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  • Penalty goals: Lealiifano (4), White,
15 - 13


  • Benjamin, Sadie,
    Penalty goals: Smit,
  • Super Rugby
  • Quarter Final
  • 21st Jul 2013
  • KO 06:10
  • Ground: Canberra Stadium

Brumbies v Cheetahs - Live

Last updated: 21st July 2013  

Full Time Brumbies 15-13 Cheetahs. Heartbreak for the Cheetahs after a strong effort but they've fallen just short. Credit to the Brumbies who defended strongly, particularly in the closing period. It won't go down as a classic but the Brumbies have their spot in the semi-final and that's all that matters in the end.

80 Smit has the conversion to win it and he strikes it really well from right out the touchline, it looks like he's going to find the target but just at the end it fades away to the left and the Brumbies have won it!

TRY TRY, CHEETAHS, BENJAMIN 13-15. Mogg clears to 24 out and the Cheetahs attack again. They move it wide and a half break from Sadie opens matters up. It's moved wide to Benjamin after a good pass from Pretorius and Benjamin is over in the corner!

77 They move it through a few phases but don't make any real progress. The ball gets stuck at ruck time and the Cheetahs have a scrum five out from the Brumbies line. Pretorius runs from the back and the ball goes loose and it's grabbed by the Brumbies. They're penalised for holding on though and the visitors have another penalty. Another tap penalty and they bash it up before it's knocked on!

73 A near thing for the Cheetahs as little chip in behind from Sadie bounces away from the Brumbies defender. Benjamin gets a boot to it but trips soon after and White is able to gather inside the in-goal area. The Brumbies clear with the 22 but Pretorius breaks away! Strong stuff from the Cheetahs as they break into the 22. They're making progress here as the work up some momentum. White is penalised for coming in from the side and they have a penalty right in front and decide to go for the set move rather than the penalty/

70 The Cheetahs have a scrum on halfway. Pretorius is already having more of an impact on proceedings as his sniping breaks around the fringes help the Cheetahs make their way just short of the Brumbies 22 where the ball comes off the hand of Speight so the Cheetahs retain posession.

Penalty PENALTY, BRUMBIES, LEALIIFANO 15-8. Lealiifano gets one to come back in from the right and finds the target.

67 It's the Cheetahs who get the scrum penalty this time as Sio is penalised for going in at the angle. Cheetahs line-out just inside Brumbies territory. Shocker from Le Roux as things stutter in midfield and he ends up throwing the ball to nobody. The Brumbies dive on it and in his eagerness to win it back, Le Roux goes offside.

65 Smit clears down the throat of Mogg who runs it up to the Cheetahs 10m. Speight knocks on and the Cheetahs have an overlap of note but they can't make use of it as van der Walt is caught in two minds and ends up sending a hospital pass wide that results in a knock on. We go back to the error from Speight though.

63 Some replacements coming on, perhaps most importantly Sarel Pretorius on for Van Zyl at scrum-half. A bit of ping pong here both with little grubbers and chips and handling errors and the Cheetahs have a scrum inside their 22 after White broke well from the initial line-out.

61 Mogg just gets his clearance off and it's out on the Brumbies 10m. The Cheetahs maul it up with little effect. Smit does well to break the line and offload to Sadie but the support is too slow getting there and the centre is forced to hold on and is penalised. White does well to find touch in Cheetahs territory.

Penalty PENALTY, BRUMBIES, LEALIIFANO 12-8. Lealiifano has the kicking duties once more and he's on target.

59 Van der Walt does well picking up from the base and he looks to set Le Roux into space but the winger is tackle into touch. It's loose from the Brumbies but there was a little hand in the line-out knocking it on from the Cheetahs. The Brumbies win another penalty at srum time, they're really turning the screws up front.

55 Rhule does well to take a White box kick just before he's hit hard by Speight. Van Zyl returns the favour and Mogg runs it back at them. Mowen moves it up strongly before Toomua straightens to good effect. Quick hands as the Brumbies have some space out wide but as Mowen rushes the pass it goes forward to Alexander who knocks on anyway.

52 Powerful stuff from the Brumbies at the scrum as Sio drives strongly and is able to win the penalty. Brumbies line-out just on their side of halfway.

51 The Cheetahs maul it up well from the line-out and drive it up into the 22 but there is a knock on as Fardy manages to work his way through and make a nuisance of himself.

50 Kimlin is penalised at the breakdown and referee Jackson calls the two captains together and asks them to clean up the breakdown. Cheetahs line-out 35 out from the Brumbies line.

Penalty PENALTY, BRUMBIES, WHITE 9-8. The Brumbies hit right back with a great strike from White.

48 Brussow picks up another turnover but this time he's done so illegaly - at least in the eyes of the ref - and White will have a go from about 45 out.

Penalty PENALTY, CHEETAHS, SMIT 8-6. The Brumbies struggled kicking to that end but Smit makes no mistake.

46 Chip over the top from Le Roux and it's well covered by White but he's penalised for holding on with Brussow on his feet and looking to execute the turnover. Smit has a shot at goal from 45m out and into that tricky wind.

45 The Cheetahs win it against the throw and Van Zyl puts in the box kick but it's out on the rule. The number nine really needs to gain some control here. It's stolen again though and the Cheetahs get a partial clearance in. Toomua tries another cross kick for Rathbone but it's out on the full.

42 Early progress from the Cheetahs as they win a penalty after Mogg clears the restart and Van Zyl taps quickly and bursts well into opposition territory. After seven phases there are some Cheetahs hands in the ruck and the hosts can clear.

Away we go We're back in Canberra and the second half is underway.

Half Time Brumbies 6-5 Cheetahs. It's been a real arm wrestle first up with the Brumbies having the lion's share of the territory but they've been met by strong defence from the Cheetahs who have notched up turnovers into the double figures.

40 The Brumbies look for the penalty from the scrum but it isn't coming. Rathbone bursts into the line with great effect. Brumbies on the front foot after the hooter. They move it from one side to the other but as Mowen tries to find Speight out wide the pass over the top goes forward.

39 The Brumbies get lucky as the Cheetahs manage their 10th turnover of the match but the ball is knocked on as the visitors look to counter.

38 A sniping pass from White sees the Brumbies surge into the 22 and the scrum-half does well to find Alexander with the ball back inside. The Cheetahs turn it over though and clear. Toomua puts in a little cross kick for Rathbone and while the winger can't collect, Le Roux is forced to run the ball into touch

36 The Brumbies get the scrum as they manage to recover from a poor line-out. A strong hit from the Brumbies but the scrum goes down on the far side and we'll have another one. Coenie Oosthuizen is penalised for an incorrect bind and White pits the ball out 30 from the Cheetahs line.

33 From the line-out the Cheeths try to get the maul going by the Brumbies defend it well. They switch to the pick and go before Rhule punches through the first line. He's forced to hold on though and the Brumbies clear.

31 Fardy collects from the restart and breaks away before offloading to Colby Faingaa who is on as a blood replacement and he's pinged for holding on.

Penalty PENALTY, BRUMBIES, LEALIIFANO 6-5. No mistake from the centre this time as the Brumbies go back out in front.

29 Again the Brumbies go to the maul bit with limited success. They punch it up through the forwards which proves much more effective and they win a penalty five from the line as Sadie strays offside.

27 The Brumbies look to get the maul going but they can't make any inroads so move it to the backs where Speight finds space out wide. The ball is flung back inside and comes off a Cheetahs boot and into touch on the 22.

26 A messy exchange of kicks and the Cheetahs initially come out on top as they execute the turnover from a ruck just outside the Brumbies 22 but the hosts manage to wrestle it back and work it up to just outside halfway before the ball goes out. It's take quickly and Le Roux pumps it down field. Mogg returns with interest though and the Cheetahs have a line-out in their own 22. The clearance goes about 30 from the Cheetahs line.

23 It's another poor kick, hooked wide as Lealiifano struggles to cope with kicking into a tricky breeze.

22 It's a shocker from Lealiifano as he shanks it short and wide and the Cheetahs clear just short of their 10m line. Lappies Labuschagne is called up for off-side at the line-out and Lealiifano has another shot from the left this time.

20 Van Zyl outs in the box kick and Toomua does well to take it under pressure but as White looks to clear from the ruck he puts a foot into touch. Cheetahs line-out on the Brumbies ' 10m line. The ball is stolen by the Brumbies and after an exchange of kicks Lourens Adriaanse is pinged for not retreating and the Brumbies have the penalty 45 out and right in front.

TRY TRY, CHEETAHS, SADIE, 5-0. The Cheetahs make the most of their first real chance! Quick ball off the line-out and Rhule runs onto a flat ball and breaks into the 22. With one man to beat the winger draws his man and passes to Sadie who goes over. Lovely execution. Smit misses out to the left once more.

16 The Cheetahs do well to snuffle the ball at the breakdown and it's hacked ahead by Brussouw. The chase is good and Mogg is forced to take the ball into his 22 before clearing out on the full.

15 Mowen and Moore take turns in punching it up. White looks to find some space just behind the defence but Le Roux covers and takes the mark. The winger clears and the Brumbies take it quickly and return through Mogg. Again it's Le Roux who take its it but he shanks it out on the full.

13 Carter takes once more and the Brumbies move it through the hands but Rhule reads it well and is able to take Lealiifano as the ball arrives. It comes off the Cheetahs man though and the Brumbies have a scrum in midfield.

12 That's more like it from the Cheetahs as a cut out ball from Le Roux creates some space out wide but Van Zyl is force to hold on under pressure from Sio and the Brumbies clear to the Cheetahs 22.

10 The penalty from Smit slides out to the right and the chance passes.

9 Van Zyl goes down the blindside from the line-out and the ball is turned over. White puts in the box kick but Speight is off-side as he chases and they're called back for off-side.

8 Another handling error takes the pressure off the Cheetahs and the Brumbies infringe at the ruck and the Cheetahs set up a line-out on their opposition 22.

6 Carter takes it at the line-out and it's swung out to the backs where Kuridrani is brought in at speed and he bursts into the 22. A turnover allows the Cheetahs a chance to clear but Daniller's kick is charged down and White pounces 10 out from the line but he's tackled into touch by Rhule.

5 Van Zyl reads play well and charges down an attempted clearance from Mogg but it goes over the deadball line and it's a 22. Rhule looks to run the ball back at the Brumbies from the 22 and he's pinged for holding on as he loses his feet just before the tackle. Brumbies line-out just outside the Cheetahs 22.

Penalty PENALTY, BRUMBIES, LEALIIFANO 3-0. Christian Lealiifano makes no mistake from a shot near straight in front.

2 Sloppy from the Cheetahs as the ball is knocked on from the restart. The Brumbies pounce on the loose ball and pick and go through seven phases before the ball is illegally turned over.

Away we go Referee Glen Jackson gets us underway!

Ready to go The players are out in the middle and this Super Rugby play-off is about to get underway.

It's a rather chilly 6 degrees in Canberra this afternoon. That aside, conditions are great for rugby.

Team News The Cheetahs come into the match on the back of a week off. This has allowed Naka Drotske to name an unchanged line-up. The men from Bloemfontein will be looking to skipper Adriaan Strauss to lead from the front and to Willie le Roux to provide some creative spark. One man who hasn't got a lot of attention heading into the match but will have a big role to play is fly-half Riaan Smit. The number ten will need to provide a calming influence with the boot and also show accuracy from the kicking tee.

Team News The Brumbies looked anything but the best in the nation when they lost to the Force last time out despite finishing at the top of the Australian conference. A lethargic performance against the men from Perth can't be repeated and Jake White has brought three senior figures back into the fray to help ensure it isn't. Clyde Rathbone returns from injury and slots in on the wing while Nic White takes over the number nine jersey from Ian Prior. George Smith has well and truly shaken off the knock sustained against the Lions and takes his place on the flank.

Yesterday The Crusaders booked their place in the semi-finals courtesy of a 38-9 thumping of the Reds, leaving the Brumbies as the only Australian side still in the running for the 2013 Super Rugby title.

Welcome Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the weekend's second play-off match between the Brumbies and the Cheetahs from Canberra.

Updates to appear here at 15:55 local (06:55 BST, 05:55 GMT)

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