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Cardiff Blues

  • Penalty goals: Patchell (7),
    Drop goals: Patchell,
24 - 35


  • Gorgodze, Nagusa, Berard,
    Penalty goals: Paillaugue (6),
    Conversions: Paillaugue,
  • European Rugby Champions Cup
  • Pool 6
  • 9th Dec 2012
  • KO 12:45
  • Ground: Cardiff Arms Park

Cardiff Blues v Montpellier - Live

Last updated: 10th December 2012  


80 The conversion is missed. Montpellier are full of running in the dying seconds as they go in search of a bonus-point try. It isn't be be though - that's full time. Montpellier didn't deserve the bonus point. Well done to Cardiff for fighting for as long as they did. Toulon should win this pool easily now. Thanks for joining us, cheers!

TRY78 TRY, MONTPELLIER, NAGUSA. 24-35. That should seal the game for the visitors! That man Gorgodze gives the final pass as Montpellier show great hands to get it wide quickly and Timoci Nagusa can finish in the corner.

75 Cuthbert takes a high ball but has no support. The Montpellier heavies ruck over and the Wales wing doesn't release. Fernandez kicks it into the corner.

Penalty73 PENALTY, MONTPELLIER, PAILLAUGUE. 24-30. Fernandez makes a mini break and Filise is pinged again on the deck. Paillaugue makes no mistake from 45m out.

Penalty71 PENALTY, CARDIFF, PATCHELL. 24-27. Another superb kick from the 19-year-old after Beattie is isolated and forced to hold on.

Penalty69 PENALTY, CARDIFF, PATCHELL. 21-27. This game isn't done yet! Gorgodze gives away a penalty and Patchell sends it straight down the middle from over 40m - again.

67 Paillaugue MISSES the conversion. That's his first miss today.

TRY66 TRY, MONTPELLIER, GORGODZE. 18-27. Fernandez plucks a bomb out of the air with a brilliant take. Montpellier attack at pace with Fernandez heavily involved. The scrambling Blues defence can't stop the strongest man on the field and Gorgodze muscles his way over.

Penalty63 PENALTY, MONTPELLIER, PAILLAUGUE. 18-22. Six out of six for Paillaugue. Tafa'ao Filise penalise for not rolling away.

61 Gorgodze is in the middle of everything that Montpellier are doing. Still just one point in it though- credit to Cardiff for keeping their chins up and staying in the game.

59 Montpellier are under pressure now as Tovey dabs a little chip ahead. Thiery keeps calm and finds touch however.

57 Audrin intercepts!!! Great chase from Patchell to get back and chase him down. But there are plenty of numbers for Montpellier..it comes wide and Bérard scores in the corner. NO!!!! The final pass from Gorgodze was forward. Terrible mistake under no pressure at all.

54 Alexandre Bias puts in a crunching tackle on Patchell but the Blues still keep coming, Patchell kicks into the corner and Thiery is lucky not to be blown up for knocking up. The Blues might be a man down down but they're doing all the playing.

51 Adventurous play from the visitors, who sling it about in front of their own posts. It comes off though and they are able to get out of their 22. Patchell has another go at a drop from halfway...but it's just short.

48 The Blues are lucky to get away with a free kick after being shoved backwards at scrum time. "Early push" is the call. That's harsh. Either way Patchell can send play back into Montpellier territory.

46 Great work from Robin Copeland, who wrestles Paillaugue down to the ground and turns it over! The waves of Montpellier attacks are increasing though...

44 Paillaugue nips around the side of a scrum and races into the Blues half. Cardiff hooker Marc Breeze goes down and stays down after a clash of heads...he's not looking good. Eventually he gets up though...and he'll play on!

Penalty42 PENALTY, CARDIFF, PATCHELL.18-19. Montpellier penalised at the ruck again and Patchell splits the uprights from 45m!

Second half Here we go for round two! Cardiff win possession back and drive into the Montpellier half. The hosts are breathing fire!


40 That's half time! The Blues are hanging on bravely but how long will to take for the dam to burst against an extra man? We'll be back in 10.

Penalty39 PENALTY, MONTPELLIER, PAILLAUGUE. 15-19. Easy enough from straight in front.

38 Montpellier are camped in the Cardiff 22 and patiently bash away at the Cardiff defence. Eventually the penalty comes as the hosts try kill it.

36 Benjamin Thiery takes Tovey out in the air so Cardiff have a penalty which Patchell uses to get his team out of their own 22.

35 PENALTY, CARDIFF, PATCHELL. 15-16. Montpellier are off their feet so Patchell has an easy kick to keep his team in touch as the break looms.

Conversion33 CONVERSION, PAILLAUGUE. 12-16.

TRY31 TRY, MONTPELLIER, BERARD. 12-14. Great patience in the build-up from Montpellier, it was just a matter of time before the number didn't add up and Pierre Bérard can dart into the corner!

Drop Goal28 DROP, CARDIFF, PATCHELL. 12-9. Cheeky! The Blues aren't going to go down without a fight!

Penalty26 PENALTY, MONTPELLIER, PAILLAUGUE. 9-9. It's all square on the scoreboard but Cardiff are a man down for the rest of the game.

Red Card25 RED CARD, CARDIFF, LLOYD WILLIAMS. The Blues scrum-half pile drives his opposite number with a horrible spear tackle. It sparks a fight too!

Penalty23 PENALTY, CARDIFF, PATCHELL. 9-6. Another sweat strike from the youngster to put the hosts back in front.

21 Montpellier are under pressure and Bérard has his hands on it on the deck. The ref won't have any of it - penalty to the Blues.

19 The Cardiff scrum is going backwards again but Andries Pretorius breaks off and makes good ground. Montpellier are off their feet but Patchelll won't have a crack from 45m.

Penalty17 PENALTY, MONTPELLIER, PAILLAUGUE. 6-6. Nothing to choose between the sides so far.

15 Montpellier show their power at scrum time again. The Cardiff front row pops up...they're not happy about it but penalty to the visitors.

Penalty13 Fernandez overcooks a territory finder meaning Cardiff have a chance to attack inside the Montpellier 22. Patchell sends it wide and Montpellier are offside. PENALTY, CARDIFF, PATCHELL. 6-3.

Penalty11 PENALTY, MONTPELLIER, PAILLAUGUE. 3-3. Wonderful strike from the scrum-half from 40m out and near the touchline!

9 Big, big scrum from Montpellier. It looks like Cardiff are in for a long afternoon in the set piece. Penalty to the visitors.

6 MISSED PENALTY. Patchell strikes it well but it's wide this time.

5 Montpellier have their first chance on the ball as Gorgodze takes it up. But he hasn't released - penalty Blues! Patchell will have another tilt from long range.

Penalty3 PENALTY, CARDIFF, PATCHELL. 3-0. Great start for the youngster with a long-range effort.

2 A decent start for the Blues as the take it into Montpellier territory. The visitors are offside...penalty!

Kick-off Here we go! Santiago Fernandez kicks us off. Cardiff allow it to bounce! But recover and find touch. Line-out to Montpellier on the home 22 but it's stolen by the Blues!

Team news Montpellier don't seem to be bothered to chase Toulon and have picked a below-strength team with most of their internationals left at home.

Team news Cardiff Blues are without several star players including Leigh Halfpenny, Jamie Roberts and Bradley Davies. Sam Warburton is a late withdrawal due to a chest infection. Josh Navidi moves to openside, Robin Copeland moves to blindside flank off the bench

Welcome Hello and welcome to Cardiff for our coverage of this weekend's second game in Heineken Cup Pool 6. The Blues look down and out already and with Toulon winning away to Sale yesterday, Montpellier must win big here today to stay in with a shout of sneaking through as a group runner-up. Kick-off is approaching, don't go away!

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