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Clermont Auvergne

  • Debaty, Lee, Vosloo (2),
    Conversions: Delany (4),
28 - 3

Racing Metro 92

  • Penalty goals: Machenaud,

Clermont v Racing Metro - Live

Last updated: 19th January 2014  

Full Time80 CLERMONT 28-3 RACING

80 Racing trying to get something out of this game but they won't come near to a win, as Clermont's home streak stretches to 71 consecutive wins. Ball knocked on by Racing and Clermont will have one final scrum to boot the ball into touch. Their attention now turns to Leicester Tigers, who will visit here in the quarter-finals following today's results. Racing turn the ball over and run through some phases before the ball goes into touch, and that will be that.

77 Nalaga with a chance to add a fifth try but the winger can't quite bring in the ball. Racing with the scrum and then trying to play wide deep in their 22. Magnaval's clearance only finds Buttin as Clermont come again, Vosloo offloading. Long pass from Sivivatu to Rougerie but the ball goes into touch.

75 Racing clear their lines as Stanley comes on. Harried blitz defence from Clermont but Imhoff gets away to make some ground, before Racing knock on.

72 Charge by Nalaga who goes for power and nearly gets in the corner, but well stopped by Racing. Clermont just a few metres out looking for a fifth try. Poor knock on by Pierre hands Racing a reprieve.

70 Clermont have what they wanted and you can sense the relief as they start to throw the ball around. Kick over the top lands right in the corner from Parra to pin Racing back deep.

TRY67 TRY, CLERMONT, DEBATY! 28-3: Parra nearly snipes his way over up the middle before Clermont win a penalty for not releasing five metres out. Paulo goes quick, then Debaty... he's over! That's the bonus point for Clermont and the home quarter final they wanted! Huge moment as the crowd erupts.

65 It's the familiar sight of a Clermont rolling maul once again, with Lee of course at the base. Fofana spins out of the tackle and Clermont are purring now, sniffing that fourth try.

63 Clermont scrum, with Parra now at scrum-half, wins yet another penalty. Chaume on for Domingo as Delany kicks into the Racing half.

TRY61 TRY, CLERMONT, VOSLOO! 21-3: Finally Clermont do score! Driving maul deep in the Racing 22 and after good work from Lee, Vosloo drives low and over the line. They need one more.

59 Driving maul from Clermont now, Lee up to the five metre line. But again, when it matters the ball is lost as Machenaud clears. Clermont lineout in the Racing 22.

57 At last a simple scrum but Sivivatu can't take the pass behind him, up too flat, and the ball spills into touch. Racing with the lineout.

Yellow Card57 YELLOW CARD, RACING, DUCALCON! And there it is - what choice does the referee have? Ducalcon joins Szarzewski in the bin, Racing down to 13.

56 Little to report as the clock ticks away and Clermont stay stuck five metres out with Racing repeatedly infringing. The visitors are close to another yellow card.

54 Yet another penalty as the pressure is ramped up on Racing. Le Roux returns from the bin.

53 Clermont attempted a cross-field kick to Byrne in acres of space, but the referee wasn't ready. Back for a Clermont scrum right under the posts.

Yellow Card51 YELLOW CARD, RACING, SZARZEWSKI! Scrum penalty to Clermont. Tapped and the hosts are back up to ten metres out from Racing's line. Forwards driving through, five short now as Pierre carries. Right under the sticks, can they make it count? Pile of bodies right on the line and Clermont have a penalty, the referee going to his pocket and Szarzewski goes to the bin.

50 Clermont playing with that extra touch of hunger following the disallowed score, Rougerie taking a run down the left. Sharp hands from Nalaga and Fofana, Delany ducking a tackle. Domingo carries but the ball goes loose and is knocked on in the Racing 22.

48 Fofana looks to be over for Clermont's third try, but the play is called back because Lee took out Dambielle in the build-up to Fofana's break. Racing penalty, Dambielle clears.

47 Racing again infringe at the breakdown for Clermont to boot the ball back in the 22. Still playing with a man advantage remember.

45 Forward power the option chosen by Clermont, but then Hines' drive is illegal as other Clermont players blocked off the opposition in front of him. Dambielle clears.

Yellow Card43 YELLOW CARD, RACING, LE ROUX! Referee's words clearly not having an effect as Le Roux is sin-binned for slowing the ball down. Clermont back into the corner for the maul.

42 Smart kick by Delany into the corner wins Clermont a lineout and then they get the penalty to boot. Referee speaks to Le Roux as Delany prods the ball into the corner. Ominous now for Racing.

40 Racing kick off the second half with Radosavljevic clearing well.


40 Clermont scrum on the near side with time up on the clock. Sivivatu on the crash ball, but good work at the breakdown turns the ball over until Estebanez knocks on and that's the interval. Entertaining stuff considering the weather as Clermont have two tries, but need two more to take that home quarter-final. The task is set.

38 Lineout taken by Le Roux, Racing enjoy the best of the last ten minutes but yet to make it count. Burst up the middle from Roberts, tackled by Byrne. Andreu cutting in as Racing get to five metres out. Can they score? Pass spilled by Roberts and Clermont rally to clear... but with their legs! Fofana makes a searing break and gets over halfway but cannot get the pass away. Clermont then knock on, breathtaking stuff, as Racing try to keep it alive until the ball spills into touch.

36 Knocked on by Fofana and then Fall does the same, so we come back for a Racing scrum. Conditions understandably having an effect but both teams are doing well considering. Scrum reset, then a penalty to Racing. Dambielle finds a good touch.

35 Imhoff takes the restart and tries to make something work down the right touchline, but his foot is in touch. Chance for Clermont now with a lineout in the Racing 22.

32 Successful scrum for Racing, Dambielle just missed out on a promising gap. Patiently building phases and then they get a penalty, Clermont not rolling away. Machenaud going for the posts.

30 Loose lineout and Machenaud scampers back to secure the ball. Now Racing move forward, Szarzewski carrying along with Qovu. Scrum advantage but Racing need more, Clermont's defence holding for now. Racing scrum.

28 Progress for Racing with a lineout now in Clermont's half. Qovu running hard, Racing yet to truly worry Clermont yet. Hosts penalised for offside, Racing kick to the corner.

25 Fall executes a chip and chase as Racing attack, Brugnaut looking for the glory pass to the wing but it sails into touch. Series of kicks ends in a Racing lineout inside their own half.

TRY22 TRY, CLERMONT, VOSLOO! 14-0: Fine catch by Byrne under a high Hernandez kick. Clermont trying to go wide and living dangerously in their 22, losing the ball but winning it back as Lee comes away. Fofana finds some space and gets away, offloading to Domingo and behind the defence as Racing scramble. Wide it goes and Vosloo is in over in the far corner. Made by Fofana, excellent execution in these conditions. Delany converts.

20 Clermont forwards working hard around the fringes until Delany's pass is overturned. Byrne trying a tricky kick to the far corner and misjudges it, bringing us back for a Racing lineout on halfway.

18 Clermont scrum in a central position well within Racing's half. Scrum penalty to the hosts, Delany into the far corner.

16 Lineout won by van der Merwe and Racing ease the pressure with a clearance kick, but only as far as their 22. Promising position for Clermont.

15 Brilliant burst from Delany through the gap and his kick skids across the turf but is just ahead of Nalaga, Racing knocking it into touch to hand Clermont a five-metre lineout.

13 Poor pass from Radosavljevic has Clermont under pressure but Sivivatu runs them out of their 22, tricky handling in tough conditions as Machenaud knocks on. Clermont scrum on their 22.

11 Radosavljevic clears with a box kick an Racing run it back. Andreu gets free down the left touchline but his chip kick flies straight into touch for a Clermont lineout.

8 Racing penalised at the breakdown so Clermont return to the corner. Kayser hits his man and Clermont attack again in the 22, Fofana sidestepping tacklers. Vosloo and Lee present again as the forwards execute well considering the conditions. Cross kick from Delany has too much on it for Rougerie and Racing will drop out.

TRY5 TRY, CLERMONT, LEE! 7-0: Immediate penalty to the hosts, who again go to the corner through Delany. Lineout to the back for Hines, good carries from Lee and Fofana. Clermont inches out in the puddles, advantage played but they're over! The powerful Lee emerging from the bottom of the pile. Delany converts.

3 Byrne follows up a high kick with a solid tackle on Fall, Clermont then winning the penalty. Points possible but Delany kicks to the corner, Clermont remember chasing a bonus point.

2 No room for Sivivatu on the outside as the surface water splashes up. Another Racing lineout, taken by Kruger and Machenaud clears (expect plenty of kicking today). Poor pass from Machenaud bobbles but Andreu recovers to clear.

0 Delany starts proceedings and Machenaud's reply is charged down by Nalaga! Lineout to Racing in front of their line with Hernandez clearing.

0 Conditions are certainly leaving plenty to be desired as the rain continues to pour, the pitch looking ready to churn up.

0 Meanwhile, an in-form Clermont side have named former Welsh international Lee Byrne at full-back in place of Jean-Marcellin Buttin while Mike Delany comes in for Brock James at fly-half. Ludovic Radoslavjevic replaces Morgan Parra at the base. In the pack there is a start for Gerhard Vosloo and Cl�ment Ric who replace Julien Bardy and Davit Zirakashvili respectively.

0 Wales inside centre Jamie Roberts has been handed a start for Racing M�tro in their Heineken Cup clash with high-flying Clermont on Sunday. Roberts returns to the side following injury in a boost for both club and country after last week's disappointing home defeat to the Scarlets. He lines up alongside Fabrice Estebanez in midfield while there is no place in the matchday squad for Mike Phillips and Jonathan Sexton. Dan Lydiate must make do with a bench spot.

0 Hello and welcome to the Stade Marcel Michelin as Clermont Auvergne look to secure a bonus point win to have a home quarter-final against Racing M�tro.

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