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Southern Kings

  • Penalty goals: Catrakilis (4),
12 - 24


  • Fourie (2),
    Penalty goals: Jantjies (3), Pietersen,
    Conversions: Jantjies,
  • Super Rugby
  • Overall Group
  • 6th Jul 2013
  • KO 16:05

Kings v Stormers - Live

Last updated: 6th July 2013  

Full Time 24-12. The Stormers will be happy to leave Port Elizabeth with a victory but with their chances of qualification over it means little. The Kings still have plenty to play for with their promotion/relegation bout with the Lions looming.

80 Cilliers and de Jongh bash it up before Groom puts in a cross kick which Killian is ruled to have deliberately pushed into touch. It's a bit farcical really. The Stormers run it up but it's the Kings who have the last run as they turn it over and Vergallo and Sampson look to work it up the far touchline. There is a knock though and that's the final whistle, for definite this time.

80 Lovely running from the Kings backs as they spread the ball through the hands. The Stormers manage to win it back on the ground though and as the Kings look to counter ruck they're penalised. The Stormers take a quick tap and work it into the Kings half where they get another penalty, this time for off-side. Aplon can't hold on though and that should be that. Unfortunately there was a bit of a scuffle after Sykes tackled the winger so we wait for a TMO decision. The tackled is ruled to be penalisable so the game continues for one last movement.

Conversion79 CONVERSION, STORMERS, JANTJIES, 24-12. From out wide Jantjies unleashes another good strike to add two more to the scoreboard.

TRY78 TRY, STORMERS, FOURIE 22-12. Great try from Fourie! The Stormers brought out the rolling ball once more and the skipper broke off the back as it began to stall and he beats three tackles and takes further defenders over with him as he's helped over the line. That should be that in terms of the result.

76 The Stormers win a penalty from the scrum but it's just outside Jantjies range so he sets up a line-out on the Kings' 22.

75 Sampson does really well to collect a high kick from Groom and then release the ball inside before he was tackled into touch. The ball goes wide and the Kings lose the ball on the floor and it's a Stormers scrum just inside the Kings' half.

74 Habana clears the restart to halfway. The winger is back in action as he collects another box kick really well. Whitehead shows he can do just the same as the Kings regain possession and decide to play the territory game as Catrakilis finds touch just inside the Stormers 22.

Penalty71 PENALTY, STORMERS, JANTJIES 17-12. From straight in front, Jantjies makes no mistake.

70 Good defence from the Kings, they're not committing too many men to the breakdown and that's allowing them to stand firm. Eventually there is a high tackle from Strauss in the midfield and the Stormers have a penalty.

68 Catrakilis gets involved in another kicking battle and the Stormers this time have the line-out on halfway.

67 A good pieces of stepping from Jantjies gives the Stormers some momentum by Elstadt is driven back in a strong tackle. The Kings win the ball on the floor and but they're unable to do anything with it and the ball gets caught up in the ruck and it's a Kings scrum.

66 Catrakilis and first Habana and then Aplon exchange kicks, with the end result a Kings line-out on halfway. The Line-out is stolen by the Stormers and the replacement nine Groom puts in the box kick. The Kings at first look to have secured the ball but a knock on puts the Stormers on the front foot.

64 The Stormers work it through six phases before a poor inside ball from Jantjies is knocked on.

63 Substitute Devin Oosthuizen does well to steal the ball for the Kings but as it's spread wide the pass from Whitehead is behind the man and the Stormers have a line-out not far from the Kings 22.

61 A poor box kick from Venter but Killian gets him out of jail as he collects the kick well. The ball moves wide and Strauss is penalised for holding on. Stormers penalty on their 10m line and Jantjies sets up the line-out 30 out. The line-out goes astray though and Venter clears with another box kick.

Penalty59 PENALTY, KINGS, CATRAKILIS 12-14. The kick is 15m in from the near touchline and about 40 out which is no problem for Catrakilis as he brings the deficit back down to two points.

58 Some lovely stepping from Habana puts Aplon into space down the near touchline and Venter does well to come across and make the tackle. Kings line-out on halfway. Sykes takes the line-out and they maul it up. Etzebeth comes in from the side and the Kings get the penalty as the maul collapses.

Penalty56 PENALTY, STORMERS, JANTJIES 14-9. With Pietersen off the field permanently now, Jantjies has the kicking duties and he obligies by adding three more points to the total.

55 Messy from the Kings and Fourie hoofs it into the Kings half and Habana chases well. Jantjies finds space behind the Kings in their 22 and sets up an attacking line-out but it's Kings ball. The hosts make no mistake with the line-out and Whitehead clears to halfway. Van den Heever takes it quickly and the Stormers are back on the attack. The Stormers backs and forwards combine well and they earn themselves a penalty.

52 A neat little move at the front of the scrum sees Ntubeni tackled into touch and then Etzebeth shoves his face into the face of his opposite number and somehow he manages to escape any sanction. Terrible decision. Anyway, Kings line-out inside the Stormers half.

51 The Stormers regain possession and they once again work it through the phases just inside Kings territory but don't make much ground. Jantjies goes to the boot and tries to find space but instead he finds Whitehead who puts a beautiful kick in that rolls out inside the Stormers 22.

49 Some aerial ping pong ends with Jantjies finding touch inside Kings territory. For a match with nothing but pride riding on it, one may have hoped for more running rugby.

48 Aplon chases a Schreuder up and under well but Sampson collects and holds on under pressure. Both sides have a go at countering but as the Kings move the ball wide up on halfway there is a knock on from Nel and the Stormers have a scrum.

46 Schreuder puts in a high one and Habana gets a hand on it as it goes into touch on the Kings 10m line. Venter puts in another high kick and Aplon and Habana combine to make a mess of collecting it and Kilian grabs hold of it. The ball is worked wide and they have some space but Sampson is tackled into touch. The Kings are off-side as they try to put pressure on Schreuder at the base but they're too eager and are penalised.

43 The Kings look to move the ball smartly down the short side from the restart and it looks for a moment like Killian may find some space but he's tackled into touch by Habana. Jantjies can't hold on to the ball in midfield, it goes backwards, but the Stormers lose momentum. After 10 phases they've only gone backwards so de Allende puts in a little chip over the top which is does really well to collect. The ball goes loose though and Catrakilis clears.

We are back The players are out in the middle and Joe Pietersen gets the second half underway.

Half Time Kings 9-11 Stormers

40 Pietersen's conversion attempt is off the upright and that's the end of the first half.

TRY39 TRY, STORMERS, FOURIE 11-9. It's third time lucky for the Kings as Ntubeni finds his man this time and the forwards maul it up with Fourie controlling it from the back and they eventually collapse over the line.

38 Some strong running from the Stormers backs and they get into the 22 where the Kings infringe and once more there are words between the ref and the Kings players, they're on the verge of another yellow card.

37 Catrakilis has the distance but it bounces off the upright! Killian does well to get up there and put pressure on the Stormers but he takes Jantjies in the air and the Stormers have the penalty which is cleared to the 10m line.

35 The Kings line-out doesn't go according to plan but they're able to tidy it up. The Stormers try to drive over the ball but are penalised for a dangerous tackle a little earlier. There is another flare up just off the ball but again it's just a bit of pushing.

33 It's a bit messy from the Stormers and the Kings manage to snuffle possession back but Venter's clearance comes off the side of the boot and straight up into the air and Habana collects. Some confusion as the Stormers put the kick in and Sampson collects, he tries to call a mark but his calls fall on deaf airs as he's tackled into touch. The Stormers take the line-out quickly and they move it from one side of the field to the next. A great angled run from Habana gets them withing metres but the Kings are rewarded for great defence with a penalty. The Stormers then aid them further with some backchat that sees Lourens van der Merwe march them 10ms further back. Kings line-out on halfway.

30 The Kings are struggling at the moment, even on their own ball. After one reset they manage to clear it to Strauss who take the tackle and sets up the ball for Catrakilis to clear well under pressure.

27 The Stormers win first a turnover and then a penalty from the restart. For the second time Scarra Ntubeni overthrows it at the key moment though. They get a second chance though as Catrakilis can't hold on to the loose ball.

Penalty25 PENALTY, KINGS, CATRAKILIS 9-6. The Kings are back in front and they're back to 15 men too as Kemp comes onto the field.

24 Jantjies clears from the restart and it's George Whitehead who takes it (he's on as a replacement) and he puts in an up and under that's too deep and Pietersen takes the mark. The hosts collect a line-out just inside their own half and a neat little move down the short side sees Venter put Michael Kllian into space. The Stormers get their hands back on it but they've done so illegally.

Penalty21 PENALTY, STORMERS, PIETERSEN 6-6. From about 45m out, Pietersen levels the scores.

20 Some all too obvious hands in the ruck from Maku and he's really lucky not to see yellow with the team on a warning and captain Strauss pleads with his team not to be so silly.

19 It's held at the back by Deon Fourie and the Kings are having trouble bringing the maul to a halt so they're forced to bring it down illegally. Advantage is played but miscommunication between Jantjies and de Allende results in a knock on. We go back for another penalty and the Kings are on a team warning. The line-out goes wrong for the visitors and the Kings clear. Pietersen collects and Aplon runs at the defence. Eben Etzebeth makes something out of nothing as he breaks through the middle but his offload goes forward and Catrakilis clears.

17 The Stormers set up a line-out just inside their half and drive it up to halfway where they're awarded a penalty as Darron Nell comes in from the side. Another line-out, this time 15 out from the Kings line.

Penalty14 PENALTY, STORMERS, JANTJIES. 3-6 With Joe Pietersen off the field receiving treatment to a cut lip, it's Elton Jantjies who steps up to take the kick and he makes no mistake.

13 Heavy pressure from the Stormers at the scrum and they're awarded a penalty for their efforts. Great hit from number one Steven Kitshoff.

12 Catrakilis clears from his 22 and Jantjies returns it with an up and under that is knocked on by his opposite number. The Stormers have possession so advantage is played and they use it well as van der Heever (on as a blood replacement) gets within five from the line on the near touchline. Damian de Allende knocks it on to bring a close to a promising piece of play.

Penalty10 PENALTY, KINGS, CATRAKILIS 6-0. No mistake from the fly-half.

10 Cornell du Preez breaks through the midfield from a set play from the line-out. The ball is knocked on by Bandise Maku but they go back to a penalty for not releasing the tackled player and Catrakilis has a shot from right in front.

8 It's slow ball for the Kings so Catrakilis tries to go for the drop goal but it drifts to the right. Stormers 22. A penalty to the visitors this time. Louis Schreuder takes it quickly and breaks into the Kings half for the first time. Elton Jantjies makes a mess of it in the midfield and the ball spills loose and is collected by Andries Strauss who quickly shovels the ball wide to Marcello Sampson who surges into Stormers territory. The Kings recycle the ball but it's knocked on and the Stormers clear. SP Marais carries the ball into touch but Juan de Jongh foolishly dives onto him once he's on the ground and the Kings have a penalty.

4 The Kings collect the restart and Shaun Venter puts in an up and under. Nizeem Carr collects but he's under pressure and has to hold on and is penalised. Catrakilis sets up an line-out just on his side of the Stormers 22.

Penalty3 PENALTY, KINGS, CATRAKILIS 3-0. No mistake from the fly-half as the Kings are on the board early.

2 Demetri Catrakilis gets us underway! Joe Pietersen puts it on the boot straight away and the Kings have a line-out on the Stormers 22. The visitors are pinged for off-side at the maul and Lourens van der Merwe blows for a penalty to the Kings. An early shot at goal coming up for Catrakilis.

Conditions are perfect for this encounter, it's clear and there is little wind about. Hopefully we'll have some great running rugby this afternoon.

Team news The Kings have named an unchanged starting XV from the one that lost to the Bulls last time out, with the only change coming on the bench where Steven Sykes returns from injury to replace Rynier Bernardo. The Stormers have lost Siya Kolisi for the season due to injury and Don Armand is the man who will wear the number seven jersey in his place. On the bench, the fit-again Rynhardt Elstadt takes Armand's place while scrum-half Nic Groom replaces Dewaldt Duvenage and Pat Cilliers returns from injury to take his place among the replacements.

Dead rubber With the Cheetahs having just claimed a win over the Blues, the Stormers can no longer qualify for the play-offs and the Kings are already set for the wooden spoon in the South African Conference so there is nothing but pride to play for in this one.

Welcome Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the Super Rugby clash between the Kings and the Stormers.

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