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Melbourne Rebels

  • English (2),
    Penalty goals: Woodward (4),
    Conversions: Woodward,
24 - 22


  • Folau,
    Penalty goals: McKibbin, Barnes (4),
    Conversions: Barnes,
  • Super Rugby
  • Overall Group
  • 24th May 2013
  • KO 10:40
  • Ground: AAMI Park, Melbourne

Rebels v Waratahs - Live

Last updated: 24th May 2013  

Full Time Rebels 24-22 Waratahs. A great result for the Rebels who continued to improve. Both teams played some attacking rugby which was great to watch despite a number of unforced errors. Neither side gave an inch but it was the Rebels who had that extra little bit of spark when it mattered and they take the victory as a result. That's it for today's Super Rugby action, join us again tomorrow.

80 One last chance for the Waratahs, discipline is key for the Rebels. Hooper carries it into Rebels territory. The hooter goes but the 'Tahs are still going. Skelton makes a break in midfield but he's isolated and the ball is turned over. Stirzaker clears and that's it, the Rebels have done it! It's two in a row and perhaps more importantly their first win over the Waratahs!

79 The kick looked good at first but it snakes out to the right and the Rebels remain in front!

78 Ooh, that could be a costly error as the ball is brought back into the 22 from the restart and Hegarty kicks it out on the full. A good maul up from the line-out and the Rebels have to come in from the side to bring it down. Penalty 10 in from touch and McKibbin is going to have a shot at goal.

TRY76 TRY, REBELS, ENGLISH 24-22. Advantage to the Rebels as the 'Tahs knock it forward. First Higginbotham bashes it up and then Woodward breaks through excellently. Great awareness from the full-back as he runs towards support in midfield where he finds Nic Stirzaker in the 22. They bash it up for a few phases before moving it wide and some good hands from Neville and Mitchell allows English to dive over in the corner for his second. For once Woodward is wide with the kick.

73 Mitchell is take into touch on the far side but the assistant has awarded the line-out to the 'Tahs as the ball came off Delve as Mitchell looked to fling the ball back into play. Inman hammers Ashley-Cooper in midfield once more (they've had a great battle) but the Waratahs are able to hold on to the ball. Skelton, Dennis and Hooper all bash it up but the Rebels defence is standing firm. Foley makes some ground on the short side and they're just outside the 22 with the 14th phase. Great patience but after 22nd phases the Rebels turn it over and Higginbotham finds touch.

69 We have a similar situation here for the Warathas as to what happened with Barnes earlier with a quick throw taken illegally and as a result the 'Tahs have a scrum 5 into the Rebels half.

Penalty68 PENALTY, WARATAHS, MCKIBBIN, 22-19. The Waratahs manage to gather the kick-off and they're on the front foot working hard to make ground in the 22. Higginbotham goes off his feet in his attempt to win the ball at ruck time and the McKibbin has a chance to put the Waratahs back in front.

Penalty65 PENALTY, REBELS, WOODWARD 19-19. We're all tied up at AAMI Park as Woodward slots the penalty from straight in front!

64 A set move at the front of the line-out involving Phipps retains possession but doesn't quite have the desired effect. No matter, the Rebels continued on attack and Hooper is penalised for not supporting his own weight as he looks for the steal.

62 Replacement Paddy Ryan is penalised for some obstruction after the ball is cleared from the ruck and Woodward sets up a line-out on edge of the 'Tahs 22.

61 Skelton loses the ball in the tackle on halfway as Higginbotham pounces on him but Phipps puts it out on the full and it's a Waratahs line-out just inside the Rebels half.

Penalty59 PENALTY, REBELS, WOODWARD The full-back makes no mistake and the gap is down to just three.

59 The ball is loose - again - but the Waratahs manage to scramble and get it back. The Rebels go offside and the 'Tahs can clear. Foley does so but not to touch (not the first time that mistake has been made) and the Rebels kick it back. Hooper is pinged for offside and Woodward is going to have a shot from 45 back.

56 A short arm to the Waratahs from the scrum and the men in light blue spread it wide, There is a massive hit on Ashley-Cooper by Inman though and the ball squirts loose. The Rebels look to counter but Ashley-Cooper gets his own back by cracking into Woodward who spills it. Waratahs scrum on the halfway.

54 Slight relief for the Rebels as Hegarty nearly finds the 10m line. He's under a lot of pressure, the Waratahs seem to see him as a potential weak link. The line-out is scrappy and it comes out on the Rebels side. The ball is punted down to Betham who looks to run rather than kick and the Waratahs work the ball through the phases in their own half. The ball goes forward from a Lucas pass and the move is brought to an end with the men from Sydney having failed to get out of their half. The Waratahs are sticking to the attacking game plan that has served them well but they just aren't executing as well today. Barnes comes off and is replaced by Horne, he was struggling with his right leg.

51 The Rebels swing it wide and the ball gets stuck at ruck time with Ashley-Cooper working hard to get it from the 'Tahs but a scrum is called. The ball goes loose as the Rebels attack after Ashley-Cooper charges down a Hegarty kcik and hacks it ahead. There are plenty of Rebels back to defend and the ball is cleared but it's hit right back at them. More pressure this time and Hegarty clears poorly and we go back for a scrum inside the Rebels 22.

48 The Waratahs get an early chance to clear their lines as Higginbotham is pinged in the tackle and Barnes sets up a line-out on halfway. Barnes grubbers the ball down the near touchline where Woodward collects. The full-back has little room for the kick but manages to get it away. Barnes tries to take a quick throw but is called back for taking the quickie with a foot in play. It's seems a silly call but he was someway in. The result is a Rebels scrum just in Waratahs territory.

Penalty45 PENALTY, WARATAHS, BARNES 19-13. A bit of a delay as Wycliff Palu receives some treatment for a head wound. Penalty to the Waratahs through as Weeks goes to ground and Barnes has a long shot. He strikes it cleanly and the lead is up to six. Barnes looks to be in a bit of discomfort after that kick.

43 Timani bursts through the line in midfield but an optimistic attempt at an offload doesn't go to hand and it's a Rebels scrum on halfway.

42 Hooper drives strongly and looks to have knocked it on but the ball is ruled to have come off the boot. The 'Tahs are penalised for going off their feet though and the Rebels have a penalty. Poor stuff though as touch isn't found and after an exchange of kicks it's a Waratahs line-out on their 10m line.

Half Time REBELS 13 - 16 WARATAHS. It's the visitors who have their noses in front after an entertaining first half. Both sides have shown a willingness to run the ball - and have done so well - but they need to cut down on the handling errors.

40 Barnes charges down a Hegarty kick on halfway but Fuglistaller does well at the ruck to force the 'Tahs to hold on and the Rebels have a penalty. They decide against going for posts and set up a line-out just outside the 22. The ball is well collected by Higginbotham at the line-out but English knocks on in the midfield and the Waratahs try to work it out from their 22 but a handling error brings the half to an end.

Conversion37 CONVERSION, WARATAHS, BARNES . Barnes makes it four from four as he adds the extras.

TRY36 TRY, WARATAHS, FOLAU 14-13. They weren't counting on that though as Mitchell tries to shovel the ball to Woodward out wide and Folau grabs an intercept!

36 Folau does well to gather an up and under to secure possession. Benn Robinson breaks strongly into the Rebels half and the Waratahs quickly gain some great momentum. They're inside the 22 and recycling the ball and more a moment they're stagnant and the Rebels get the ball back and they look to counter attack.

34 Barnes clears out to Woodward who goes for a drop goal from 48m out and it's just wide - a great effort.

33 PENALTY, WARATAHS, BARNES 9-13. Super tackle from Sitaleki Timani as he hammers Luke Jones and the Rebels are forced to go off their feet to retain possession. Barnes makes no mistake and the Waratahs hit back immediately.

Penalty31 PENALTY, REBELS, WOODWARD 13-6. Woodward does the business from about 10 wide of the left upright.

31 Sidey squeezes through the Waratahs defence and offloads to his skipper. They look to move the ball wide but they can't as Wycliff Palu kicks the ball as he clears out of the ruck.

29 Disappointing from John Ulugia as the throw into the line-out isn't straight. The Waratahs absolutely demolish the Rebels scrum and it looks like they'll get the ball but it's knocked on at the base and the Rebels get another chance to clear with Hegarty finding touch 35 out from the Waratahs line. The visitors knock it on as they looked to move the ball from the line-out and the Rebels have a scrum in midfield.

26 The Waratahs spread it wide and with Folau injecting himself into proceedings they have an extra man but the full-back can't offload to Mitchell as he's taken in a strong tackle. The teams exchange kicks before Dave Dennis breaks down the wing and after bursting into the 22 gives it off to Peter Betham but he's got no room to move, he should have made an inside run. The Rebels get it at the ruck and clear but the Waratahs are still on the front foot with a line-out just outside the 22.

24 Inman is brought back into the line in a set move from the scrum. He makes a half break but soon the Waratahs are back with their stern defence. The ball goes wide and is knocked on by Sidey.

22 Hegarty decides to take the tackle with the Waratahs defence moving up quickly. The ball is caught up in the ruck and we have a Rebels scrum just inside the Waratahs half.

21 A knock on from the Rebels is snapped up by Kane Douglas. Barnes clears to halfway. A crunching tackle in the midfield sees the ball spilled by the hosts once more. They don't have to wait too long to get the ball back though as another handling error allows English to break down the near touchline but he's tackled into touch before he can stretch his legs.

18 It's the 'Tahs who are pinged at the scrum on this occasion, the call is scrumming at an angle. Woodward sets up a line-out just outside the opposition 22.

17 Great work from the Waratahs pack as the scrum goes through the 90 and put in is given to the 'Tahs. Folau breaks out from the scrum and he finds Barnes who is into the Rebels half! The ball goes loose though and the Rebels look to toe it ahead. The Waratahs manage to dive on it but Ashley-Cooper knocks it forward on halfway and it's a Rebels scrum. This game is off to a fast start.

15 Wow the Rebels look good on attack! A great little chip and chase by Woodward who passes to English and then inside to Higginbotham as they surge into the 22. Great work from Phipps, Robinson and Weeks as they move towards the line but they're held up over the line.

Penalty13 PENALTY, WARATAHS, BARNES 6-10. Barnes chips away at the lead with another three-pointer.

13 The Rebels knock on at the restart and they're made to pay as Mitchell darts down the near touchline before passing inside where the Rebels swarm in cover. They go offside at the ensuing ruck and the 'Tahs have a penalty out in front.

Conversion11 CONVERSION, REBELS, WOODWARD 10-3. Super kick from out wide from Woodward to add the extras!

TRY10 TRY, REBELS, ENGLISH 8-3. Super stuff from the Rebels! They grab the ball from a ruck at the restart and Phipps breaks towards the far touchline and they get with five metres. The ball is spread wide and Inman shovels it off to Woodward who does really well to draw some of the defence before handing it to Tom English who dives over in the corner! Poor defending from Drew Mitchell who didn't trust the defenders inside him and paid the price.

Penalty8 PENALTY, WARATAHS, BARNES 3-3. Barnes levels matters without any trouble.

8 The Rebels clear from the restart but there was a man in front of the kicker and after a spell of advantage where the Waratahs go from side to side without much forward thrust they go back to the penalty against Mitch Inman right in front.

Penalty6 PENALTY, REBELS, WOODWARD 3-0. A sweet strike from Woodward from about 45 out and the Rebels have the first points of the match.

5 The Rebels are under pressure at the first scrum but Higginbotham does well to pick up from the base and drive forward. The Waratahs are under pressure and the Rebels will have a shot at goal.

4 The left boot of Drew Mitchell clears and Jason Woodward brings it back with a great up and under. Israel Folau goes up for it but can't take, luckily for the number 15 the ball goes backwards. A bit of a kicking battle breaks out before Folau spills it in midfield just short of halfway.

2 A poor start from the Rebels as they're penalised at the first ruck of the match but they're not made to pay as Barnes doesn't find touch with the penalty and the ball is kicked back into the 'Tahs 22.

Away we go Bryce Hegarty gets us underway!

Weather It's a lovely evening in Melbourne, great conditions for rugby.

Team news Scrum-half Nick Phipps and second rower Luke Jones are back for the Rebels, replacing Nic Stirzaker and Cadeyrn Neville respectively from the side that beat the Stormers last time out. After a great effort off the bench last time out, Berrick Barnes comes in at 12 while Matt Lucas, another who has shone as a replacement gets a run in place of Brendan McKibbin at scrum-half. At hooker, Tatafu Polota-Nau is ruled out by a broken arm with John Ulugia his replacement.

Welcome Hello and welcome to AAMI Park in Melbourne for this Super Rugby derby between our hosts, the Rebels, and the Waratahs. Don't go away! We'll be back soon with team news.

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