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  • Scott, Lamont, Visser, Hogg,
    Penalty goals: Laidlaw (2),
    Conversions: Laidlaw (4),
34 - 10


  • Zanni,
    Penalty goals: Orquera,
    Conversions: Burton,
  • RBS Six Nations
  • 9th Feb 2013
  • KO 14:30
  • Ground: Murrayfield, Edinburgh
  • Att: 50,247

Scotland v Italy - Live

Last updated: 9th February 2013  

Full TimeFull time And that's that! A triumphant day for the Scots, the nightmare of last week banished. for Italy, a lot to ponder before their next clash! Cheers from Edinburgh!

79 Scotland win a penalty and get it down in Italian territory. Scott kicks ahead for Maitland to run on to - those two have worked so well together today, Scott a real candidate for man of the match. Italy win a penalty now, last seconds of the game.

77 Italy running the ball from everywhere now, and Scotland responding in kind as tired legs open up the spaces. Very ragged from both teams though.

Conversion75 Burton lands the extras to give the scoreboard a vague semblance of respectability at 34-10.

TRY74 And here, finaly, is that try. Parisse off the back, inside to Zanni, who darts through that channel and scores. TRY ITALY! ZANNI, 34-8.

72 Italy have won another 5m scrum, again Scotland are repelling it, but there's a sense of inevitablity as the resets mount...

Conversion70 Laidlaw adds the formalities from under the posts. SCOTLAND 34-3 ITALY. Anybody put any bets on Scotland by 30? Must have been someone...

TRY69 Talking of which.... Lamont toe-poked the ball clear at a ruck, and while the Italians beg for a penalty, Lamont scampers clear, picks it up and heads all the way home! TRY SCOTLAND, LAMONT, 32-3!

68 Jackson now charging into midfield, but this time he gets pinged for not releasing. Italy clear, but after their ten minutes of domination were punctured by that intercept try, they've been subdued.

65 Here come Scotland again, Maitland on that curving line, an offload to Scott, and in the corner! But no... the offload was forward. That could have been curtains.

63 Long long raking kick into the Italian half and Venditti clears, but not so well - Italy's kicking game has been very poor today. time is well and truly running out, even for a team playing well. Penalty Scotland in midfield and the ball goes to touch in Italy's 22

62 Lo Cicero's 100th cap comes to a premature end, not that he'll remember it all that fondly. Long ball from Burton in an attempt to go wide, a good idea, but a little too flat. Hogg clears.

60 Italy looking a little more fluid now, with Canale and Burton making a nice switch and Burton getting into the 22... and winning a penalty.

56 Now Scotland bully out a penalty at their own scrum, with Italy's front row affronted and getting very uppity. But there's no way back for them it seems.

55 Parisse goes for the pick, but he's fumbled it at the base! All of which kind of sums up Italy's afternoon.

53 Penalty Italy in the Scottish 22 and we've got a stiff work coming from Peyper to the Scots captain. Italy opt for another scrum 7m from the line. This one goes down... only a reset though.

52 Italy with half decent scrum position here, searching for some form of lifeline.... you'd have to think it was too late for penalties to make a difference now.

Conversion49 Another immaculate kick from Laidlaw! SCOTLAND 27-3 ITALY!

TRY48 He's there! TRY SCOTLAND! And barring a miracle, that should be that.

47 Italy have to score soon or they are cooked. Again Scotland's line speed is good, but Masi's grubber is not quite there for Venditti. Here's a break though, Masi, off to Orquera for the- intercepted by Hogg, and he's streaking away, has he got the legs? 50...40...30....

Conversion43 Laidlaw knocks over the extras! 20-3 SCOTLAND!

TRY42 Jackson on a good line, Maitland off his wing and that's a superb line from the Kiwi! Scott in support and he's away and could go all the way.... he's home! TRY SCOTLAND, SCOTT, 18-3! Italy are looking down and out here.

Second half Off we go, Italy need to change it up a bit here. Laidlaw puts up a box-kick from the restart, Italy get it, but out it goes and Scotland's line speed is so impressive today. But one stat we also have, Scotland have made 68 tackles so far to Italy's 37... is that going to tell later on?

Half TimeHalf time And that's it for the half, Scotland a little further ahead on the scoreboard than they perhaps are in gameplay, but they've created the more clearcut chances. Of the Itlay who ran France ragged last week there's been not a trace. See if they can come back in the second half, in about ten minutes' time!

Penalty39 Orquera kicks it! PENALTY, ITALY, ORQUERA, 13-3!

37 Italy's first penalty within kicking distance now... but Orquera goes for the 22 instead.It's an ineffective maul, but Italy are probing around the Scots 22. Scott concedes a penalty, this one really is kickable.

35 Apologies for the blip, a little internet down time here. Fortunately for you, after that brief spurt of fire the game's settled again. We've had a couple of reset scrums, some close fringe play, a couple of desultory kicks... not much happening.

30 Italy - indeed, the game - has now come to life. Zanni and Minto take the ball into Scotland's 22, but now a penalty and also a little dust-up between Castrogiovanni and Beattie! It's all happening now.

Conversion28 Laidlaw pings the extras over, and who'd have thought this! SCOTLAND 13-0 ITALY!

TRY27 But it's only a brief repreive! Scotland move the ball one side to the other and Visser is sent away! Over he goes, TRY SCOTLAND, VISSER, 11-0!

26 Lurches from bad to worse for Italy, as Botes mis-kicks and Hogg is onto it and clear.... he's just caught short!

Penalty25 From the penalty Peyper awarded, not Poite, Laidlaw strikes another three to make it 6-0! PENALTY SCOTLAND, LAIDLAW, 6-0!

24 Scotland with an attacking line-out now. An atttempt at a drive from it, but it disintegrates. Jackson cross-kicks, Maitland can't get it, but back we come for a penalty at the maul. I must apologise by the way, all day long I've been talking about Romain Poite, I do, of course, mean Jaco Peyper.

22 Long exchange of kicks here, punctuated by Jackson's clearance. Teams beginning to cancel each other a bit now after that bright start.

21 Ooohhh, you mustn't do that Sean Lamont! He rushes up, breaking the D-line, and Parisse takes the short pass to go through the kink, but Parisse leaves the ball bahind him in his haste.

19 Italy working round the fringes but Scotland's defence is standing up well today, not giving much, if any, ground. A break in the play as Romain Poite spies a head injury to Tobias Botes.

17 Laidlaw continues the good work with the boot by thumping a clearance deep into Italian territory, Masi clears, but the ground win was by the Scots in that exchange.

Penalty15 Laidlaw opens the scoring! PENALTY SCOTLAND, LAIDLAW, 3-0!

14 Here's a break by Gray, and Hamilton has it now and Scotland have the visitors stretched! Out the ball goes wide to Maitland, but he can't get round the corner. Back inside it comes and there's a penalty, a right one, but that was a long advantage, a VERY long advantage.

13 Italy steal a line-out now. Grinding it up a little more now, but not really making much progress. Orquera kicks, but it's a bad one, Hogg kicks back and the retreating Orquera now fumbles it.

11 Italy win the scrum, Scotland win the game's first turnover. Cleared, hoofed back... we're still in Scotland's half.

10 It's a scrum just outside Scotland's 22 at the moment, Romain poite having a word with the two front rows who can't seem to get co-ordinated right now. Spent nearly two minutes on this scrum so far.

7 Off the post! Lamont gathers it up, but the clearance ain't great and Italy are going through the phases again.

6 Ball to the back of the line-out and a maul forms.... Scotland penalised for going in at the side and now we have the firs shot at goal from Orquera.

5 Italy get the first penalty, earned after Cnaale tried and almost succeeded to sneak up the blind. Open rugby from both sides so far - the brilliance of last weekend continues!

4 First scrum here, free-kick Italy and it's the first time they've had the ball, Parisse and Zanni carry on, into Scots territory. Both sides playing with some good flow and retention... mocker gods are here too, Parisse's just dropped it about ten metres backwards!

3 Scots going well through the phases early on, Jackson also with a half-break, out it goes and Laidlaw dinks through a grubber.... race to the corner.... the ball beats them all!

1 Romain Poite gets us underway! Scotland in an unfamiliar blue and white 'flag on shirt' ensemble, while Italy all in Azure blue. Initial action kept infield and Scots launch a nice looking attack with Hogg, but the final chip kick is marked by Botes.

Anthems Superb rendition of Flower of Scotland balances out Italy's triumphant anthem, and now we are stripping off on a chilly and damp day here in Edinburgh.... band trooping off and we're seconds away from kick off...

Atmosphere There's a sense of concern around Murrayfield as fans turn to each other with chewed nails and reminisce both on the times this game might have been a saviour to the Scots and on Italy's display beating France last week. The Azzurri are having a great time, but the home fans are edgy!

Team news There is just one injury-enforced change to the Italy side. Inside centre Alberto Sgarbi has been ruled out with an ankle injury, meaning La Rochelle centre Gonzalo Canale starts having recovered from a thigh niggle.

Team news Robert Harley and Ross Ford have both come into the Scotland starting XV. Harley replaces the injured Alasdair Strokosch in the back-row. Ford returns at hooker in place of Dougie Hall, who sustained a knee injury in the Calcutta Cup loss to England.

welcome Hello and welcome to Murrayfield for our coverage of the first match of this weekend's Six Nations action. Scotland have a tough task on their hands as they face an Azzurri side bubbling with confidence after last week's win over France. Kick off is at 14.30 GMT.

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