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  • Penalty goals: Evans (4),
12 - 18


  • Penalty goals: O'Gara (6),
  • European Rugby Champions Cup
  • Quarter Final
  • 7th Apr 2013
  • KO 14:00
  • Ground: The Stoop
  • Att: 14,810

Harlequins v Munster - Live

Last updated: 7th April 2013  


80 Munster continue to keep it tight, deep in Harlequins territory, running the clock down. That's it! MUNSTER WIN!!! That's an upset it has to be said but they deserve it. Munster dominated the second half. Thanks for joining us, cheers!

78 Matt Hopper is on for Tom Casson but is it too late for Quins? Paddy Butler comes on for Peter O'Mahony who is bleeding from his nose. He's had a huge game.

77 Into the final minutes and Munster have possession, pounding away on the edge of the Quins 22. It's not looking good for the champions of England.

74 Damien Varley, Wian du Preez and Stephen Archer come on. That's a whole new front row for Munster, who have a line-out just inside the Quins half.

72 Munster are flooding the breakdown area, making sure Quins are not given any opportunity to get fast ball to their backs.

70 The tide has turned in Quins' favour - a try either way could decide this, but nothing so far has suggested we'll see a five-pointer today.

68 Donncha O'Callaghan replaces Donnacha Ryan for Munster.

Penalty66 PENALTY, QUINS, EVANS. 12-18. No problems for Evans. Crucially the gap is now less than 7, not that anyone has looked like scoring a try...

65 Tom Williams finds some room to run as Quins enjoy a rare spell of possession in Munster territory. O'Gara is a mile offside as he tries to rush up on defence. Penalty!

63 Quins finally have a chance to attack with a line-out after Sherry in penalised for not rolling away. Casson hits the line on the switch at pace after the line-out but losing the ball in contact.

60 The ref has a long talk to James Johnston about his scrummaging. ROG sends play back to the Quins half where the visitor have been camped for most of the last 20 minutes.

58 It's about time to start calling on reinforcements from the bench. Tom Guest and Joe Gray take over from Maurie Fa'asavalu and Rob Buchanan.

Penalty56 PENALTY, MUNSTER, O'GARA.9-18. The hosts just can't cope with the Munster onslaught. It's been 30 minutes since Quins scored a point and Munster don't look like taking the foot off the gas.

54 Boom! Brown looks to counter attack after ROG chips ahead but he is absolutely nailed by James Downey. Munster have upped the aggression and intensity in the second half. Quins are nowhere.

53 Care clears from the in front of his posts but Munster are right back on the attack from the ensuing line-out.

51 It's all Munster. 10-odd phases of attack deep in the Quins 22. James Downey is stopped inches short in the corner. It comes out wide the other way and George Lowe makes a try-saving intercept with a big overlap on his outside. Quins breathe again.

Penalty49 PENALTY, MUNSTER, O'GARA.9-15. Tom Williams is mobbed by five red jerseys after the restart with O'Mahony leading the charge again. Munster are breathing fire!

Penalty47 PENALTY, MUNSTER, O'GARA. 9-12. O'Mahony rips the ball out of Robson's hands in the air at the line-out! The Munster go on the attack and Robshaw is offside again.

45 Paul O'Connell claims the restart, Murray kicks ahead and turns the Quins defence. It's on here! ROG chips ahead but it bounces out.

Penalty43 PENALTY, MUNSTER, O'GARA. 9-9. It's all square, Robshaw penalised for offside after James Downey crashes over the gain line.

Here we go for round 2. No changes from either side. Care collects ROG's kick off and clears to his 10m line.


40 That's half time. It's been a really physical battle - neither side has managed to find a gap in the opposition defence. It's anyone's game. We'll be back in ten.

38 Ugo Monye is tested under the high ball but takes the mark easily. He clears to send Munster back to half way.

36 A scrum penalty goes Munster's way this time. What a mess the scrum has been today. ROG finds touch just outside the Quins 22.

Penalty34 PENALTY, MUNSTER, O'GARA.9-6. No mistake from ROG this time. Neither side has come anywhere near the tryline apart from Quins in the opening minute.

32 O'Connell crashes through the Quins defence all while juggling to control the ball. Quins are overzealous trying to get their hands on it. Penalty!

Penalty28 PENALTY, QUINS, EVANS. 9-3. BJ Botha is penalised for popping up at scrum time. It's a harsh call but it makes no difference to Evans, who splits the uprights.

Penalty25 PENALTY, MUNSTER, O'GARA. 6-3. There it is, Munster are very much in this game.

24 What are Munster if ROG isn't kicking his goals? Never mind, here comes Casey Laulala busting through the Quins defence. Zebo is up in support and Quins have to scramble back and go offside. Can ROG land this one?

22 O'GARA MISSES!! That's 0/2 and both were very kickable.

21 O'Gara tries a drop goal after O'Connell takes another line-out. The drop thumps into the ref! It was never going anywhere near the posts though. We'll come back for a Munster penalty.

Penalty19 PENALTY, QUINS, EVANS. 6-0. Evans runs into a hole before offloading to Marler, who flattens his tackler. The red jerseys are killing it on the deck again and ref Jerome Garces is quick to blow his whistle.

17 Paul O'Connell is the outstanding figure on the field so far, dominating at line-out time. The result is that Quins must throw to the front, limiting their options on attack.

15 Quins win the line-out on their 22. The return kick is collected by ROG, who overcooks his reply. Scrum to Quins just inside the Munster half. Again the Munster scrum is penalised but EVANS MISSES with the long-range penalty.

12 Easter attacks O'Gara's channel. There are too many red jersey's lying on it so Evans can kick for touch from a penalty. Munster steal another line-out! ROG puts ball to boot and makes loads of ground.

10 James Johnston is penalised for not releasing. Zebo takes the kick and finds touch but there's a knock on at the line-out and Care will feed the Quins scrum.

8 After a shaky start, Munster have bounced back and look threatening with ball in hand. It's Quins though who look to run it out of the own half. Brown joins the line at pace as Quins make steady progress.

6 Quins are very disorganised at the restart as Easter fumbles. Pressure from Munster results in a penalty but O'GARA HITS THE UPRIGHT! Robshaw grabs it and secures before Care clears.

Penalty4 PENALTY, QUINS, EVANS. 3-0. Great start for the hosts.

2 Paul O'Connell wins the line-out but the Munster backs make a hash of trying to run out of their 22. A big scrum from Quins who get the penalty!

Here we go! Nick Evans kicks us off and Ugo Monye grabs it! It goes through the hands and Casson chips ahead. Hurley is in trouble and slaps it out! That should be a penalty to Quins but it's a Munster line-out.

Team News: Tom Casson and George Lowe get the nod at 12 and 13 for Harlequins while Rob Buchanan starts in the hooker position. Munster meanwhile have a powerful midfield of Casey Laulala and James Downey while Paul O'Connell continues on his return to the rugby field, leading the side alongside Donnacha Ryan.

Welcome: Hello and welcome to the Twickenham Stoop for the third quarter-final of this Heineken Cup weekend. Quins face Munster here with the latter being the last remaining Irish province in the competition. Conor O'Shea's outfit are favourites to progress but Munster have a knack of stepping up in Europe. Team news is coming up so stay with us ahead of what should be a great game to kick off this Sunday.

Updates to appear here at 13:45 local time (12:45 GMT)

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