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New Zealand

Last 6 Results

Last 6 results
Australia     New Zealand
Australia - France 39-13 36-13 New Zealand - England
Australia - France 6-0 28-27 New Zealand - England
Australia - France 50-23 20-15 New Zealand - England
Wales - Australia 26-30 22-24 Ireland - New Zealand
Scotland - Australia 15-21 22-30 England - New Zealand
Ireland - Australia 15-32 19-26 France - New Zealand

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Forthcoming Rugby Champion'p Fixtures
Rugby Champion'p
Saturday 16th August
Rugby Championship
11:05Australia vs New Zealand
16:05South Africa vs Argentina
Saturday 23rd August
08:35New Zealand vs Australia
20:10Argentina vs South Africa
Saturday 6th September
08:35New Zealand vs Argentina
11:05Australia vs South Africa
Saturday 13th September
08:35New Zealand vs South Africa
11:05Australia vs Argentina
Saturday 27th September
16:05South Africa vs Australia
23:10Argentina vs New Zealand
Saturday 4th October
16:05South Africa vs New Zealand
23:40Argentina vs Australia

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