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Southern Kings

  • Watson, Venter, Du Preez, Watson,
    Penalty goals: Catrakilis (2),
    Conversions: Catrakilis (3), Catrakilis,
34 - 27


  • Treeby, Thorn, Gear, Slade,
    Penalty goals: Slade,
    Conversions: Slade, Slade,
  • Super Rugby
  • Overall Group
  • 11th May 2013
  • KO 16:05

Kings v Highlanders - Live

Last updated: 11th May 2013  

Full Time Kings 34-27 Highlanders. The Kings have responded in the best possible way but banishing the memories of their thrashing by the Waratahs to record a victory. The Highlanders will be disappointed not to have been able to make it two wins on the trot but the Kings defence proved too good for them. Both teams were keen to attack making for a great game of rugby to round of the weekend's action.

80 The Highlanders bash it up time and again but they're met with great defence from the Kings. It's all over as the Highlanders concede a penalty for holding on!

79 The Highlanders go for a short 22 and it pays dividends as Woodcock gathers. The visitors look like they're going to try and run it the length of the field but the ball is spilled and Gates seizes possession. Another drop goal attempt but it's charged down by Slade! The game is getting loose and the Highlanders are making ground. Oh, that's a killer for the Kings; they manage to get the steal but the ball is immediately knocked on by Nicolas Vergallo the replacement scrum-half. Although it looks like he was tackled by a man in an off-side position.

76 A deep restart from the Kings is collected by Tuiali'i. An average kick from Slade hands the ball back to the Kings. Catrakilis - mindful of the fact that it's a seven-point game - goes for the drop but it's to the left.

TRY75 TRY, HIGHLANDERS, GEAR 27-34. From a line-out on the Kings 10 metre line the Highlanders work it up through Smith and Hardie. A little snip from Tanaka who feeds it inside to Thorn and they're 10 out from the line. The ball is worked wide and the powerful Gear goes over. Again Slade can't convert. That was an important kick.

72 Slade clears the restart in the Kings half but it isn't out and SP Marais runs it back at them. Ferreira picks and goes and the Kings are pinged for not releasing.

TRY70 TRY, HIGHLANDERS, TREEBY 22-34. It's a penalty to the visitors with the Kings going off their feet and Wheeler takes it quickly. The ball is kept close as the forwards bash it up before the ball goes wide to Hardie who puts Treeby into space and he goes over after nine phases. Slade misses the conversion by a mile.

67 The replacements are coming on all over the place now as both sides look to freshen up. Tuiali'i breaks off the back of the scrum and the Highlanders start to make some metres with Slade and Ben Smith doing well.

65 Ben Smith attacks strongly from the scrum. The Highlanders work the ball from side to side but aren't moving forward much with the Kings right in their faces. The hosts are penalised for not rolling away though and the Highlanders interestingly set up a scrum in midfield.

62 The Highlanders look to work it through the phases but Ma'afu Fia coughs up the ball and it's hacked down field. The chase is on but the ball beats them all and rolls into touch on the Highlanders 10m. The line-out is overthrown and the Kings pounce but the ball is knocked out. Highlanders scrum.

60 The Kings get a fee kick for an early engagement. Despite the mass of experience in the Highlanders front row they have struggled tonight. However, the Kings go for another scrum and this time they are penalised with Schalk Ferreira going down and the Highlanders are able to set up a line-out 10 metres out.

58 Frustration for the Highlanders as the ball is knocked on in the midfield by Treeby as the visitors look to hit it up with the backs.

TRY57 TRY, KINGS, VENTER 34-17. A great move from the Kings results in their bonus point try! Slade clears and the Kings run it back through Whitehead. Sykes and Maku both get their ball on the hands as the move builds momentum with the latter charging down the touchline before handing it off to Venter who dives over. Another great strike from Catrakilis adds two to the total

55 The Highlanders knock on and the ball is hacked into their 22 where it dribbles out much to the frustration of Grey who was after it.

54 The restart is out on the full and the Kings have a scrum on halfway. Catrakilis puts in a lovely little grubber behind the defence and Grey runs onto it and collects. Andrew Hore does some great work on the floor to disrupt the Kings possession and the ball is cleared.

TRY52 TRY, KINGS, DU PREEZ 27-17. After 16 phases du Preez dives over in the corner for the score! Catrakilis adds the extras. To make matters worse for the Highlanders, Ellison is sent to the bin for hands in the ruck. The centre is probably the victim of persistent infringements from his side.

51 Cornell du Preez picks up from the base of a messy scrum. The Kings recycle the ball through the phases with the forwards bashing it up. Some good stepping from Catrakilis takes the Kings within metres from the line. Gates has a go but he's also just short.

48 It's slow progress for the Kings as they maul it up before working the ball through the forward. Jafta blows his whistle for a scrum to the Kings as the ball is trapped in a ruck. Frustration from the Highlanders who thought they had held the ball up. Replays suggest they were right to think they should have had the put in.

46 Again the maul is used but they can't get the required momentum and the Highlanders are able to shepherd it into touch. The Highlanders move the ball through the hands from the line-out but a poor pass from Slade rolls into touch 10 metres from his own line.

45 Catrakilis puts up and up and under and it's well collected by Gear. Slade kicks down field to Whitehead. The Kings work it up over halfway with the forwards before spreading it wide. Catrakilis chips over the top but it's too far and Ben Smith takes the mark. Slade chips it into the Kings half and the hosts attack with real vigour. They're awarded a penalty just outside the 22 and John Hardie is warned for a high tackle. Kings line-out 10 out.

42 Mose Tuiali'i has come onto the field as a replacement and his first action is to concede a penalty at ruck time. Catrakilis can't find the target though and it's a 22.

Second-half The Highlanders get the second half underway.

Half Time Kings 20-17 Highlanders

Conversion40 CONVERSION, KINGS, CATRAKILIS. Catrakilis adds two to the total and that's a big moment for the Kings, striking back after a double blow from the Highlanders

TRY40 TRY, KINGS, WATSON 18-17. This maul looks a lot better and Watson is again the man with the ball in hand as they go over the line. Jafta goes to the TMO and it's clear that Watson has scored the try.

39 Cynical stuff from the restart as the Highlanders block Grey's chase and the Kings get the penalty. They go for the line-out and try to maul it up but they aren't going particularly far. Thorn pulls Venter into the maul though and the Kings get another chance from the line-out that results from the penalty.

Conversion38 CONVERSION, HIGHLANDERS, SLADE 17-13. Slade adds the conversion and the Kings are on the front foot.

TRY37 TRY, HIGHLANDERS, THORN 15-13. Another try! The Highlanders hit the front as Slade gives a lovely offload to Shaun Treeby who burst through the midfield. The ball is worked out wide and Brad Thorn goes over.

TRY36 TRY, HIGHLANDERS, SLADE 8-13. Having deployed the chip and chase so well on one occasion, Slade tries it again and once more their is loads of space and the fly-half collects and dives over under the posts. Slade adds the conversion 10-13

34 The Kings almost butcher a ball to the back but Gates (who is on as an injury replacement for Strauss) gathers. The Highlanders get their hands on it though and Smith clears. Grey returns the compliment before Slade puts in a lovely little kick in behind the line and Ellison collects.

32 Catrakilis does well to gather a high ball hoisted by Ben Smith. Maku works it up before Catrakilis lands a kick in behind Nemani and the ball rolls out right in the corner, great kick. Slade clears from the line-out but the Kings have a line-out of their own not far outside the Highlanders 22.

Conversion30 CONVERSION, KINGS, CATRAKILIS 13-3. Catrakilis adds the extras.

TRY29 TRY, KINGS, WATSON 11-3. There is suspicion of a double movement but the try is awarded!

30 Catrakilis sets up the line-out and once again they look to maul it up. A few of the backs come in to give them more momentum and they're over the line but we have to go to the TMO to confirm that the ball hasn't been held up. Referee Jafta believes he's seen a try but wants some confirmation. Watson is the man with the ball.

28 The Kings work it up first with the forwards and then move it into the backs where the ball is turned over. Aaron Smith hands it right back though after a poor offload. Venter makes another great break and the ball is moved wide to Siyanda Grey who jinks inside before offloading to Marcello Sampson. They're five out and going strong and now have a penalty for not rolling away.

25 The Highlanders have a scrum after a knock on at the line-out. After a string of resets it's the Highlanders who are penalised with Woodcock again going to ground.

23 Bandise Maku does well to come round and collect from the line-out and give some space for Catrakilis to clear to the 10m.

22 Whitehead gathers a hoist from Aaron Smith but kicks it straight down Ben Smith's throat and the full-back attacks well. The ball is dropped onto the boot and it's a King line-out 10 out from the Kings line.

21 Slade slices it too the left though so it's a let off for the Kings.

20 Venter clears and the Highlanders are back on the attack. A horror pass into touch from Aaron Smith brings the attack to an end, but they go back to a penalty in midfield for the Kings playing the ball off their feet.

18 Aaron Smith puts a little chip in behind the Kings defence after the Highlanders had looked to attack. Kings line-out on their side of their 10m line.

Penalty16 PENALTY, HIGHLANDERS, SLADE 3-6. Slade doesn't have the best kicking record this season but he makes no mistake with this one.

15 A good scrum from the Kings and Ioane is forced to retreat to gather the ball as it spurts out the scrum. Aaron Smith clears with an up and under and Whitehead runs it back into their half. The ball goes loose and Slade hacks it ahead. Catrakilis is back to gather but he's blown for holding on. Aaron Smith takes the penalty quickly but it gets knocked on and they go back for the Kings not retreating 10 metres.

12 The Kings go to the maul again but they're going backwards this time and Watson is forced to go on his own. It's scrappy and Venter knocks on at the base.

11 The restart is cleared by Catrakilis and the Highlanders look to run it back at them. Ben Smith is prominent before Jason Jaftha blows his whistle as he has a report from his assistant. Woodcock and Watson had been in a little scuffle off the ball and Woodcock is penalised for a little slap. The two players shake hands and move on but the Kings are handed the penalty. Line-out 30 from the Highlanders line.

Penalty9 PENALTY, KINGS, CATRAKILIS 6-0. Catrakilis makes no mistake and this is a good start from the Kings. A bit of a worry for the Highlanders as Colin Slade has taken a blow to the arm. He's stayed on the field for now.

8 The Kings won't mind this as the Highlanders are pinged for off-side almost right in front and about 30 out.

7 The Kings move it up in a maul before Watson breaks away and makes some good ground. Andries Strauss steps inside and they're into the 22. Shaun Venter nips away from the base and the Kings are 10 out from the line. Good counter rucking from the Highlanders sees them grab back possession and the ball is cleared.

5 Penalty to the Kings as Tony Woodcock is deemed to have dropped his bind. Catrakilis sets up a line-out on halfway.

4 Catrakilis clears from the kick-off and the Highlanders have a line-out on the 10m line. The highlanders move it wide with some purpose but the ball is knocked on by Smith on the edge of the 22.

Penalty3 PENALTY, KINGS, CATRAKILIS 3-0. Luke Watson and Cornell du Preez bash it up and Ioane is pinged for not rolling away, handing the Kings a penalty right in front and Demetri Catrakilis makes not mistake.

1 TJ Ioane gathers the kick-off and the ball is handed to Ben Smith to clear and he's disappointed with his effort as the Kings have a line-out just outside the 22.

Nearly there The two teams run out onto the park and we're about to get underway at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium.

Last time out The two teams head into the fixture having achieved vastly different results last time out. The Highlanders picked up their first win of the season as they beat the Sharks 25-22. Conversely the Kings suffered a hammering at the hands of the Waratahs, going down 72-10.

Team news Luke Watson returns to the starting line-up to captain the Kings, with Jacques Engelbrecht ruled out by injury. Sergeal Petersen misses out too, with the winger having suffered a hamstring injury last time out. In a rotational change, David Bulbring replaces Rynier Bernardo in the second row. The Highlanders have made one switch to the team that beat the Sharks, with winger Tino Nemani taking the place of Phil Burleigh who hasn't been able to recover sufficiently from a blow to the shoulder.

Welcome Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the Super Rugby clash between the Kings and the Highlanders.

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