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Southern Kings

  • Vergallo,
    Penalty goals: Catrakilis (5),
    Conversions: Whitehead,
22 - 34


  • Sadie (2), le Roux, van Zyl,
    Penalty goals: Watts (2),
    Conversions: Watts (4),
  • Super Rugby
  • Overall Group
  • 25th May 2013
  • KO 16:00

Kings v Cheetahs - Live

Last updated: 25th May 2013  

Full Time Kings 22-34 Cheetahs. The Cheetahs will be delighted to have come to Port Elizabeth and walk away with five points. After a tight first half (at least on the scoreboard), the Cheetahs really took control of proceedings in the second period and showed their superior clash. With the Blues, Crusaders and Waratahs all losing this week, this victory really boosts the Cheetahs' play-off hopes.

80 The ball is knocked on at the restart and there is no time for a scrum, that is that.

Conversion CONVERSION, WHITEHEAD 22-34. Whitehead the replacement adds the extras but it's all a little too late.

TRY TRY, KINGS, VERGALLO, 20-34. Just when it looks like there isn't much on for the Kings they grab a try! Vergallo the replacement scrum-half spots a gap right in front of him and he dances over the ruck and into a done of space before angling off and over the line!

79 The Cheetahs put a lot of pressure on at the scrum but the Kings are up to it. They run it up all the way to the Cheetahs 10m line where they get a penalty for offside and take it quickly. They move the ball from side to side and into the Cheetahs 22.

76 The Cheetahs find some space out wide but they're pinged for crossing so we go back to some off-side at the line-out. Another attacking line-out for the Cheetahs, this time jsut outside the 22. It goes astray though and the Kings pounce and run it up into the Cheetahs half. Once again the men from Bloemfontein are able to win it back at ruck time tough and they're soon on the attack, surging into the Kings half but there is a knock on.

73 Further infringement from the Cheetahs and the Kings are in the 22 once more with a line-out. They've done it again! This time it's Ebersohn as he stays on his feet and tries to rip the ball away at the tackle, he's prevented from doing so and the Cheetahs get the penalty.

70 The Kings are within metres as they drive it up in pods. Another penalty, this time for a deliberate infringement and the Kings decide to set up the line-out. A big hit on Engelbrecht just repels the big man and the Cheetahs are able to turn it over with some courageous defence that allows Heinrich Brussow to make the steal and the ball is cleared.

67 Just before the ball is cleared it's ruled to have gone through the 90 and the Kings get the put in. A few handbags being thrown around in the front row, nothing too serious. A short arm for the Kings and Vergallo hands it off to Gates who hits the line at pace. A penalty this time for offside as the Cheethas perhaps start to lose their concentration at tad.

65 Catrakilis comes off for the Kings, he's hobbling a bit - it's going from bad to worse. His half-back partner Venter has also been replaced with Nicolas Vergallo entering the fray. The Cheetahs want a penalty for offside from the restart but all they get is a scrum.

Conversion CONVERSION, CHEETAHS, WATTS 34-15. Watts continues to keep the scoreboard ticking over as the Kings fall away.

TRY TRY, CHEETAHS, LE ROUX, 32-15. Brilliant stuff from Sadie as he turns provider this time! The Cheetahs don't do much from the line-out but the ball comes out to Saide who goes against the grain to the left and for a time looks to be going just laterally but he's spotted some space and races wide before putting Le Roux over in the corner. That's the bonus point.

61 Subs for the Kings too as Jacques Engelbrecht, Grant Kemp and Rynier Bernardo come on for the Kings as does Trevor Nyakane for the Cheetahs. The visitors have a line-out on their opposition's 10m line after an infringement at the tackle. It's a little loose from the Cheetahs but they manage to hang onto the ball and move it around before the Kings infringe at the ruck and the Cheetahs set up a line-out 5m out as they start to think of the bonus point.

Conversion CONVERSION, CHEETAHS, WATTS. Watts extends the lead to 12 and you imagine the Kings are going to need more than penalties now. Sarel Pretorius on for van Zyl who has done well yet again.

TRY TRY, CHEETAHS, SADIE 25-15. Powerful stuff from the Cheetahs as they work it up with purpose and really make the metres with every carry. Rhule is just short but the ball is (admittedly rather messily) worked wide to Sadie who grabs the loose ball and trots over. Reward for patient build up there.

54 Marcello Sampson gets little change as he looks to run the ball back at the Cheetahs. The ball is turned over and the Cheetahs attack strongly. They're up to the 10m line before a little chip into the 22 bounces into touch off the hand of Sampson. Come replacements for both sides on the wing here as Rhule comes on for the Cheetahs and Gates for the Kings.

Conversion CONVERSION, CHEETAHS, WATTS 20-15. And the Cheetahs are five clear!

TRY TRY, CHEETAHS, VAN ZYL, 18-13. One of the Kings players comes into the the maul from the side and there is more advantage but they don't need it as van Zyl dummies and sneaks between Watson and Maku to dive over for the Cheetah's second try.

49 A neat little kick into the 22 behind the defence from Ebersohn and the Kings have to work hard to clear. It's not out and van der Walt carries it back up to the 22. There is a deliberate knockdown and the Cheetahs set up a line-out 10 out.

Penalty PENALTY, KINGS, CATRAKILLIS 15-13. The number ten shows he should never have been doubted as he slots it effortlessly to retake the lead for his team.

46 Catrakilis decides to carry it up himself and he does well. The ball is spread wide through Struass who smartly keeps it in play. Francois Uys is penalised for going off his feet and the Kings have a tough penalty chance from 10 out from the near touchline.

44 Benjamin gets over the game line as he runs strongly after being brought in from the scrum. Van Zyl knocks on at the base though and the Cheetahs are penalised from the resulting scrum. Kings line-out on the Cheetahs 10m line.

42 A short kick-off appears to be knocked on by Sykes but the officials don't see it. Venter puts in an up and under. Daniller collects and the Kings are pinged at the ruck. Van Zyl takes it quickly and while it at first doesn't look the smartest move as he gets just over halfway, the Cheetahs work it through the phases and a Kings hand gets in the way and we have a Cheetahs scrum 5 out from the Kings 22.

We are back The players are back out on the park and we're ready to get the second period underway.

Half Time Kings 13-12 Cheetahs. It's the visitors who have grabbed the lead on the stroke of half-time and they're good value for it. Both teams have struggled with their execution at times but the Cheetahs have looked the more dynamic of the sides with the boot of Catrakilis keeping the Kings in it.

40 Van Zyl is happy to kick the restart straight into touch to bring the first half to an end.

Conversion CONVERSION, CHEETAHS, WATTS 13-12. From out wide Watts adds the extras.

TRY TRY, CHEETAHS, SADIE 11-12. Brilliant stuff from Le Roux! The Kings sack the line-out and they look to be going nowhere but van Zyl goes to the short side and Le Roux accelerates through the gap passed lock Steven Sykes before passing outside to Johann Sadie who goes over for the first try of the match!

38 The men in white and orange take it quickly and they make good ground as they move it through the phases, carrying it up to the 22. Some super hands release van Labuschagne down the far side but as he's tackled the ball goes loose and the Kings hack it ahead. The Cheetahs run it right back and a lovely little chip is put in behind the defence for Ryno Benjamin but the bounce cruelly eludes him and the Kings hold out once more.

36 Catrakilis does well to grab a high kick but the Cheetahs are there in numbers and do well to drive over the ball and nab possession. The visitors work it from side to side before the ball is ripped away in the tackle and Catrakilis clears to halfway.

Penalty PENALTY, KINGS, CATRAKILLIS 12-6. Another three-pointer from Catrakilis as the fly-halves continue to dominate the scoring.

33 Lovely running from Grey as he breaks into the Cheetahs half, weaving his way through the defenders. He offloads to Cornell du Preez and the Kings recycle the ball before Adriaan Strauss comes into the ruck from the side and the Kings have a penalty.

31 The Kings this time don't quite get it right as a floated pass from Catrakilis drifts forward and it's a Cheetahs scrum in midfield on their 10m line.

Penalty PENALTY, CHEETAHS, WATTS, 6-9. Penalty to the Cheetahs as the Kings are adjudged to have scrummed in illegally and Watts has a shot from 10 out from the right post and puts it over.

28 It's not long before the Cheetahs are on the attack again, but a combination of a poor pass from Watts and some miscommunication sees a knock on result.

26 Nice work from the Cheetahs as they make some ground down the far touchline after a set move and the forwards show some good hands before van der Walt is tackled into touch.

Penalty PENALTY, KINGS, CATRAKILLIS, 9-3. Catrakilis isn't 100% sure this one has the legs as it wasn't the cleanest strike but it just creeps over!

22 The ball is kicked back at the Kings and Ebersohn is pinged for offside at the ruck and Kings have a penalty just inside the Cheetahs half.

21 Venter puts in the high kick which is gathered by Le Roux who beats the onrushing Siyanda Grey before losing his footing. A knock on hands the ball back to the Kings but it's aimlessly kicked into the 22 and the mark is easily taken.

19 A bit of trouble at the scrum as he have two restarts, referee Berry has a chat to Kings hooker Bandise Maku as they try to figure it out. We get going and the Kings carry it up before clearing into the Cheetahs half. The visitors take it quickly and they have space on the outside as they move into opposition territory but the pass from Le Roux doesn't go to hand.

17 A strong scrum from the Cheetahs and the ball squirts out the side of the scrum and into the hands of the Cheetahs. Willie Le Roux gets his first real touch and he immediately creates some space. The ball is spread wide but it's fumbled 10m from the line and we have another scrum.

14 Catrakilis can't kick the restart straight out as it was brought back into the 22 and as a result his kick into open play is gathered by the Cheetahs backs who run it into the Kings half before they're bundled into touch on the 10m line but it's come off one of the Kings so they retain possession. Another careless error from one of the skippers, this time Adriaan Strauss, as he delivers a forward pass under little pressure.

12 PENALTY, KINGS, CATRAKILLIS, 6-3. Catrakilis goes for the kick from 42 out on the right hand side and he's found the target once more!

11 The 22 is charged down but the Cheetahs are able to regather and clear. The Kings run it back at them and there is another infringement at ruck time with the tackler not rolling away and the Kings ahve another penalty.

10 Super work from Shaun Venter as he scrags Philip van der Walt as the number eight looks to go the opposite way to his scrum-half Piet van Zyl who had broken away from the scrum. The number eight is isolated and the Cheetahs use their hands to retain possession and they're penalised. SP Marias goes for the long distance effort from just on his side of halfway and while his kick has the legs it's just to the right.

8 A much better clearance from Watts this time as he takes play up to the halfway line. A basic error from Watson as he delivers a forward pass to Andries Strauss who was looking to break the line.

Penalty PENALTY, CHEETAHS, WATTS, 3-3. From nearly right in front Watts slots it through the middle.

6 The Cheetahs have their first chance to have a go with a line-out on the 10m line. They run hard and get some early momentum as they bash it into the 22 and are awarded a penalty as Steven Sykes comes in from the side and Luke Watson doesn't release the tackled player - a double whammy.

Penalty PENALTY, KINGS, CATRAKILLIS, 3-0. The fly-half makes no mistake from 45 out and the first points are on the board.

3 Stuart Berry gets us underway with Demetri Catrakilis going deep. Elgar Watts clears to the 10m line. The Kings work it through the phases but they're met with strong defence. They only made it 5 or so meters in 12 phases but they've won the penalty as the Cheetahs come in from the side.

Nearly there The players are out in the middle and we're about to get underway.

Weather It's a beautiful day in Port Elizabeth with the sun shining brightly and despite being often refereed to as the 'windy city', there is no wind to speak of today.

Team News The Kings have made just one change to the starting XV that did battle against the Highlanders, with full-back SP Marais returning from injury to displace George Whitehead who drops to the bench. Flanker Jacques Engelbrecht is another who is back to full fitness but he has to contend for a spot among the replacements for the moment. Ryno Benjamin comes in on the wing in the only personnel swap for the Cheetahs, with the former Sevens star replacing Raymond Rhule who is riding pine this week.

Welcome Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the Super Rugby clash between the Southern Kings and the Cheetahs in Port Elizabeth.

Updates to appear here at 14:45 local (13:45 BST, 12:45 GMT)

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