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  • Luatua, Moala, Woodcock, Li,
    Penalty goals: Hickey (4),
    Conversions: Hickey (4),
40 - 30


  • Daniller, Hendricks, Prinsloo,
    Penalty goals: Goosen (2), Watts,
    Conversions: Goosen, Watts (2),
  • Super Rugby
  • Overall Group
  • 22nd Mar 2014
  • KO 06:35
  • Ground: Eden Park, Auckland

Blues v Cheetahs - Live

Last updated: 22nd March 2014  

Full Time Blues 40-30 Cheetahs

80 The full time score is 40-30 to the Blues here at Eden Park! The game was a little bit disrupted due to the ref loving the sound of his own whistle, especially in the first half, but the second half showcased some lovely running rugby from the Cheetahs who ran in two incredible tries! The Blues were far more clinical on the day and although looked less dangerous, were far more composed and that was the difference tonight. The 17 points scored whilst Prinsloo was off the field was the deciding factor as the Blues took full advantage and ran in 17 points and from there the visitors were playing catch up!

80 Their attack comes to nothing as possession is lost! The Blues have won this contest tonight with a bonus point! The Cheetahs leave with nothing.

80 Blues attack strongly in the Cheetahs 22m. Captain courageous, Adrian Strauss wins his side a penalty at the breakdown. The Cheetahs will have a crack at getting some points to get a bonus point of their own.

78 Cheetahs win a tighthead and go on attack! But this time Le Roux is penalized for not releasing at the breakdown!

77 De Jager spills the ball in the collision to ruin a promising play! Hugely disappointing for the visitors!

76 Labuschagne does well at the breakdown to win his side a much needed penalty. Watts finds a good touch deep inside the Blues 22m. Cheetahs must score to give them a chance!

75 de Jager dishes up his second dose of pain this evening with a big hit which wins his team the ball! Cheetahs have a scrum inside their half.

Penalty72 PENALTY, BLUES, HICKEY, 40-30. Great strike from Hickey to give his side some breathing space with 8 minutes to play.

70 Blues win an important penalty inside the Cheetahs half! Le Roux makes a bit of a mistake as he chucks a long to an isolated Hendricks. The Blues rush up on him and force the penalty.

Conversion69 CONVERSION, WATTS, 37-30. Watts makes no mistake again as they are back in striking distance!

TRY68 TRY! CHEETAHS, DANILLER, 37-28. Cheetahs magic again! Sadie shows and goes straight through! He finds Hendricks in support who offloads to Daniller on the inside who goes in over under the poles! Great rugby!

Conversion64 CONVERSION, HICKEY, 37-23. Blues extend their lead!

TRY63 TRY! BLUES, WOODCOCK, 35-23. Saili runs strongly from the back of the scrum! Woodcock picks and goes and goes over for a 5-pointer!

62 The Blues attack strongly off the reset and come close. They've won a scrum just outside the Cheetahs try line!

Conversion61 CONVERSION, WATTS, 30-23. Cheetahs are back in this one now!

TRY60 TRY!!! CHEETAHS, HENDRICKS, 30-21. Cheetahs magic! That deserved several exclamation marks! Le Roux joins the back line at second receiver off the scrum, dummy runners everywhere, Willie throws a flat one and Hendricks comes sauntering through at pace! He steps the last line line of defense and goes over for one of the tries of the season!

58 Apparently Goosen's injury may be more serious than first presumed and has been taken to hospital for x-rays.

58 Cracking play from the Cheetahs! Le Roux makes a half break from his own half and pops to Benjamin! Benjamin throws a lovely long pass to Hendricks on the wing but the pass has been called forward! Not sure about that one. I''m sure the hands went back there and the momentum carried the ball forward.

54 The Cheetahs attack strongly with de Jager dishing out some pain to Jackson Willison! They go wide and spill the ball again on the front foot. Ooooef, in slow motion the hit on Willison looks epic!

53 The Blues win a penalty at the scrum and a wasted opportunity for the Cheetahs! Nonu and Kaino enter the field and get a huge cheer from the crowd!

52 The Blues make a turnover through Luatua. Strauss sees red and is in quick for the next ruck and wins the visitors a penalty. They set up a line out 5m out. The Cheetahs push over again but are held up yet again! 5m scrum to the Cheetahs. Good defense from the Blues here.

49 Hickey's effort pulls up just short and the Cheetahs begin to run from their own half! They manage to hold onto the ball this time as they attack strongly before Hendricks makes a cracking break! He offloads to benjamin who gets pulled up just short! The forwards crash and go over but are held up! They go back for a penalty. Much better from the Cheetahs!

45 Philip van der Walt is penalized for being off his feet at the breakdown. Hickey will have a shot from just inside the visitors half.

44 Cheetahs win a penalty and find touch in the Blues half. They need to build some phases here and get an early score. MORE sloppy play. The line out is loose and Cornal Hendricks fumbles a ball at his feet.

42 The Cheetahs get a rare turnover in their own half and they go wide as le Roux steps into the first receiver position! He throws a wide one and Pretorious can't hold on to it as he knocks on.

41 Hickey gets the second half started! Cheetahs miss the ball completely as it bounces out!

Half Time Blues 30-16 Cheetahs

40 Well another disappointing half of rugby from the Cheetahs! The Blues haven''''t been anything special but the Cheetahs have just gifted them a comfortable 14 point lead at the break. The Cheetahs seemed to have the edge in a half that was dominated more by the ref and his whistle (plus the strange overruling of the TMO) up until Prinsloo was sent his marching orders. From their it was sloppy play from the Cheetahs which will have Naka Drotske fuming at the break. Cheetahs are not out of it and will need to score early and keep the ball longer in order to win they game!

Penalty40 PENALTY, CHEETAHS, WATTS, 30-16. Good start from Watts!

39 Cheetahs win a penalty and Elgar Watts whose now on for an injured Goosen will have a shot at goal before half time. Goosen''s wrist injury doesn''t seem too serious.

39 Great scrum from the Cheetahs but the Blues secure the ball and crash it up. Moala is a demon in contact as he bounces Benjamin for the second time tonight. They eventually clear but not that far out.

38 The Cheetahs run strongly before De Jager loses possession in contact. The Blues will have a scrum deep in their 22m. Cheetahs will need a big shove here to put pressure on the home side. They need points!

36 Something finally goes the Cheetahs way as they win a penalty from the scrum. They kick for touch and find it inside the Blues 22m. Prinsloo is back on the park now. They definitely need a try here before half time.

Conversion32 CONVERSION, HICKEY, 30-13. Hickey's flawless night continues!

TRY31 TRY! BLUES, LI, 28-13. Soft, soft try. Willison puts another grubber through and Willie le Roux makes a complete hash of it as he knocks it on and loses his footing! Willison picks up and pops to Tevita Li for an easy try!

Conversion31 CONVERSION, HICKEY, 23-13. Hickey continues his form!

TRY30 TRY! BLUES, MOALA, 21-13. Okay. The TMO stated no-try due to a double movement but Moala, but the ref has gone an overruled it and awarded the try! I'm sure we'll hear more about this one!

30 Cheetahs battling with 14 men! They fail to gather a Blues kick and the Blues go wild on attack! They work their way close before Moala goes over! They going upstairs to check if it's a legit try!

Penalty29 PENALTY, BLUES, HICKEY, 16-13. Easy kick for Hickey.

28 The Blues win a penalty from the scrum. They opt for the safe option and decide to take the 3 instead of going for the try!

27 The Blues waste an opportunity as they pick and go from the back of the scrum and knock the ball on! Cheetahs will try slow it down and get out of their half!

26 Great attacking play from the Blues! Willison puts a grubber through and they are all over Daniller who is there to gather. They drive him backwards towards the line and turnover the ball and almost score! Prinsloo prevented the try illegally from an offside position and has been yellow carded for it! Attacking scrum for the Blues against 14 men!

Conversion22 CONVERSION, GOOSEN, 13-13. Goosen nails it from the corner!

TRY21 TRY! CHEETAHS, PRINSLOO, 13-11. No problems this time for the Cheetahs! Textbook driving maul from 5m out.

20 The drive is brought up short but the Blues are penalized for being offside. They receive a warning. Cheetahs set up another line out.

19 Blues once again penalized for being in front of the kicker. The Cheetahs have opted for the line out and will most likely go for the driving maul!

Conversion17 CONVERSION, HICKEY, 13-6. Hickey continues his good form!

TRY16 TRY! BLUES, LUATUA, 11-6. The Blues win the ball after a loose Cheetahs line out. They work their way into the 22m and then Luatua crashes over from short range!

15 The Cheetahs give a way a short arm for an early push at the scrum and the Blues kick long to get out of their half!

13 Tevita Li spills a kick from Goosen right on his 22m line. Blues not looking completely relaxed at the moment. Cheetahs will have an attacking scrum, let's hopefully see some Cheetah magic!

Penalty11 PENALTY, BLUES, HICKEY, 6-6. Hickey also seems to have his kicking boots on tonight!

9 Now Cheetahs give away a penalty on the opposite side of the field for obstruction after receiving the ball from the kickoff!

Penalty9 PENALTY, CHEETAHS, GOOSEN, 3-6. No mistake from Goosen again!

8 Blues are penalized (Braid) for being in front of the kicker. Goosen should have another 3 points here. Straight in front on the 22m.

Penalty7 PENALTY, BLUES, HICKEY, 3-3. Hickey slots his first one!

7 Cheetahs are penalized just inside their own half. Max van Dyk didn't use arms in a tackle around the fridge of a ruck. Hickey will have a shot from about 40m out!

Penalty5 PENALTY, CHEETAHS, GOOSEN, 0-3. No mistake from Goosen!

4 First mistake of the night by the Blues who knock on after a line out on the half way line. Scrum to Cheetahs on the centre of the park. They win a short arm from the scrum and take it quickly and immediately look dangerous! They swiftly work their way into the Blues 22m! Eventually they win a penalty straight in front. Great start from the visitors!

1 And Goosen gets us underway! He goes long and Weepu clears!

0 Blues news: The Blues have made six changes to the starting XV that narrowly lost to the Lions last week for Saturday's match against the Cheetahs at Eden Park, After impressing when he came off the bench, Simon Hickey has been given the nod to start at fly-half ahead of Chris Noakes. Jackson Willison replaces Pita Ahki at inside centre, while Charles Piutau moves to his favoured position of full-back in place of Benji Marshall who drops to the bench as Tevita Li starts on the left wing.

0 Cheetahs news: Cheetahs coach Naka Drotsk� has made three changes to his starting XV for Saturday's clash with the Blues. In two injury-forced tweaks, Drotsk� has decided to start regular wing Rayno Benjamin at centre in place of Francois Venter, while full-back Hennie Daniller comes in at wing for the injured Raymond Rhule. Among the forwards, Jean Cook replaces Lappies Labuschagne in a tactical change with the latter relegated to the replacements bench. Griquas centre Howard Mnisi, who has yet to make his Super Rugby debut, comes into the matchday 23 as midfield cover.

0 Welcome to Eden Park in Auckland for the coverage of the Blues vs Cheetahs Super Rugby clash! A mouth-watering fixture tonight with both teams keen on playing positive running rugby. Both teams have struggled this season and will be looking to get a win tonight to get their season back on track. The question tonight is; can the Cheetahs defense find some of its form from 2013? Looking forward to this clash, so stay tuned!

Updates to appear here at 19:20 local (06:20 GMT)

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