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  • Cruden, Masaga,
    Penalty goals: Cruden (2),
    Conversions: Cruden (2),
20 - 19


  • Dagg,
    Penalty goals: Carter (4),
    Conversions: Carter,
  • Super Rugby
  • Semi Final
  • 27th Jul 2013
  • KO 08:35
  • Ground: Waikato Stadium

Chiefs v Crusaders - Live

Last updated: 27th July 2013  

Final So the Chiefs will host next week's final against either the Bulls and the Brumbies. Join us at 15:00 GMT to see who the second finalist is.

Full TimeFull time Chiefs 20-19 Crusaders. What a great second half that was from both sides and it's the Chiefs who have edged it. Carter will look back on that late drop goal attempt and wonder if it was needed that early as he wasn't well set. But credit to the Chiefs who defended well and took their chances to get over the whitewash in the second 40 thanks to some great individual brilliance.

80 The ball is loose from the line-out and the Crusaders power of the ball and they have posession. So tense as the Crusaders attack. Carter knocks it on! It's all over, the Chiefs have done it again!

78 The Crusaders move it through the phases but they can't get out of their half as the Chiefs contain them and in the end Marshall is tackled out on halfway.

77 Read holds on at the back as Heinz moves away from the scrum. The number nine puts in a great little grubber and Anscombe slices it out inside his 22. It's messy from the Crusaders and Carter goes for the drop but it's wide to the left!

76 Poor from Cruden as he tries to go short with the restart but it doesn't go the required 10 meters.

Penalty75 PENALTY, CRUSADERS, CARTER 19-20. Straight down the middle from Carter and it's a one-point game!

74 Carter puts the 22 long. It's returned to Dagg who runs strongly. Guildford steps his way into the Chiefs half. Silly stuff from Pulu who picks up from the back of the ruck, it was always going to be called offside.

72 Messam breaks off the back. Pulu is nearly tackled into touch but they keep it infield. Carter is penalised for coming in from the side and Cruden is having a shot from right on the near touchline, 43m out. He can't bring it round though.

70 Cruden puts the penalty out on his 10m. And here he is, McCaw comes on for Todd! It's a bit untidy but the Chiefs clear. The Crusaders run it back at them and they can't make it out of their own half and Dagg knocks on. Cruden hammers it down field but it's fairly aimless and they go back for the scrum.

67 A few replacements from both sides but no sign of McCaw yet. The ball gets held up in midfield and is hacked ahead by a Crusaders player as it goes lose. Cruden covers but he's under plenty of pressure and the Crusaders have it. It's moved from side to side before Franks is penalised for holding on. More strong defence from the hosts.

65 Clarke takes. The Chiefs try the maul but it isn't going anywhere and Cruden puts in the high kick. It's easily taken by Dagg who calls the mark and puts it out on the 10m.

64 Cruden breaks through the middle, he's growing in influence on attack and defence. Kerr-Barlow snipes around the side as the Chiefs make it into the 22. The ball is lost and Ellis clears to 30 out.

62 Marshall and Cruden exchange kicks before Carter puts it into touch on halfway. 22000 people are at the Waikato Stadium tonight.

TRY60 TRY, CRUSADERS, DAGG 16-20. You can never write the Crusaders off! Super break from Dagg down the right as he skins the defence and dives over in the corner! From the sideline Carter converts.

TRY58 TRY, CHIEFS, CRUDEN 20-9. What a moment in this match! Crotty has his back turned as he flings the ball out wide and Cruden reads it perfectly to grab the intercept and race in under the posts. He converts and the Chiefs now have quite a lead!

56 The scrum is right in front of the posts and the Chiefs are under pressure and it goes down but the Chiefs are able to clear it to their 22.

56 Anscombe clears and the Crusaders run it back at them. Not much to begin with but then Guildford breaks through the defence! They're right up at the line as the ball was offloaded at pace. They take it through the phases up close before moving it wide. It's back with the forwards, they're just short. Great defence from the Chiefs and after about 15 phases Ellis knocks it on!

TRY53 TRY, CHIEFS, MASAGA 13-9. They look to maul it again but the Crusaders are up to it this time. The ball is worked out to Masaga who runs back towards the traffic but it proves fruitful as he puts his ears down and blasts over the line! Cruden adds the extras.

50 The Chiefs put the line-out maul and the Crusaders are forced to bring it down illegaly and the Chiefs have a penalty 5 out and they decide to go for another line-out.

48 Clarke grabs the restart and finds tons of space in front of him! He surges into the Crusaders half and it's Horrell who continues the attack. Cruden puts in the cross kick and Dagg slices it into touch. The Chiefs perhaps should have kept that in the hands. Chiefs line-out 5 out.

Penalty47 PENALTY, CHIEFS, CRUDEN 6-9. It's not the best strike but it wobbles through the uprights.

46 Todd is pinged for being offside at the line-out and Cruden has a chance to close the gap.

45 It's untidy from the line-out and Carter does really well to clean up. Crockett takes it into contact and is penalised for holding on. Chiefs line-out on the Crusaders 10m.

44 It's off the post and the Chiefs clear to just outside their 22! A poor kick from Carter

42 Early attack from the Crusaders as Carter slices through the defence and into Chiefs territory. The Chiefs push them back and it's Taylor this time who makes good ground. The Crusaders break through and Read has one to beat! His pass doesn't go to hand though as Tikoirotuma reads it well and they go back for an ingringement at the ruck. A great start from the visitors.

Half Time Chiefs 3-9 Crusaders. It's been an entertaining first half with both sides giving it a good go. Neither team has been able to make the most of their attacks and they'll be looking to be more clinical with posession in the second period.

40 A big scrum from the Crusaders and they push the Chiefs off the ball! Todd breaks around the blindside but he runs out of space and his grubber bounces off a few players before Retallick is tackled into touch. The 'Saders carry it up through the phases as the hooter sounds. Carter goes for the drop but it's under the bar.

39 Cruden's 22 is straight down to Carter who starts another attack from the visitors. A few silky offloads take them near the 22 but Guildford loses it in the tackle.

38 From out wide Carter shanks it to the left.

37 A lovely offload from Read as he breaks from the scrum. Strong running from Carter and Whitelock and the Chiefs are pinged for offside adn the Crusaders have another shot at goal.

35 Tikoirotuma and Horrell carry well, bringing the ball into Crusaders territory but the ball goes loose and Dagg clears. The Chiefs loose the ball in contact and the Crusaders have a scrum in midfield 5m inside the Chiefs half.

32 Another poor throw and the Crusaders clear. Anscombe puts in the kick for the corner but it's out on the full. Crusaders line-out on the Chiefs' 10m.

32 The ball is knocked forward and the Crusaders try to counter and there is space but Marshall is directed towards touch and he's out on the 10m.

30 Taylor, Cruden and Dagg exchange kicks and it's the Crusaders who come out on top with a Chiefs line-out 35 out from their own line. Again the throw is wayward from Elliot and Ellis grabs the Whitelock tap but he's under pressure and is tackled into touch. Horrell bashes it up in the midfield, the ball is worked wide and Anscombe puts in the grubber which comes off Flynn's leg and into touch inside the 'Saders 22.

Penalty28 PENALTY, CRUSADERS, CARTER 9-3. Three penalties from Carter as he punishes the Chiefs once more.

27 The Chiefs are pinged for offside at the scrum and Carter has another shot from around about 40 out.

26 Masaga is brought into the play from the scrum in a set move but he takes his eyes off the ball and drops it.

25 Kerr-Barlow reads the play well to put pressure on the Crusaders from the scrum and while the hosts are able to work it wide regardless but as Marshall looks to grubber it back in field the ball is knocked on.

23 The Chiefs run it out from their 22 and Ellis does really well to read a chip over the top. A great cleanout from Retallick gets the hosts posession back but there is a knock on and the result is a Crusaders scrum just on their side of halfway.

Penalty21 PENALTY, CHIEFS, CRUDEN 3-6. Cruden took his time but makes no mistake as the Chiefs get on the board.

20 A loose pass from Whitelock forces Taylor to clear under pressure, the Crusaders players think it's been touched and so advance but referee Walsh disagrees and hands the Chiefs the penalty.

Penalty19 PENALTY, CRUSADERS, CARTER 6-0. From 41m out, it's right down the middle from Carter.

18 Crotty looks to burst through midfield and makes a half break. The Crusaders work their way into Chiefs territory and as they move across field referee Walsh brings them back for an off-side right in front of the posts.

16 Another poor throw from Elliot as it goes over the top and it's collected by Marshall. Crotty's grubber is charged down and a kind bounce would have seen the Chiefs away but it bounces into touch. Carter puts up a high one and it's knocked on by Kerr-Barlow.

14 Early engagement from the Chiefs. Super stuff first from Taylor and then Dagg as the Crusaders gallop into the Chiefs half but Dagg's offload goes to a Chiefs player and in their eagerness to get the ball back the Crusaders infringe.

12 It's Clarke who wins one against the thorw this time! Good work from Todd at the breakdown sees the ball stolen. Taylor does well to clear under pressure.

10 Some confusion at the Chiefs line-out sees Whitelock execute the steal. Ellis clears but Tikoirotuma returns it brilliantly for a line-out just outside the Crusaders 22.

9 The Chiefs look to attack from a line-out but under pressure the backs can't get the ball wide and the ball goes forward. Read holds at the back of the scrum before Ellis runs strongly. The Chiefs gets the penalty at ruck time and Cruden sets up a line-out just over halfway.

Penalty6 PENALTY, CRUSADERS, CARTER 3-0. From 42m out and at a fair an angle, Carter makes no mistake! The Chiefs has the better start but it's the 'Saders who are on the board.

5 Carter boots it into Chiefs territory before some ping pong ensues which is ended by Guildford taking it up to the line. After some strong attacking of their own, the Crusaders have a penalty on the Chiefs 10m. It's been a frantic start!

3 Clarke takes the kick-off and the Chiefs look to run early. They make it up to the 10m through Masaga and as the ball goes loose it goes into touch off a Crusaders player. Strong running from Cruden and Messam sees the hosts burst into opposition territory. The Crusaders infringe and Kerr-Barlow takes quickly to take the Chiefs to the 22. The ball is lost forward and Ellis clears. Ngatai finds some space behind the defence and it's a line-out on the Crusaders 22.

Away we go Referee Steve Walsh blows his whistle and we're a go!

Ready to go The players are out in the middle and this game is about to get underway.

Weather Conditions are great for running rugby, no wind about and there isn't any moisture to speak of.

Permutations If we're tied after 80mins, we will have a rest period followed by two 10 minute periods of extra time with a two minute half-time. If the match is still tied at the end of extra time, an up to 10 minute sudden death period is played after another five minute rest period and the first team to score (by a penalty goal, drop-goal or try) will be the winner. If the match is still tied at the end of sudden death, there will be a place kicking competition to determine the winner of the match.

Officials Steve Walsh is the man with the whistle today and he'll be assisted by Glen Jackson and Chris Pollock. Glenn Newman has the TMO duties.

Team news The Crusaders have retained the team that demolished the Reds last time out meaning that Richie McCaw remins on the bench.

Team news The Chiefs have rung the changes for this encounter, making seven alterations to their matchday 22. Andrew Horrell and Charlie Ngatai start in the midfield and are joined by Asaeli Tikoirotuma on the wing and Gareth Anscombe at full-back. Rhys Marshall comes onto the bench replacing Mahonri Schwalger who is kept out this week with a knee injury and he is joined by prop Ben Afeaki, Bundee Aki and Robbie Robinson.

Welcome Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the Super Rugby semi-final between the Chiefs and the Crusaders.

Updates to appear here at 19:20 local (08:20 BST, 07:20 GMT)

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