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  • van Zyl (2),
    Penalty goals: Watts (4), Watts,
    Conversions: Watts,
27 - 13


  • Lucas,
    Penalty goals: Cooper (2),
    Conversions: Cooper,
  • Super Rugby
  • Overall Group
  • 18th May 2013
  • KO 18:10

Cheetahs v Reds - Live

Last updated: 18th May 2013  

Full Time Cheetahs 27-13 Reds

80 The Reds have a chance at salvaging a point for losing by less than seven so they attack from the restart. The ball is tied up in a ruck though and the Cheetahs get the scrum put in with just seconds left. Smit hammers the ball into touch and that's it!

TRY79 TRY, REDS, LUCAS, 27-13. The Reds spread it wide and the ball is tapped off the hands of Ed O'Donoghue before Josh Lucas dives over in the corner. The TMO rules that there is no obvious knock forward though and the Reds have their try! Cooper adds the extras.

77 The ball squirts out of the scrum but and Pretorius has his hands on it, illegally so though and the Reds have another penalty.

76 The Reds take a quick tap but not for the first time are held up. Scrum 5m out from the line.

76 The Reds work it up into the 22 before the ball is stolen from them and the Cheetahs break out through first Strauss and then Van der Walt. Labuschagne races through to receive the offload but it's low and he can't hold on. If he had taken the pass a try may have been in the offering. They're brought all the way back to 5m from the Cheetahs line though after a report of foul play (a bit of handbags) against the Cheetahs.

73 The Reds bash it up through 12 phases of tight play before Cooper releases Davies who is hauled back by the collar and the Reds are awarded a penalty for a high tackle. They look to take it quickly but Daniller is up to being the last time and the Reds are bundled into touch. Watts clears to about 40m out.

70 Another forward pass from Cooper brings a halt to proceedings for the Reds as they look to cross the halfway line. The Cheetahs don't do much better as Sarel Pretorius gets ahead of Philip Van der Walt as he breaks from the scrum and it's a forward pass.

68 Very poor from Genia as he doesn't find touch and Daniller fires it right back at him, setting up a Reds line-out from exactly where they were before the penalty. Genia then puts the ball straight into touch when he doesn't want to do so - it's falling apart a bit here!

66 The restart is straight out and the Cheetahs look to attack once more but Liam Gill does well to stay on his feet and win his side a penalty

Penalty64 PENALTY, CHEETAHS, WATTS 27-6. The Reds now need three converted tries to level matters, this is very much getting away from them.

63 It's all a bit scrappy from the Reds and the Cheethas pounce on a loose ball and after Morahan tries to fly-hack the ball away as it bounces free. James Hanson then tackles a Cheetahs player from in front of the kicker and they're penalised for off-side.

Penalty61 PENALTY, CHEETAHS, WATTS 24-6. Watts add three more to the score.

60 The Reds are awarded a short-arm penalty at scrum time and they chose to go for another scrum and this time Ben Daley is penalised for propping himself up with his arm and the Cheetahs have a penalty 30ms out.

58 End to end stuff as Cooper floats a pass over for Ioane who gets close to the line but Strauss comes up with another intercept. He doesn't have the pace to go all the way and finds Van Zyl at halfway but the Reds defence swarms on him. The ball is recycled but Oosthuizen knocks on as he tries to offload.

55 Ebershon is off-side after the line-out and the Reds set up another attacking line-out on the 22. The Reds carry it strongly but there is a forward pass 5m from the line. Both sides must be frustrating their coaches terribly at times!

54 Ioane breaks through the line but the Cheetahs scramble to bring him down. The ball goes loose and the Cheetahs hit back. It's cut and thrust stuff as the Cheetahs get well into the Reds half before Le Roux fails to collect a pass. The Reds hit back through first Davies and then Morahan. The Reds full-back chips ahead and is so close to beating Daniller to the ball but the Cheetahs player just gets there and clears. Van Zyl it looks is a lucky man as he attempted to trip Morahan as he ran through but couldn't reach with his outstretched leg. If he had made contact that would have been a card.

51 Le Roux is used as a decoy as Van Zyl loops around and hits the line strongly. A poor pass from Van Zyl at a ruck soon after is knocked on by Strauss. Frustration for the hosts.

50 Disappointing as Labuschagne can't take the line-out at the Reds clear. Rhule knocks on as he tries to collect the kick and the ball goes straight into a team-mate in front of him. Referee Joubert rules it's accidental offside though and he's correct as they were so close together there was no way it could have been deliberate. Another poor kick from the Reds (Cooper this time) goes touch in goal. Cheetahs scrum in their opponent's half.

48 The Cheetahs are under pressure at the scrum but Watts is able to clear to the 10m line. The Reds take it quickly and run it up into the 22m before Simmons is penalised for coming in from the side and Van Zyl sets up a line-out on the Reds 22.

46 It almost looks all too easy as Cooper goes wide off the scrum and gathers a high pass and while in the air offloads a near basketball like pass to Morahan who takes it and dives over. It goes up to the TMO who rules that the pass was forward. So close.

45 Coenie Oosthuizen is pinged for holding on from the restart and the Reds set up a line-out 10m from the line. A beautiful inside ball to Davies sees the Reds just short. Simmonds goes again and it looks like the ball has been held up as Genia goes once more. The TMO rules that it's held up and the Reds have a scrum 5m out in front of the posts.

Penalty43 PENALTY, CHEETAHS, WATTS 21-6. Watts puts the hosts further ahead.

43 Sadie follows an unfortunately familiar pattern from the first half by grubbering the ball into the corner instead of retaining possession in the 22m. The Reds clear and the Cheetahs have a line-out on the 22. Horwill is penalised at the line-out for collapsing the maul and the Cheetahs have an early chance to get points on the board once more.

We are back The second half is underway!

Half Time Cheetahs 18-6 Reds

40 Genia clears from the scum but it's not out, handing the Cheetahs one more chance for the half. After a view goes at bashing it up, Van Zyl boots it into touch to bring the first period to an end.

39 Great maul from the Cheetahs and they get within a metre from the line. The ball is worked wide to De Jager who can't hold on. Credit to the Reds for some good defence.

38 A massive scrum from the Cheetahs and they force the penalty as the Reds are forced to use their hands to keep the scrum up. Like the Reds, the Cheetahs go for touch rather than for the posts.

37 The ball is chipped over the top and the Cheetahs look to move it wide. Rhule puts in the kick into space but he's over cooked it and it goes over the dead-ball line. Scrum on the Reds 10m.

35 The Reds move it wide before kicking to the corner for Ioane but the winger can't collect. The Cheetahs clear and the Reds come straight back at them. Strauss makes a nuisance of himself and grabs an intercept, Van Zyl thumps it down town and Ioane collects under heavy pressure from Van Zyl. It's the Cheetahs man who makes the mistake though as he doesn't release the tackled player and the Reds are able to find some territorial relief.

32 The Reds work it through the phases and for a time they're moving more from side to side than anything else but Ioane changes that as he finds some space down the middle. Adriaan Strauss is pinged for a deliberate knock down right in front of the posts. They don't go for posts though and rather set up a line-out. Interesting.

Penalty28 PENALTY, CHEETAHS, WATTS 18-6. Watts makes no mistake with the penalty.

28 Davies is pinged for taking Rhule out in the air from the restart and the Cheetahs set up the line-out. Having used a variation move last time out they're back to the maul this time and to great effect as the Reds are forced to go to ground to halt their progress and it's a penalty to the hosts.

Conversion26 CONVERSION, CHEETAHS, WATTS 15-6. Watts couldn't land the conversion from the near touchline but he does the business from the far side!

TRY25 TRY, CHEETAHS, VAN ZYL 13-6. What a try from Van Zyl! It's a set piece move, from the line-out Brussow pops it inside to the scrum-half who runs onto the ball with pace and straight through the line. He jinks past Ioane and Morahan can't get across in time as the number nine dives over in the corner.

Penalty23 PENALTY, REDS, COOPER 6-8. A clean strike from Cooper and it's a two-point game.

22 The Reds are up quickly on defence and it actually gives the Cheetahs a bit of space to move as Le Roux steps away from his man. He follows it up with a poor pass that goes into touch though. Ionae exploits some suspect defence in the Cheetahs midfield and the hosts are pinged for not rolling away.

Penalty19 PENALTY, REDS, COOPER 8-3. The Reds get on the board after Lappies Labuschagne is penalised for not rolling away at a ruck. Cooper steps up and makes no mistake.

18 Brilliant work from Horwill as he comes through the middle of the maul and steals possession. He'll be disappointed to see his backs squander the ball soon after as Ebershon is able to snatch the ball at the ruck.

17 A perfectly judged kick from Cooper sets up a Cheetahs line-out on their 22 as the Reds look to play for a bit of territory.

15 Anthony Faingaa breaks through the middle with great intent. Genia looks for some space in behind the defence and Heinrich Brussow tidies up and allows Watts to clear.

Penalty13 PENALTY, CHEETAHS, WATTS, 8-0. Watts extends the leads as the Reds remain scoreless despite making a lot of the play.

12 An exchange of kicks as the two teams look to test each other but after a knock forward from Horwill near halfway sees Ebershon pounce. The centre puts his midfield colleague Sadie into space and the Cheetahs are looking dangerous as they move it wide. They're awarded a penalty 10m out from the line after an infringement at the ruck by Cooper.

9 The Reds look to work it through the phases but the ball is ripped away and the Cheetahs clear to halfway. It's not quite clicking for the Reds as Cooper puts in a questionably flat pass to Morahan but any debate doesn't last long as the full-back can't hold on.

7 Good hand from Watts and Ebershon before the former hammers it down into the Reds 22. Instead of looking for territory, Morahan attacks and does really well to shimmie his man in and then towards the touchline before putting Davies into space. Cooper looks for the corner and Le Roux is forced to make a hurried clearance. Reds still on the attack.

6 Watts clears the restart to his side of the 10m, he's disappointed with the distance. The Reds have a good platform from which to attack but they butcher it with a knock forward after a cluttered attack.

TRY4 TRY, CHEETAHS, VAN ZYL. The ball goes astray for the Cheetahs and it's into touch. The Reds work it wide from the line-out but Genia's attempted clearance from the base is charged down by Piet van Zyl who darts after it collects and rounds Cooper to go over for the try! Elgar Watts can't add the extras from out wide.

2 Both sides immediately show they're keen to run the ball as the Reds twice counter with great purpose. Cooper puts in a great little kick into the corner for Rod Davies to run onto. The winger dives over but they go to the TMO to check on some obstruction and on the grounding. Shaun Veldsman rules that there was both obstruction in the build up and a knock on so we go back for a penalty on halfway.

Ready to go The players are out on the park and we're about to get started.

Team news Cheetahs boss Naka Drotske has made two changes to the starting XV that lost to the Hurricanes last time out with Elgar Watts getting his first start at fly-half in place of Burton Francis. Elsewhere, Lappies Labushagne has recovered from injury and replaces Frans Viljoen on the flank. Skipper James Horwill is back for the Reds and he's joined by full-back Luke Morahan who replaces Jono Lance.

Welcome Hello and welcome to the weekend's last Super Rugby match, the Cheetahs against the Reds from Bloemfontein.

Updates to appear here at 18:55 local (17:55 BST, 16:55 GMT)

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