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  • Lamont, Dickinson, Laidlaw, Seymour (2), Weir,
    Penalty goals: Laidlaw (2),
    Conversions: Laidlaw (2), Weir,
42 - 17


  • Fukuoka (2),
    Penalty goals: Goromaru,
    Conversions: Goromaru (2),
  • International Match
  • 9th Nov 2013
  • KO 14:30
  • Ground: Murrayfield, Edinburgh
  • Att: 32,680

Scotland v Japan - Live

Last updated: 9th November 2013  


80 Good perseverance from the visitors, but the ball is spilled, and the full-time whistle blows. An encouraging display from the Brave Blossoms, particularly in attack, but Scotland will be pleased with the six-try victory. A good start to their November Tests, then, but plenty to work on before the Springboks come calling in eight days time. Thanks for joining us.

79 Now, Japan have the ball on halfway after the restart, looking to attack in the final minute. Playing for pride now, can they add a third try?

Conversion78 CONVERSION, SCOTLAND, WEIR! 42-17 Weir slots the conversion and adds gloss to the scoreline.

TRY78 TRY, SCOTLAND, LAMONT! 40-17 Lamont gets the grounding, and gets his reward for a fine display. Scotland put the icing on the cake in the last two minutes.

78 Scotland had the penalty coming from the maul there, but Pyrgos chips over the top, and Lamont goes for the loose ball. We'll check with the TMO once again!

77 Goromaru is penalised and sin-binned, but no penalty try. Three minutes left, Scotland going for a try to finish.

77 Oh my, the ball is turned over, and hacked downfield by De Luca. Lamont went after the loose ball - was he taken out off the ball? We're checking with the TMO...

75 The Murrayfield pitch cutting up badly now with this series of scrums. Japan looking to finish with a flourish here as they spread it wide to Fukuoka once again. They win the penalty and go quickly, 30m out.

73 Japan throw in on Scotland's 10m line and launch the attack in midfield. It's good home defence, for now, though. The ball squirts loose, via a blue hand, and Japan have the scrum just inside Scottish territory. More home subs here as Cross and Pyrgos replace Murray and Laidlaw.

71 Seymour reclaims Laidlaw's box kick and the game is opening up for the hosts here. Great ball from Swinson to Barclay, but Japan pinch the ball at the ruck. Penalty to the visitors for obstruction from that man Swinson.

70 The kick is short from Laidlaw from out on the left touchline, as MacArthur replaces Ford for Scotland.

TRY69 TRY, SCOTLAND, WEIR! 35-17 The pass was backwards, and off a Japanese hand. Weir scores, and that puts the result beyond doubt.

68 Nice attack from Scotland again after a solid platform from the forwards with a driving maul. Weir thinks he's snuck over in the Scotland, but we're checking a potential forward pass from Sean Lamont...

67 The Scottish scrum is dominating here, and after a couple of resets, they win the penalty on halfway. No surprises there, especially with Holani still absent. Weir's first job is to take play up to within 5m from the Japanese 22.

Conversion66 CONVERSION, SCOTLAND, LAIDLAW! 30-17 Laidlaw knocks over the extras. Weir on for Jackson, who's played well. The Japanese kick doesn't go 10m, and Scotland scrum on halfway

TRY65 TRY, SCOTLAND, DICKINSON! 28-17 But Scotland come back again through Maitland, and lovely sleight of hand on the 22m line from Strokosch, Ford and Jackson send Dickinson galloping over and under the posts. Great try.

65 Here come the Scots again, though, great play from Scott and Laidlaw to make yards. They burst into the 22, but the ball is loose and hacked away from the Japanese.

63 Free-kick for an early drive from the Scots. A very unsteady scrum, and a poor call from JP Doyle. Japan clear downfield and Scotland take it quickly. Hiwasa on for Tanaka for the visitors at scrum-half.

61 Scotland maul for the line, but are held up. Laidlaw snipes, before Swinson is held up over the line and Scotland have a scrum 5m out. Remember, Japan are a man down in the pack.

60 Scotland building phases in midfield now, as Laidlaw has a few snipes. Kelly Brown makes a clear break, 5m from the line now. Can they notch another try? They have the penalty here, and indeed Mr Doyle goes to his pocket as Holani slowed the ball down. Jackson sticks the ball in the corner.

58 Japan attacking the midfield, but penalised for holding on. And fans' favourite Richie Gray is on the field for Al Kellock. Jackson takes us up to the Japanese 10m line.

56 Laidlaw's kick drifts wide, and Scotland lead by six. Kellock is replaced by Richie Gray for the Scots.

TRY55 TRY, SCOTLAND, SEYMOUR! 23-17 Lovely stuff from the Scots there, as the maul is disrupted by the Japanese. De Luca offloads well in midfield, and Jackson floats a lovely ball out to Tommy Seymour who has a run-in.

55 But Japan shooting themselves in the foot, offside from the kick-off. Jackson goes for the corner, and finds it just 6m from the Japan line. Can they hit back immediately again?

Conversion54 CONVERSION, JAPAN, GOROMARU! 18-17 And the visitors back to within a point again. Great play from Japan.

TRY52 TRY, JAPAN, FUKUOKA! 18-15 WOW AGAIN! Massive scrum from Japan, winning it against the head, and the quick ball to Goromaru finds Scotland lacking in defence. He's caught short, but the offload is fine, and Fukuoka cruises over. What a turnaround from Japan again, and a scintillating score.

50 Laidlaw clears downfield from the restart and Holani barrels into the Scottish half. More zip and verve as Japan continue to press on the 10m line. Unluck for Tanaka as the ball squirts from his grasp, though, and Scotland will have the scrum 10m inside their own half.

Conversion48 CONVERSION, SCOTLAND, LAIDLAW! 18-10 The eight point lead is restored as the vice-captain converts his own try.

TRY47 TRY, SCOTLAND, LAIDLAW! 16-10 Right on the Japanese line, now. Brave defence from the visitors, but Laidlaw sneaks over round the fringes. Opportunist try from the scrum-half, and Scotland re-establish their lead. Clever play from the scrum-half, and good patience in attack from the hosts.

45 Scotland reclaim their kick-off, and here they come, desperate to make amends . Scott into the 22, and Denton barges his way to within 15 metres. Can they hit back>

Conversion45 CONVERSION, JAPAN, GOROMARU! 11-10 Simple kick for the full-back, and suddenly - it's a one-point game.

TRY44 TRY, JAPAN, FUKUOKA! 11-8 WOW! What a counter-attack from Japan after Laidlaw was penalised for a squint-feed. Ono burst away and lovely hands up the left-hand-side puts speedster Fukuoka round and under the sticks. Game on!

42 Japan got a hand on a Scottish pass there, and the Scots will have a scrum just outside the Japanse 22.

41 The teams are back out here, and we're just moments away from the second-half.

40 The teams are back out here, and we're just moments away from the second-half.

Half Time That's that for the first-half here at Murrayfield. Japan attacking with pace, but errors letting them down. Scotland will be frustrated not to have scored more points, but they deservedly lead at the break.

40 That's that for the first-half here at Murrayfield. Japan attacking with pace, but errors letting them down. Scotland will be frustrated not to have scored more points, but they deservedly lead at the break.

39 Japan attacking just inside the Scottish half now, and with typical speed and vigor. Tui and Broadhurst making big impacts with ball in hand. But, another spill in contact proves to be their undoing, and the half-time whistle blows.

38 Tim Swinson adjudged to have obstructed Wing, and the Japanese have the penalty. Unlucky for Scotland, but the correct decision from JP Doyle.

38 We're checking for possible obstruction as De Luca broke through the fringe defence...

38 Japan clear from the kick-off as far as Denton - who's been everywhere in the first-half. Scotland win a penalty on half-way and go quickly. The forwards taking over now as they look to breach the Japanese 22. De Luca, now, with a great break into the 22! Lamont scrambles over from the offload, and we go to the TMO!

Penalty36 PENALTY, JAPAN, GOROMARU! 11-3 Good, solid kick from the full-back, and Japan are crucially on the board after 35 minutes.

34 Yamashita on for Hatakeyama in the Japanse front-row. Perhaps an indication of the vistors' scrum struggles. But, the Japanese come forward once again, and it's that man Fukuoka giving the Scots a defensive headache with his pace and footwork. Japan rewarded with the penalty as Brown fails to roll away in the tackle.

33 Laidlaw misses the conversion from out on the right touchline, so the score remains at 11-0 to the hosts.

TRY32 TRY, SCOTLAND, SEYMOUR! 11-0 What a moment for the man making his Murrayfield debut! Good, patient build-up from the Scots, as the phases racked up, the defence was sucked in by excellent carrying from the back-row, and there was space for Seymour to scoot over in the corner. Scotland have the breakthrough.

31 The Scottish back-row make inroads before Maitland is beautifully released into the 22. Gaps opening up now for the Scots as they look to be hitting their stride in attack. Heavy pressure for the Japanese, can they hold out?

30 Yet another big Scottish scrum, the Japanese break up, and it's an easy penalty for the Scots. Jackson boots us down to the Japanese 10m line.

29 Japan attacking strongly through midfield. Wing prominent again, as Scotland have a man down prone while play continues. Fantastic feet from Fukuoka as he bursts up the touchline, but another knock-on in the tackle brings play to a stop. And we will now pause as Ryan Grant receives treatment after a nasty bang to the head. Grant not able to continue here, as Al Dickinson comes on to replace him. Will we see a controversial pitch-side concussion assessment?

27 Big carries from Scotland, but a poor pass from Scott and De Luca knocks-on. A promising attack ends in disappointment with a scrum just outside the Japanese 22. Encouraging signs for the Scots, though.

26 Huge Scottish scrum, marching Japan back, and winning the penalty as the visitors wheel the scrum. The Scots take play down to the Japanese 22, and look to boost their lead.

24 Laidlaw boxes off the restart, and Japan have the ball inside their own half. Great half-break from Ono, and they win the penalty at the breakdown. Really fast stuff from the visitors as they tap and go. And another penalty, this time against captain Kelly Brown for not releasing the tackled player. Japan seeking to deploy their flat-running gameplan. But, frustratingly, the kick to the corner heads into touch-in-goal, and Scotland off the hook with a scrum on their own 10m line.

Penalty22 PENALTY, SCOTLAND, LAIDLAW! 6-0 Kellock wins the lineout, and the forwards again carry up through midfield. And Scotland have another penalty, straight in front, it's Horie again straying offside. Laidlaw from 30m out to double Scotland's lead. It's there.

20 Stolen by the Japanese, though. And cleared away by Ono up to his 10m line. Disjointed opening 20 minutes with neither side able to retain possession.

19 It's off the post, and Japan clear it away. Scotland with possession on half-way, but there's a high-tackle from number eight Holani. A touch reckless from the fuzzy-haired back-row, and Scotland kick down into the visiting 22.

17 It's more imprecision from the Scottish backline, but the Japanese were penalised for collapsing the maul off that lineout. It's on the right touchline, around 45m out, and Laidlaw lines it up.

16 Japan steal the scrum against the head! But they lose the ball at the net breakdown, and Scotland hack downfield. Goromaru tracking back, puts it out on half-way. Worrying signs for the Scottish scrum, with Ross Ford not hooking in spite of set-piece dominance.

15 It's a scrappy lineout, but Japan are now attacking the Scottish try-line. Great speed of play from the visitors , but hooker Horie just loses the ball in contact after a big hit from Swinson. Very encouraging signs for the Japanese!

13 This is better from Scotland, now, as the backs are brought in and they make it into the Japanese 22. The ball is lost forward though, and Japan clear. Seymour fields the kick, but Scotland are penalised on half-way for coming in from the side. Strokosch the guilty party. Chance for Japan to get some field position.

12 The Scots string some phases together on the Japanese 10m line, now, with Denton heavily involved again. Japanese defence holding well for now, though.

10 The Murrayfield pitch is cutting up, and it's playing havoc with the scrums. But the rest set-piece yields a Scottish penalty as the Japanese front-row go down, and their second-row rise up.

9 Better scrum for the visitors, and they burst into the Scots' 22. The ball is lost forward, though, and it's a disappointing end to that attack for the Cherry Blossoms.

8 Lamont and De Luca combine to make yards from the restart, but the ball is spilled, and Japan have the scrum right on the Scots' 22.

Penalty6 PENALTY, SCOTLAND, LAIDLAW! 3-0 Scotland win the penalty as Mikami is penalised for collapsing. Greig Laidlaw will line it up. Scotland not taking any chances. And over she goes, first blood to the hosts.

5 Scotland win the free-kick from that lineout for an early lift, and opt for the scrum. First real chance for the hosts. Can they cross the line?

4 Good bursts up the midfield by the Scottish pack as they advance, but handling lets them down. They stay in possession, though, and Denton impresses with his carrying work. Laidlaw kicks nicely for the corner, though, and Japan have the lineout 5m from their line.

2 And we're underway here. Japan kick-off, Scotland drive forward and Jackson clears downfield. The visitors string together some phases in midfield, but lose possession up the left-hand-side. Lineout to the men in blue just inside Japanese territory.

0 The haunting sound of the lone piper on the Murrayfield roof rings out as we pause to remember those lost in conflict around the world. The anthems are underway, and we're nearly ready to go!

0 And the teams are out here at Murrayfield, a little over five minutes to go to kick-off....

0 "Of course Scotland are expected to win this game, but make no mistakes - this will be very tough." Injured Scotland wing Tim Visser, alongside his team-mates, keen to stress Scotland will need to be at their best to cliam victory.

0 "The world order has changed. This is a test-match." Scotland boss Scott Johnson not taking the Brave Blossoms lightly

0 The most recent clashes between Scotland and Japan have ended in triumph for the boys in blue. In the 2003 World Cup, the Scots ran out 32-11 victors, and posted a record-breaking 100-8 win at McDiarmid Park a year later. Can Japan continue their improvement with a Murrayfield surprise?

0 Perhaps Japan's most notable absence comes in the Murrayfield stands, with Head Coach Eddie Jones still at home recovering from a stroke. His assistant Scott Wisemantel continues to take charge of the national side, and has targeted this game as one the Cherry Blossoms can win. Key to their success will be diminutive scrum-half Fumiaki Tanaka, with a fine combination of raw pace and slick service to clear quick ball to his backline. The pack is bolstered by the hulking Michael Broadhurst in the back-row, whose powerful carrying and strength at the breakdown could frustrate the Scottish forwards, and give the visitors the go-forward they will need to make an impact.

0 Scotland have rightly respected the progress of the Japanese by naming a strong line-up this afternoon. Veteran tighthead Euan Murray will be tasked with shackling a visiting scrum that caused the Kiwis trouble last week, while Tommy Seymour looks to impress in just his third Test on the wing with a back three spot up for grabs in the weeks to come. Glasgow Warriors' Tim Swinson partners experienced Al Kellock in the second-row, while Nick De Luca wins a recall to outside centre alongside Edinburgh club-mate Matt Scott. The midfielder is one of several Scots for whom a big performance would do wonders.

0 Hello, and welcome to a crisp, autumnal Murrayfield for what is just the third meeting of these teams in the past decade. It's Scotland's first outing since the injury-ravaged June tour of South Africa, and the Brave Blossoms are eyeing an upset after acquitting themselves well last week against the mighty All Blacks. We're thirty minutes away from kick-off here in Edinburgh - don't go away!

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