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  • Guildford, Marshall, Ellis,
    Penalty goals: Carter (2),
    Conversions: Carter (2),
25 - 17


  • Savea, Shields, Vito,
    Conversions: Taylor,
  • Super Rugby
  • Overall Group
  • 12th Jul 2013
  • KO 08:35
  • Ground: AMI Stadium, Christchurch

Crusaders v Hurricanes - Live

Last updated: 12th July 2013  

Full Time Crusaders 25-17 Hurricanes. The Crusaders stay fourth and the Chiefs are guaranteed top spot in the New Zealand Conference. It was a great game, with both sides giving it everything even though the Hurricanes had nothing but pride to play for in their final match of the season.

Conversion80 CONVERSION, CRUSADERS, CARTER 25-17. Carter makes the game safe with a great conversion and the hosts will have time for one more movement as they try to get the bonus point try.

TRY79 TRY, CRUSADERS, MARSHALL 23-17. Superb stuff! Dagg takes the kick well and it's moved quickly to Marshall who grubbers into the 22 and the winger fights off the defenders to dive onto the loose ball in the corner!

78 Forget the two tries they need for the bonus point, the Crusaders are just trying to hang on for the win here and they're doing themselves no favours as they lose another line-out.The Hurricanes move it from side to side. It's eventually put on the boot with a little chip over the top.

77 The Hurricanes grab possession once more and they more the ball into the Crusaders half, They're really running strongly and with great purpose. The Crusaders steal the ball at ruck time and Heinz clears. The Hurricanes are tackled into touch just on their side of the 10m and it's a Crusdaers line-out. It very quickly becomes a 'Canes line-out though as a move at the front of the line-out doesn't work out for the hosts. Smith and Marshall (who has really come into his own since moving to 10) probe and make it into the Crusaders half. After a number of phases the Crusaders once again are let off as Vito infringes at the ruck.

73 Controlled attack from the Hurricanes as they keep it tight before swinging it wide through Marshall and then Taylor. It looks like there may be a little knock but referee Jackson says play on. The Crusaders get a relieving penalty though as Shields hangs on at the ruck after he takes the contact when he should have gone wide.

70 Owen Franks for off-side and Taylor sets up a line-out on the Crusaders 22. The Hurricanes look to bash it up through Lee-Lo and the Hurricanes nearly strike gold as Guildford fumbles a little kick into the corner and the Hurricanes have a line-out just out.

68 James Marshall clears from the restart and the Crusaders decide to keep the ball in hand and it's run into Hurricanes territory but their is a knock on from Jimmy Tupou in midfield after a wayward pass from Carter and the Hurricanes have a scrum. Faifili Levave spills the ball from the back of the scrum and Luke Whitelock does well to scope the ball up and set the 'Saders away down the near side. They run out of space though and the Hurricanes get the ball into touch.

Conversion66 CONVERSION, HURRICANES, TAYLOR 17-18. With Barrett off it's Taylor who does the kicking and he slots it through the middle from out wide!

TRY65 TRY, HURRICANES, SAVEA 15-18. The Hurricanes probe into the 22 once more. Lee-Lo and Shields carry it up before Lowe and Vito continue to hammer it up. Smith comes into the line and the Crusaders are off-side. No matter though as the Hurricanes swing it back out wide and they create the overlap and Savea goes over in the corner.

62 The Hurricanes pinch the line-out and clear. Dagg returns it to Savea on halfway and the back three work it through the hands but don't make much headway. Todd is penalised for slowing the ball down and the Hurricanes have a line-out on the Crusaders 22.

60 The ball is spilled as an attempted wrap around between Lee-Lo and Smith doesn't go according to plan. Tom Marshall clears and the Crusaders but good pressure on with the chase and Proctor is tackled into touch on the 'Canes 10m.

59 The Hurricanes go across the field from the line-out and they get a bit of a reprieve as the Crusaders are penalised for hands in the ruck and James Marshall finds touch 20m from the Crusaders line.

57 Carter clears from the scrum and he finds Andre Taylor who looks for the corner but finds Guildford who runs it up before chipping over the top where Taylor once again collects. The Crusaders are pinged at the ensuing ruck and the Hurricanes set up a line-out inside the Crusaders half.

55 Crusaders scrum just outside of their 22 as Smith is held up in a tackle. Barrett is off, he seems to still be feeling the effects of that clash with Ellis. Flynn is also taken off as he struggles to shake off a knock after being cleaned out at the ruck.

TRY53 TRY, CRUSADERS, ELLIS 18-10. Charge down from Ellis on Perenara and the balls flies up into the air. A host of players try to claim it and it's bumped back onto the 'Canes side but it's Ellis who is on hand to gather and he goes over in the corner! Carter can't convert from out wide.

52 A short line-out from the Crusaders and they go to the back. They try to hit it up in the midfield but make little progress. Ellis picks up from the base and breaks to the left. He makes good progress before looking to find Guildford out wide when he should have held on and the ball goes into touch.

51 Yet another penalty at scrum time as Owen Franks continues to win the battle of the brothers up front. From a tight angle Carter is only able to find touch on the 22. Ben May has picked up a knock and has to come off in his last game for the 'Canes.

50 An exchange of kicks and it's the hosts who comes out on top as Savea fumbles on the 10m line as he prepares to unleash an attack before he's caught the ball. A neat kick into the corner is well gathered by James Marshall who puts in an impressive little run as he steps his way out of trouble and up to the 10m line. The ball gets held up though and it's a Crusaders scrum.

47 It's one end to the other as the Crusdaers break through Marshall. Ellis carries on the move and he gains an element of revenge on Barrett as it's the fly-half who comes out second best this time around. Thrush executes a great turnover though and Smith puts in a strong clearance kick. Carter clears from the line-out and it's a Canes line-out on halfway.

TRY44 TRY, HURRICANES, SHIELDS 8-13. Great try to the Hurricanes. It's a set move from the restart and it's Barrett who hits contact first, the ball is moved out to Shields running into the line at pace and he pierces the Crusaders defence and charges over for the try. Barrett can't convert.

43 The Hurricanes steal the throw and Lee-Lo hammers through the line and the Hurricanes get close. They butcher it and the Crusaders clear but the 'Canes have an attacking line-out on the 22.

42 Thrush carries it up strongly from the restart before Barrett clears. Ellis returns the favour before Barrett surveys his options and kicks it right back. The Crusaders kick once more and it's left to Savea to start the running but as soon as the ball is recycled Barrett kicks it into touch. A territory battle first up it is then.

Half Time Crusaders 13-5 Hurricanes. We've been treated to some good running rugby here, with both sides eager to run the ball. The rain has started to come down now which could change things a bit. One thing that won't change is the Hurricanes determination not to make this easy for the 'Saders, they're going to have to work hard for both the win and most certainly the four-try bonus.

40 A knock on from Lowe gives the 'Saders a scrum just outside their 22. They win a penalty from the scrum and Carter hammers the ball into touch to bring the first period to a close.

Penalty39 PENALTY, CRUSADERS, CARTER 13-5. No mistake from the fly-half as he slots it through the middle.

38 The Hurricanes clear from the 22 and Read runs it back into enemy territory. The tackler is pinged for not releasing the number eight and Carter has a shot from 40 out.

37 Sloppy at the back of the scrum as Ellis is able to steal the ball as it bobbles out from under Vito. Read, Guildford and Marshall are involved as the Crusaders it it up once more. The ball is worked out to Franks on the touchline and the prop is taken into touch in a super hit from Savea! He's touch in goal so it's a 22. A little bit of drizzle about. So much for what I said earlier...

36 enalty to the Crusaders on halfway as Vito is pinged for using his hands at ruck time and Carter tries to set up the line-out but doesn't find touch. The Hurricanes clear and the Crusaders run it back. The backs and forwards combine well as the ball is moved from one side to the other. They're met with strong defence though and it's only a strong break from Tom Marshall that sees them into the 22. Read and Vito clash in a big tackle but the hosts still have it. They're 10 out and attacking relentlessly. An intercept from Ben May and he sprints out of the 22. The prop tries to offload behind him and the ball goes loose and is knocked by the Crusaders.

32 A tighthead for the Crusaders! It's shuffled out to Taylor who puts his head down and goes for the line. He's hammered by Barrett who is coming across and combines with James Marshall to absolutely crack the centre. The Hurricanes are strong over the ball and win the penalty. A bit of a break as Taylor receives some treatment, he collected an elbow (accidental) in all that, and has to go off.

31 A flat ball from Carter from the line-out and it's Dagg running on at speed. The full-back is just short of the line but the ball spews loose from the ruck and while Guildford tries to regather he knocks it out. A let off for the Hurricanes.

30 The Hurricanes move the ball wide and they look a slick outfit but the ball is turned over and it's the Crusaders turn to run with it. Ellis knocks on in the tackle on the 10m and the Hurricanes clear. The Crusaders run it right back at them through Dagg and the Dixon is penalised for being offside at the ruck and Carter sets up a line-out less than 10 out from the Hurricanes line.

27 A strong run from Savea puts the Hurricanes on the front foot as they break into Crusaders territory, he puts down the shoulder and bounces Donnelly with great force. Barrett beats one as he barges through the midfield but the ball is lost forward by Thrush as he tries to gather the pop up and the Crusaders can breathe again. From the resulting scrum Carter clears to his 10m line.

Penalty25 PENALTY, CRUSADERS, CARTER 10-5. From 40 out and just outside the left upright, Carter makes no mistake.

23 A shaky scrum from the Hurricanes but they retain the pressure and Barrett clears. Smith is pinged for being in front of the kicker as he set off on his chase and the Crusaders have a penalty inside opposition territory and they've decided to go for posts.

19 The Franks brothers are packing up against each other and it's Owen who gets the better of the first scrum. The ball goes loose after a strong tackle from Gulidford and the Crusaders clear.

18 The Hurricanes use their forwards to punch the ball up and they're just short of the line. It goes wide and Smith reaches out and tries to plant it but he's just short. The Crusaders look to counter but the ball is knocked forward by Todd as he tries to grab the loose ball and the Hurricanes have a scrum five out from the line.

16 The Crusaders look for the maul from the line-out and they make some ground - although more laterally than forward. Ellis looks to go from the base and he's just short but the ball comes out on the Hurricanes side. Shields puts in a superb clearing kick (certainly not what you'd expect from a flanker!). The Crusaders out in the up and under from the resulting line-out and Savea is taken out in the air and the Hurricanes have a penalty. Barrett does just as well as Carter did earlier, setting up a line-out 7 out.

13 The Crusaders win the penalty as James Marshall hangs on after being slightly isolated as the 'Canes moved it wide. The Crusaders go for touch and Carter puts it right up near the Hurricanes line.

12 Carter clears to halfway and once again the Hurricanes are eager to run it back at them - they're playing a very high tempo game. Perenara kicks into space and it's read well by Dagg and it's now the 'Saders who look to run it. Tom Marshall does well to retain possession under pressure and the hosts work the ball wide but it's knocked on by Kieran Read.

10 The Hurricanes are solid from the restart and work the ball through the hands up to halfway were they get a penalty which is quickly taken by Smith. He makes his way past the 10m line and Barrett puts in a cross kick for Savea to chase and it's well placed but bounces into touch 10 out from the Crusaders line.

TRY8 TRY, HURRICANES, VITO 5-0. A little scrappy from the restart as the teams exchange kicks and Guildford brings play to a close with a clearing kick to 30m out. The ball is stolen in the tackle as Lee-Lo tries to bang it up in the midfield. Taylor clears and the Canes counter strongly. Matt Proctor is the man who breaks loose and he hands it wide to the far side before the Canes work it back the other way and Victor Vito goes over! We go to the TMO to check that there wasn't obstruction early in the Proctor move but the ruling goes in the Hurricanes favour and they've hit back straight away. Barrett can't add the extras as Taylor puts in a great effort to charge it down, plenty of pressure.

Conversion5 CONVERSION, CRUSADERS, CARTER 7-0. Carter adds the extras odd the far post.

TRY4 TRY, CRUSADERS, GUILDFORD, 5-0. The Hurricanes keep it close from the line-out and are under some pressure initially before Reynold Lee-Lo breaks through the first tackle and the field opens up a bit. The ball goes loose though and is hacked ahead by a Crusaders player, Zac Guildford is the man chasing it down and he boots the ball further into the in-goal area and the winger dives over for a great breakaway try.

2 Donnelly takes the kick-off and Taylor makes the clearing kick into Hurricanes territory. The visitors run it back at them before Barrett puts in a little kick behind which is gathered by Dagg who takes the mark before setting up a line-out not far from the Crusaders 22 - not the greatest kick.

Ready to go The players are out in the middle and Barrett gets us started.

Conditions It's pretty chilly tonight, just four degrees in fact, but that aside conditions are great. There is no wind and the rain that was predicted looks like it may arrive too late to impact this game.

Battle of the tens We should be in for an interesting contest between the two fly-halves tonight as Crusaders and All Black legend Dan Carter faces up against young gun Beauden Barrett. Both men have been in good form of late and will be looking to leave their mark on proceedings.

Team news Flanker Brad Shields returns to the Hurricanes starting line-up in the number six jersey, with Faifili Levave dropping to the bench. The Crusaders have made just one change as lock Tom Donnelly slots in alongside Sam Whitelock in place of the injured Luke Romano.

Welcome Hello and welcome from Christchurch for the first game of the final regular-season weekend of Super Rugby 2013. This promises to be an entertaining fixture with both teams possessing real quality in their respective squad. Throw in that the Crusaders are hunting the try bonus-point that would put pressure on the Chiefs and it should be a thrill-a-minute game. Team news is coming up...stay there.

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