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  • Vermaak, Visagie,
    Penalty goals: Steyn (4),
    Conversions: Steyn (2),
26 - 20


  • Nyakane,
    Penalty goals: Francis (4), Brummer,
  • Super Rugby
  • Overall Group
  • 13th Apr 2013
  • KO 18:10
  • Ground: Loftus Versfeld, Pretoria

Bulls v Cheetahs - Live

Last updated: 13th April 2013  

80 Full Time: Bulls 26 - 20 Cheetahs

Penalty78 PENALTY, CHEETAHS, BRUMMER! 26-20 It's not a wasted trip though for the Cheetahs - Brummer comes on and lands a penalty to leave them within seven and take the losing bonus point.

TRY75 TRY, BULLS, VISAGIE! 26-17 That should settle it - Visagie burrows over after good pressure to shut the Cheetahs out.

TRY72 TRY, CHEETAHS, NYAKANE! 19-17 All level once again as the Cheetahs prop dives over on the left - great spirit from the visitors to fight back but the conversion from Francis goes wide.

70 Bulls driving maul stutters and then the ball is knocked on by Spies. Cheetahs scrum just inside their own half - Labuschagne carries and the Bulls are penalised for offside.

67 No breakthrough for the Cheetahs, ruled as a knock on by Ebersohn but looked to be tapped back by a Bulls player. Cheetahs forced back into their 22 but van Zyl clears to halfway.

65 The Cheetahs clear as Englebrecht runs the ball back, bouncing out of a tackle but the ball goes forward and the visitors have the scrum. Bulls looking to seal the result.

63 Handling error by the Bulls puts the Cheetahs back in possession. Penalty to the Cheetahs, Botha penalised for going off his feet. Possession back for the Bulls however and Steyn threads a nice kick into the corner.

61 Chance for Francis to chip back at the lead but his kick is wide to the right, his first miss so far.

59 Kruger takes the lineout, long clearance by the Bulls. Steyn drops the return kick and the Cheetahs will have the scrum.

57 Cheetahs on the attack in the Bulls half - Sadie with space down the left but the Bulls defence bundles him into touch.

Penalty55 PENALTY, BULLS, STEYN! 19-12 The boot of Steyn really dictating in the second half. Bulls lead now stretches to seven.

54 Serfontein carrying for the Bulls, Steyn kicks deep into the corner but Daniller finds touch in the Bulls half. Penalty to the Bulls as they counter and Steyn will look to extend the lead.

52 Attack from deep by the Cheetahs but the pass is just behind Ebersohn who slips. Arno Botha on for the Bulls.

Penalty49 PENALTY, CHEETAHS, FRANCIS! 16-12 Another three to the fly-half's tally as the gap is cut to four.

48 Cheetahs scrum on the far side - free kick to the Bulls but the Cheetahs turn the ball over and have the penalty. Francis lining up a shot at goal.

Penalty46 PENALTY, BULLS, STEYN! 16-9 The Bulls lead stretches to seven points - hitting their mark at the beginning of the second half.

45 Cheetahs behind for the first time but Sadie is wrapped up and the Cheetahs are penalised for going off their feet.

Penalty42 TRY, BULLS, VERMARK! 13-9 Bulls attacking in the Cheetahs 22 - Vermaak breaking through and the Bulls have the try! Fine snipe through the gap from the scrum-half through Labuschagne to score.

40 Second half underway as Rhule is forced into touch after going down the outside.


40 No tries then but plenty of ambition from both sides in a physical first half, Cheetahs just about worthy of their lead having clung on after early pressure from the Bulls. Second half coming up.

39 Ndungane attacks down the right but the ball is intercepted by Strauss who doesn't quite have the legs! Cheetahs continue to attack, Labuschagne scampering but brought down. Can the Cheetahs get more points? Francis drop goal attempt is very wide indeed. That's the interval.

Penalty38 PENALTY, CHEETAHS, FRANCIS! 6-9 Phenomenal strike from Francis from just over 50 metres - the Cheetahs lead again.

36 Scrambling, rough passage of play but it's the Bulls who attack now - Serfontein losing his footing and then being turned over on halfway. Penalty on the halfway line and Francis fancies a shot at goal.

34 Sadie with a burst but the Bulls steal it and clear long. Ball is ruled to go straight out but the Cheetahs go quick anyway, Le Roux with a loose kick but the Cheetahs are back in possession until Le Roux's pass to Ebersohn goes forward. Loose passage of play as both sides hunt for an advantage before half-time.

Penalty32 PENALTY, BULLS, STEYN! 6-6 No problem for Steyn and just like that the Cheetahs lead disappears.

31 High kick gathered by Mapoe who breaks into the Cheetahs 22. Advantage to the Bulls, penalty against Labuschagne and Steyn can level the scores.

Penalty29 PENALTY, BULLS, STEYN! 3-6 Points on the board for the Bulls as Steyn converts.

28 Bulls lineout on halfway - 62% possession so far but nothing to show for it. Potgeiter carries, Englebrecht with a dart and the Bulls have an advantage. Nothing coming, Steyn to go for goal.

Penalty26 PENALTY, CHEETAHS, FRANCIS! 0-6 Despite sustaining plenty of early pressure, the Cheetahs lead by six points.

24 Clock counting up as the scrum is reset - penalty to the Cheetahs, Nyakane high-fiving his teammates as Francis goes for goal.

21 Bulls from the scrum - Serfontein carrying, Francis tries to pounce on the loose ball but the referee calls for the knock on. Cheetahs scrum.

18 Cheetahs again on the defensive but remain in front, but the clear and Visser's responding kick is a poor one. Cheetahs lineout 40 metres out - on the attack but the pass to Labuschagne goes forward.

16 Loose pass for Francis is picked up by Rhule and the Cheetahs clear through Daniller. Ralepelle runs it back, wide to Visser and Mapoe but good defence so far. Cheetahs again turn it over and Le Roux bursts away, stepping and onto Rhule but the pass is forward.

14 Penalty to the Bulls - taking out the support at the lineout. Another Bulls lineout just outside the Cheetahs 22. Vermaak snipes but is stopped in his tracks, Cheetahs turn the ball over and Francis clears.

13 Mapoe stripped off possession there and the Cheetahs kick clear. Frustrating for the hosts early on - Cheetahs making 20 tackles but missing six.

10 Hashed kick from Le Roux hands the Bulls a lineout on halfway. Vermaak kicks high, Bulls win the ball back and attack in the Cheetahs half, into the 22. Spies bulldozes forward as the Bulls reach 10 phases and then lose the ball.

8 Advantage to the Cheetahs, Ralepelle penalised. Francis kicks to touch with a banana kick. Cheetahs win the lineout and attack through Le Roux and Rhule. Cheetahs building the phases, up to eight as Francis chips over the top. Easy clearance for Visser.

Penalty6 PENALTY, CHEETAHS, FRANCIS! 0-3 The visitors take the early lead, Francis landing the kick from 40 metres out. Bulls on top yet the Cheetahs lead.

4 Francis spills the ball and the Bulls have a scrum on half-way. Vermaak loops on the double round but it's well read and now the Cheetahs have a penalty, well read by Van Zyl. Francis having a shot.

2 Free kick to the Cheetahs and Francis clears. Bulls lineout 40 metres out - Ralepelle to Van Der Merwe, Kruger with the break as Ralepelle follows up. Phenomenal start by the Bulls, all power but Ndungane knocks it on. Penalty to the Cheetahs, Francis clears.

Morne Steyn gets us started - Bulls attacking down the left as Serfontein takes a big hit. Wide pass to Ndungane but not enough room for the winger, Cheetahs lineout in their 22.

Team News: The Cheetahs have moved Robert Ebersohn has impressed since shifting from outside to inside centre while Frans Viljoen and Tewis de Bruyn are new editions to the bench.

Team News: The Bulls have been bolstered by the return of two experienced campaigners, with Akona Ndungane and Flip van der Merwe back in the starting line-up.

Welcome: Hello and welcome to Loftus Versfeld for this Super Rugby clash as the Bulls host the Cheetahs in Pretoria.

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