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Western Force

  • Lynn, Cummins (2),
    Conversions: Harvey,
17 - 28


  • Alexander, Speight, Mogg, Holmes,
    Penalty goals: Holmes (2),
    Conversions: Holmes,
  • Super Rugby
  • Overall Group
  • 30th Jun 2012
  • KO 10:40

Force v Brumbies - Live

Last updated: 30th June 2012  

Full TimeFull time WESTERN FORCE 17 -28 BRUMBIES

80 There's the hooter. McCaffrey sticks it into touch. It's all over. The Brumbies win, with a bonus point. Thanks for joining us, cheers!

79 Penalty Brumbies! White takes it quickly but doesn't find touch. The hosts counter attack but another knock on ends their chances. Salesi Manu and Ruaidhri Murphy swing their handbags, but there's nothing in it.

77 The Force are finishing with a flourish. Their handling lets them down again though. Scrum to the Brumbies 5m from their own line.

75 Sheehan fails to find touch from a penalty! Unforgivable! Mogg does well to keep it infield and then thumps it 40m back.

Penalty73 PENALTY, BRUMBIES, HOLMES. 17-28. Easy enough for Holmes. That should be good enough for the win.

72 The Force scrum buckles under pressure 10m from their line. Penalty! If Holmes lands it, it'll be game over.

70 Can you believe the possession stats are now in favour of the Force? What a turnaround!

Conversion69 CONVERSION, SHEEHAN. 17-22. Well, well, well. We have a game on here. The Brumbies had better wake up - fast!

TRY68 TRY, FORCE, LYNN. 15-22. A classic line-out and drive from the Force and they crash over! There's a bit of biffo afterwards too. The Brumbies have lost concentration.

67 Penalty to the Force for obstruction. Sheehan sets up the 5m line-out.

65 The intensity has really gone out of the Brumbies game. They better be careful because another try for the Force and the hosts will be back in this.

63 A big run from Nathan Charles wins the Force a penalty on halfway. Sheehan sets up the attacking line-out but Toby Lynn can't take it cleanly and knocks on. Scrum Brumbies on their 22.

61 Ben Seymour is off, looking groggy. Brett Sheehan comes on.

60 Coleman and Mogg combine to charge in the Force 22. The Brumbies are just 5m short but POCOCK forces the penalty. He really is a cut above everyone else.

58 The Force are playing with real confidence now as they rumbles forward on the Brumbies 22. Sharpe is isolated though and is forced to hang on. Mogg sends play 40m back the other way.

Penalty56 PENALTY, BRUMBIES, HOLMES. 10-25. He couldn't miss from there.

55 Pocock pushes his luck too far and gives away a penalty right in front of the posts. He's not happy and let's the ref have an earful.

53 Seymour's conversion attempt is wide, but the Force are a different side compared to the first half. We might have game on our hands after all.

TRY51 TRY, FORCE, CUMMINS. 10-22. Great try from the hosts! They spread is one way, then the next. Cummins finishes the 50m move in the corner! Do we have a comeback on our hands?

48 Nope. Seymour loses it in contact. He hasn't had a great game.

47 The Force have been much better so far in the second half. They maul it up 10m before winning a penalty. Seymour finds touch. Can they get a second try?

45 Seymour's conversion attempt is wide.

TRY44 TRY, FORCE, CUMMINS. 5-22. Great finish from Cummins out wide as he cuts inside and bounces off Mogg. Cummins deserved that!

42 Nalaga powers past three defenders but is stopped just short. The Force still have it though and keep bashing away.

Second half Here we go for the second half. Can the Force conjure up a reply? They win an early penalty and set up a line-out inside the Brumbies 22.


40 The Force take a penalty quickly only to cough it up...again. That's it for the first half. The Brumbies already have their bonus point. We'll be back in ten.

39 Holmes misses another one! He's having a shocker with the boot. It matters little though.

TRY38 TRY, BRUMBIES, HOLMES. 0-22. It's too easy! Zack Holmes throws a dummy before splitting Pockock and Seymour to score. That's soft.

37 Ben Mowen charges into the Force 22 on a barnstorming run. It comes wide to Speight, who backs himself to score in the corner but he is bundled into touch.

35 The Force rumble into the Brumbies 22 for the first time. But the penalty goes to the visitors as the Force heavies hang on on the deck.

33 Seymour is charged down but Cummins picks it up and makes a good run down the touchline. He's been the Force's one good player on attack. Penalty, Brumbies not rolling away. Seymour goes for touch.

31 Holmes misses the conversion. He's now missed three from four kicks. It doesn't really matter though. The Force are getting a spanking all over the park.

TRY30 TRY, BRUMBIES, SPEIGHT. 0-17. Peter Kimlin makes the initial break. Zack Holmes sends long pass out wide to Henry Speight out wide and the winger can score untouched.

29 Nope! Holmes MISSES! His kick drifts just wide to the left.

28 The Brumbies have had 73% of the possession! More points on the way as the Force scrum buckles.

26 Oh! Mogg was away for a try but the final pass was forward. The Force are hanging on by their fingertips here.

24 Pocock to the rescue! The Brumbies lay siege to the Force line and Coleman makes a dart for glory but that man Pocock gets his hands on it on the deck and the ref gives the penalty to the hosts.

22 Mogg for the corner...no! He put a foot in touch. Seymour clears after the Force line-out.

20 Holmes kicks and the Force can counter via Cummins. The Force put 8 phases together before going offside when it's turned over. Mogg sets up a line-out on the Force 22.

18 Scott Fardy is blown up for not releasing. Seymour sets up the line-out on the Brumbies 10m line. But Charles' thrown in isn't straight. Scrum to the Brumbies.

16 More bad news for the Force as Matt Hodgson limps off.

15 Seymour tests Coleman with a bomb but the full-back takes it cleanly. Some kick tennis ends in a line-out on the Force 22m line.

Conversion12 CONVERSION, HOLMES. 0-12. The Force have yet to make it into the Brumbies half and are already 12 points down!

TRY11 TRY, BRUMBIES, ALEXANDER. 0-10. Three phases to set it up, then the big prop goes on the charge. No one is going to stop him from that range.

9 The Brumbies lay siege to the Force line after a rolling maul. Moore is over! No! Held up. 5m scrum.

7 Wasted opportunity for the Brumbies. White's pass is behind Speight, who can't hold on. Scrum to the Force under their own posts. Seymour clears.

6 Henry Speight does really well to keep the ball in play. The Brumbies win a penalty at the next ruck and Nic White sets up a 5m line-out.

4 Zack Holmes sends his conversion attempt wide.

TRY2 TRY, BRUMBIES, MOGG. 0-5. Coleman is denied in one corner, the ball comes the other way and Mogg goes around Pocock and Sharpe to score!

Kick-off Here we go! Jesse Mogg kicks us off! The Brumbies do well to regather and have the first chance to attack.

Team news Nathan Sharpe will play his last game for the Force in Perth. Richard Brown earns his promotion into the side in the absence of injured number eight Ben McCalman. Brown will start the match at blindside flanker, with Matt Hodgson shifting to the back of the scrum. Josh Holmes starts at scrum-half.

Team news The Brumbies are boosted by the return of five Wallabies. They join Sam Carter in a return to the starting side. Robbie Coleman will again feature at full-back with Jesse Mogg and Henry Speight on the wings.

Welcome Hello and welcome to Perth for our coverage of Saturday's second Super Rugby clash. The Hurricanes have just won a blinder against the Crusaders, which probably means the Chiefs will win the Kiwi conference. The Brumbies need to win big here today if they want to win the Aussie conference, so we're in for a cracker.

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