrum and he's held up and not for the first time either, it's an aspect of play where the Crusaders have been strong.

74 Gerrard clears to halfway and Dagg's poor pass is knocked on by Maitland. The upset is coming, the Crusaders just can't get it going!

72 Gerrard allows the kick-off to bounce into touch, perhaps hoping it would go out on the full and the Crusaders steal the line-out ball. They move it well and Guidlford is tackled into touch five out from the line.

TRY69 TRY, REBELS, MORTLOCK 28-19. The Rebels have another one! And it's Mortlock! The experienced campaigner first makes the intercept but he doesn't have the legs to get away from Marshall so he passes it on to Vuna who is taken by Marshall but he hands it off back to Mortlock who dives over. Super stuff for the home fans! Beale can't add the extras though, his first miss of the night.

Conversion68 CONVERSION, REBELS, BEALE 23-19. Beale does the business from the kicking tee and the Rebels are ahead by four.

TRY67 TRY, REBELS, PHIPPS 21-19. The Crusaders turn it over but the clearance is poor and the Rebels get it back and an inside ball to Gerrard puts the winger into space, he darts towards the line but just doesn't have enough to get there and passes it to Phipps who dives over for a double!

66 Great work down the short side from Phipps as he switches down that end after Ellis had blocked off his pass to Beale, he off loads to Delve who in turn puts Neville into space but the forwards are brought down in the 22.

64 Perhaps karma has a bit of say as Read steals the line-out and the Crusaders move the ball up to the halfway line where a ruck is going nowhere and the visitors get the scrum. We have a break here as Read (who has just come on the field) is in some trouble. His lifters abandoned him at the line-out and he came crashing to the ground. It's the lower back that's the problem and he can't shake it off and is replaced by Tom Donnelly.

63 The Rebels work it through the phases but a poor looping pass puts Huxley in trouble and the Crusaders turn it over. The ball is cleared and Beale looks to return the favour and is taken out after the kick. Well in fact he wasn't, that was Beale putting in an Oscar-winning performance. Anyway, Rebels line-out on the Crusaders 22.

61 The Crusaders are pinged for going off their feet in the midfield and Gerrard gets his team back into Crusaders territory.

60 A stuttering Crusaders attack ends with Carter (who has moved to 10 with Taylor coming off) kicking down Beale's throat in the 22. A poor kick from Beale means a Crusaders line-out on the 10m line. The ball is worked wide to Marshall who puts in a little grubber as he's pushed towards the touchline and Phipps covers and dots down for the 22. The Crusaders backs are getting more involved now.

56 A good chase from Guildford at the kick off and it puts the Rebels under pressure and the ball is struck into touch on the 10m line. The 'Saders cough it up in midfield tough.

Penalty55 PENALTY, REBELS, BEALE 16-19. Three more to the Rebels and they needed that after putting on a fair bit of pressure.

54 The Rebels maul it up first before going for the pick and go option before bringing the backs into play. The Crusaders again aren't rolling away at ruck time and Beale will go for posts this time. McCaw is told his team are on a final warning for the offence.

51 Hands in the ruck slow the ball down for the Rebels and referee Pyper is wise to it and the Rebels set up a line-out five metres up. That was lovely stuff, they used the right boot of Gerrard to kick from one side of the field to the other and make some real ground.

50 The Rebels again lose possession in a maul, the Crusaders are doing really well to hold up the tackler and Heinz clears to halfway.

49 The Crusaders knock on from the restart and the Rebels kick downtown. Marshall and Maitland have a little run but the Rebels have more of a presence at the ruck and win a penalty. Rebels line-out 10 out.

Penalty47 PENALTY, REBELS, BEALE 13-19. Beale narrows the gap to six points with another penalty, the first points in the second half.

46 Trouble at scrum time again as we have two resets and another collapse but it's third time lucky as the ball is still available. Romano is penalised for not rolling away and the Rebels have a penalty shot straight in front.

43 The ball is lost forward by the hosts and the ball is cleared Huxley brings it back to halfway and the Rebels use the width of the field well to make ground. The ball is caught in a bundle of players and it's scrum to the Rebels inside Crusaders territory.

41 A great break from Lipman from the kick off as he bursts away. Beale puts in a lovely kick behind the defence that has Marshall in trouble. The Crusaders clear but to short of their own 10m line.

We're back And the second half is underway!

Half TimeHalf time It's half time at AAMI Park with the Crusaders up by nine. The Rebels have certainly put in a better showing than many would have expected and if it wasn't for poor discipline would be in much better condition. The Crusaders are being patient as always and Tom Taylor is just racking up the points, making the Rebels pay for their indiscretions.

Penalty40 PENALTY, CRUSADERS, TAYLOR, 19-10. The Rebels are penalised once more as their aggression at ruck time gets the better of them with a hands in the ruck call. Taylor makes no mistake once more, stroking it over.

39 The Crusaders bash it up and while the Rebels manage tot urn it over there is then a knock forward and the Crusaders have a scrum in a great position, inside the 22 with a big blindside.

36 Huxley does well to collect an up and under inside the 'Saders half and with the ball not appearing it's a scrum to the Rebels just passed the 10m line. The Rebels are penalised again at the scrum, with Blake told he's dropping his bind. A bit tough as it looks like Crockett is touching the ground with his hand.

Penalty34 PENALTY, CRUSADERS, TAYLOR, 16-10. As good as the Rebels look they appear to be struggling to stop the Crusaders when they do attack - and having had about 10% of possession in the opening minutes they're doing a lot more of it. Vuna is penalised for incorrect entry at the ruck and Taylor adds three more.

Conversion31 CONVERSION, CRUSADERS, TAYLOR, 13-10. Two more to Taylor.

TRY30 TRY, CRUSADERS, S WHITELOCK. 11-10. Wow, nobody attacks quite like the Crusaders, a near full-field attack with forwards and backs combining. Taylor is brought down five from the line and Whitelock picks up at the ruck and runs over untroubled with the Rebels defence shredded.

28 Some aerial ping pong before Vuna spots a froward in the line and turns on the speed. He's hauled down inside the 22 and the Rebels are looking hot. A poor pass sees the move breakdown after 10 phases and Heinz clears.

25 PENALTY, REBELS, BEALE 10-6. Beale makes no mistake with a kick in front.

24 Too much cross-field running from the Rebels before Beale pops the pass to Robinson running onto the ball and the hooker bursts through the gap until he is brought down on the Crusaders 10m line. The Rebels are looking organsied and dangerous and the Crusaders are forced to concede a penalty at ruck time as Ben Franks doesn't roll away.

Penalty20 PENALTY, CRUSADERS, TAYLOR, 6-7. It's forty out from and ten in from the touchline and Taylor - who is kicking at an 85% success rate - slots it with ease.

19 Blake finds himself on the wrong side of the law again as his hands are adjudged to be in the ruck and the Crusaders set up a line-out on their 10m line. The visitors work it through nine phases before Pyle is pinged for not rolling away and Taylor has another shot at goal.

Penalty16 PENALTY, CRUSADERS, TAYLOR, 3-7. The Rebels have the put in at scrum time after the ball fails to appear from a ruck. Blake is penalised for not binding and the Crusaders get a penalty almost straight in front and he makes no mistake. That was the first time they had been in the Rebels half and got points on the board immediately.

Conversion13 CONVERSION, REBELS, BEALE 7-0. Beale - who has been at the centre of everything at the moment - adds the extras.

TRY12 TRY, REBELS, PHIPPS 5-0. Big attack here from the Rebels and the Crusaders are struggling. Wave after wave of bashing it up before Phipps dives over for the opening try!

11 It's Carter who clears this time and a good chase puts Cooper Vuna under some pressure. The winger does well though. The Rebels build it up before Beale breaks the line. he looks like he's about to step and then puts in a lovely little chip while looking inside and Tom Marshall is forced to take the ball over his line. Rebels scrum five out.

8 The Rebels look to move the ball from the line-out but Hugh Pyle gets held up in a maul and with the ball not appearing the Crusaders get the scrum feed. Heinz's clearance kick is charged down and the Rebels get possession just outside the 22. Again they're held up in the maul and the Crusaders get another chance to clear their lines.

6 The sides exchange deep kicks before the Crusaders run it up but Beale puts in a great kick into the 'Saders 22 and Heinz touches the line as he tries to gather and it's ruled a Rebels line-out.

4 Heinz clear from the base of the scrum and the Rebels run it back at them but Beale slips a forward pass to Cadeyrn Neville. Crusaders scrum on the 10m line in the middle field.

2 Some enterprising attack from the Rebels first up but Kurtley Beale is held up in a Corey Flynn tackle and he knocks it on in an attempt to wrestle possession away from the Crusaders man.

Kick-off And we're away in Melbourne as referee Jaco Peyper gets us underway.

Crusaders team news The Crusaders are making their first trip to AAMI Park and they'll be led out by Richie McCaw who makes his first start of the season. Todd Blackadder has made a number of changes to his side, with prop Wyatt Crockett, lock Sam Whitelock, scrum-half Willie Heinz and full-back Tom Marshall all coming into the line-up.

Rebels team news Flanker Michael Lipman returns to action for the Rebels having shrugged off a shoulder injury and his comeback arrives at a good time as fellow loose forward Luke Jones is suspended. The home side were dealt a big blow with the news that the versatile Richard Kingi would miss the game due to a hamstring injury and Julian Huxley replaces him.

Welcome Hello and welcome to game two of Super Rugby Saturday! We've just seen the Hurricanes sneak passed the Highlanders and now it's the turn of the Rebels and the Crusaders to do battle.

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