Home team Away Team


  • Todd, Flynn,
    Penalty goals: Carter (3),
    Conversions: Carter (2),
23 - 22


  • Betham, Crawford, Foley,
    Penalty goals: McKibbin,
    Conversions: McKibbin (2),
  • Super Rugby
  • Overall Group
  • 31st May 2013
  • KO 08:35
  • Ground: AMI Stadium, Christchurch

Crusaders v Waratahs - Live

Last updated: 31st May 2013  

Full Time Crusaders 23-22 Waratahs. A great comeback from the Crusaders after they were outplayed in the first 40. One has to look at the substitution of McKibbin and Horne as a turning point, with the number nine in particular having controlled proceedings brilliantly for the visitors. The 'Tahs attack slowed after he went off and with the Crusaders dominating territory they were able to do enough to get over the line.

80 He slices it to the right! The Crusaders have won it! That could be the Waratahs season gone there.

80 Penalty! The Crusaders are pinged for going down and Barnes has a kick from 10 in to win it!

79 A knock on at the restart from the Crusaders. Four reset scrums as they go to ground on each occasion. This is really eating up the time! The Waratahs keep the ball in the scrum as they look to milk a penalty but as the front rows go up referee Jackson blows for another scrum rather than a penalty. This is turning into all or nothing for the Waratahs.

Penalty74 PENALTY, CRUSADERS, CARTER 23-22. From 49m out but right in front, Carter just gets it over by a whisker. An inch further back and it wouldn't have had the legs! The Crusaders are ahead.

73 The Waratahs look to run it out of their half but they're not going anywhere so Barnes boots it down field. Marshall runs it up over halfway and the ball goes forward. It's hacked ahead by the Wawratahs and the Crusaders are back to cover Carter runs it up to halfway and the ball is moved wide but it's knocked on by the replacement Moody. The Waratahs were offside though.

71 A misstep from the Waratahs this time as Foley puts it straight into touch after an attack breaks down just inside the 'Tahs half. It's not particularly pretty from the Crusaders as the ball bobbles about as they move it from side to side. A bit of space on the near touchline but Carter's quick pass asks a bit too much from Romano who knocks on.

68 The ball goes loose as Dagg looks to run it over halfway but Dennis puts a foot in touch as he looks to gather. It's the skipper's last action as he limps off. Oh boy, another skew through from Funnell.

Penalty67 PENALTY, CRUSADERS, CARTER 20-22. The All Black makes no mistake from 10 in from the far touchline and the hosts are closing in.

65 Whitelock picks up from the back of the scrum and they go to the blindside. Ellis puts in a neat little grubber into the 22 and the Crusaders have a penalty for obstruction! They decide to go for posts with the game a lot closer now.

64 Folau is hit hard in the tackle as he looks to run the ball over halfway. The Crusaders are really hitting the tackle hard and they manage to grab possession. The ball is caught in the ruck and the Crusaders have a scrum on the 'Tahs 10m.

Conversion63 CONVERSION, CRUSADERS, CARTER 17-22. It's a five-point ball game as Carter adds the conversion.

TRY62 TRY, CRUSADERS, TODD 15-22. It looks like the Crusaders have messed up another line-out but referee Jackson awards them a penalty for the support player being taken out. They maul it up from the resulting line-out and despite the Waratahs best efforts to bring it down they're over the line and Jackson goes to the TMO with the question 'is there any reason why I can't award the try?'. The replays are inconclusive but due to the question that had been asked the try is awarded.

60 A bit of a bobble from Luke Whitelock at the back of the scrum but there is no knock. Strong running from Carter as he smashes his way into the 22. The Waratahs are penalised for off-side and Carter sets up a line-out on the 10m.

59 Interesting changes for the Waratahs as the impressive McKibbin is taken off as is Rob Horne with Matt Lucas and Berrick Barnes coming on. The Crusaders do really well at the maul and manage to hold the ball up to win themselves a scrum in midfield.

57 The Crusaders put in a bit of an extra shove after the scrum goes down and the Waratahs don't appreciate it and a bit of pushing and shoving results. Another messy scrum but it's the visitors who get the penalty and clear it to their 10m.

55 Bird takes it at the back of the line-out and they look to drive it up and the Waratahs illegally bring it down. Another penalty and another line-out just short of the line. Really poor from Funnell as for the second time he can't deliver a straight throw even though the Waratahs aren't competing.

54 From a line-out just outside the 22 the Crusaders look to bash it through the midfield. They get a penalty from off-side and Carter sets up another line-out on the 5m.

52 Quick ball from the line-out and there is some good work interplay between McKibbin and Hooper before Ashley-Cooper carries it strongly just short of the 22. The 'Tahs start to go backwards and under some solid defence the Waratahs are pinged for going off their feet.

51 Another basic error from the hosts as Tom Marshall delivers a pass in the midfield that is a mile forward. The Waratahs get a penalty from the scrum as the Crusaders go in on the angle and Foley sets up a line-out just past the Crusaders 10m.

49 Ben Funnell is on for Flynn and his first act is to deliver a skew throw on the Waratahs 10m line. The Waratahs spread it from the line-out but a loose pass sees the ball go into touch but there was a knock on first so it's a 'Saders scrum on the Waratahs 10m right on the near touchline.

Conversion46 CONVERSION, WARATAHS, MCKIBBIN. 22-10. A nice little lead here for the Waratahs as McKibbin adds two more.

TRY45 TRY, WARATAHS, FOLEY 20-10. Good defence in midfield but the ball is moved wide to Hooper who makes some good ground down the near touchline before throwing a wild ball back infield. The Crusaders grab it put there is an intercept from Dennis! The skipper races down field before handing it off to Foley who goes over under pressure from Guildford.

43 Overthrown by Ulugia and Todd runs onto it with great pace. Heinz puts in a chip over the top to Folau who hammers it into the Crusaders 22. Dagg brings out the big punt and puts the Waratahs back into their own half.

42 Carter clears to his 10m and the Waratahs ball from the line-out is untidy but McKibbin scrambles to collect and the 'Saders are pinged for going off their feet. Foley sets up another line-out about 30 out from the line.

Half Time Crusaders 10-15 Waratahs. A great first half of rugby. The Waratahs are showing an attacking threat with ball in hand that has been missing from their play for a number of seasons. A try just before the break has put the Crusaders back in it and the second half promises more top class action.

40 The hooter sounds as the kick-off is taken and the Crusaders boot it into touch to bring the half to a close.

Conversion40 CONVERSION, CRUSADERS, CARTER 10-15. Carter adds the extras.

TRY40 TRY, CRUSADERS, FLYNN 8-15. Jackson awards the penalty and Carter taps and goes from under the posts. He's just short but the ball bounces out from the ruck and Flynn goes over. Great patience and it's rewarded.

39 Another strong scrum from the Waratahs puts the Crusaders under pressure but they manage to retain possession. McKibbin nearly snags his opposite number but knocks it on and the Crusaders continue with their attack. Really strong run from Laulala as the prop bashes it up to about 5 out from the line. The Waratahs are putting a lot of pressure on the ball and it's making life tough for the hosts. Man after man carries towards the line.

36 The Waratahs unwillingness to clear from their own 22 costs them on this occasion as a knock out on the 22 hands the Crusaders an attacking platform.

TRY35 TRY, WARATAHS, BETHAM. Awesome stuff from the 'Tahs. Brilliant set move from the line-out sees Hooper break through the midfield before shown great pace to round Dagg and give it to Betham out wide. Despite having four defenders around him, the winger somehow manages to get over in the corner! McKibbin misses with the conversion.

33 Read collects the 22 and the ball is moved wide to Crotty. It looks like Hooper has stolen it but while he's come from an on-side position the ball wasn't out yet. A great kick from the sideline from Carter as he manages to set up a line-out 10 out despite having no angle of note to work with. The Crusaders look to work it out but they lack the fluency of their opposition and they're penalised for crossing.

30 Horne looks to punch through any possible gaps but he finds some solid defence. McCutcheon carries it up strongly to the 10m line but he's pinged for holding on with Romano ready to steal it. Carter will have another shot. Another strong kick from the fly-half but it just shades to the left.

27 Knock on from Read as he comes from on-side to pinch a ball from the back of the ruck put he can't hold on. Waratahs scrum on their own 10m line.

Penalty26 PENALTY, CRUSADERS, CARTER 3-10. Interesting that Carter is having the shot as Tom Taylor has had great success of late. The number ten rewards the faith shown in him as he finds the target to put the Crusaders on the board.

24 Carter goes long from the restart this time and Foley clears to his 10m line. Whitelock brings down the line-out and the hosts look for a chance to attack. It's not particularly smooth but Horne is off-side and Carter will have a shot at goal from the 10m line.

Conversion23 CONVERSION, WARATAHS, MCKIBBIN 10-0. No mistake from McKibbin and the Waratahs are off to a great start.

TRY21 TRY, WARATAHS, CRAWFORD, 8-0. From a line-out 5 out, Horne is brought into the line but the defence is big and the 'Tahs momentarily have to go back to regain their rhythm. Good work from McKibbin, Robinson and Ashley-Cooper before Foley gets tackled five short from the line. It's relentless stuff from the Waratahs. Wow, 17 phases later Crawford manages to crawl over for a very well-deserved try!

19 Crawford does well to gather a loose pass and break through the first tackle as the Waratahs really look strong with ball in hand. They're just outside the 22 as Jackson calls advantage and the hosts are penalised for not rolling away and the visitors have another penalty.

17 Dagg hammers a kick down field and it's Cam Crawford who clears to the 10m line. Another line-out goes wrong for Flynn, this time a skew throw and the Waratahs have the ball once more.

15 Read, Heinz and Guidlford work the blindside well and the Crusaders are up to the 22 before they lose possession and the Waratahs bring it back at them. The 'Tahs backs are looking really slick but the hosts manage to hack the ball into the 22 as the ball goes loose from the ruck. Ashley-Cooper manages to gather and Betham clears to halfway.

14 A bit of a mess here as Whitelock is unbound from the scrum for some time but isn't penalised. McKibbin puts in a poor pass to Foley but Todd gets a hand on it and it's a Waratahs scrum. It's the men in red who get the call at the scrum this time as referee Jackson hands them a short arm for an early engagement. They call for another scrum.

12 Wow, you don't see that often as we have a tighthead! A thumping tackle from Laulala as he briefly puts a stop to some quick attack from the Waratahs. The visitors are running with great purpose though and they're really hitting the line well. Scrum to the Waratahs as the ball is held up at ruck time just inside the Crusaders half.

10 Good work from Ashley-Cooper as he makes Taylor pay for rushing out of the line and for a moment the 'Tahs have some space but Betham knocks on.

9 The restart is knocked on by the home side, Waratahs scrum 30 out from their own line. A terrible flick off the back from Dennis puts his side under massive pressure but they manage to regain possession and Carter is pinged for playing the ball on the ground and the Waratahs set up a line-out just inside enemy territory.

Penalty6 PENALTY, WARATAHS, MCKIBBIN 3-0. McKibbin makes no mistake and we have the first points on the board.

5 The Waratahs move it from side to side without making much ground. Folau breaks a tackle and they're up to the Crusaders 10m line. After a host of phases the 'Saders are pinged for not rolling away and the Waratahs have a penalty about 45 out but right in front.

3 A great kick-off from Carter, just over the ten and the Waratahs can't control as the ball goes out for a Crusaders line-out. Whitelock bashes it up and Carter puts in a lovely little grubber into the 22 and McKibbin does really well to get a clearance off under heavy pressure. The line-out on the 22 goes astray and the Waratahs are able to clear. The two Israels, Dagg and Folau, exchange kicks before Guildford runs it up to halfway. The ball is shifted wide and a loose pass goes out on halfway but it's adjudged to have gone forward.

Away we go Glen Jackson blows his whistle and we're off!

Weather It's a perfect night for rugby. Perhaps a little chilly and there is a bit of dew on the surface but with no wind about it's a great night for running rugby.

Team news Waratahs captain Dave Dennis has switched to number eight for the match, with Pat McCutcheon taking over on the blindside flank. Scrum-half Brendan McKibbin and inside centre Rob Horne are restored to the line-up at the expense of Matt Lucas and Berrick Barnes who drop to the replacements bench. For the Crusaders, Corey Flynn returns from injury to replace Ben Funnell in the number two jersey. Elsewhere in the pack, a fractured finger sees Sam Whitelock miss out, with Dominic Bird his replacement. Among the backs, Willie Heinz takes over the scrum-half duties from Andy Ellis.

Welcome Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the Super Rugby clash between the Crusaders and the Waratahs from the AMI Stadium in Christchurch.

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