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Mogliano Rugby

0 - 33

Newport Gwent D'gons

  • Tuilagi, Harries, Prydie, Jones (2),
    Conversions: Prydie (4),
Mogliano Rugby
15. Ezio Galon
14. Giovanni Benvenuti Substituted off48'
13. Enrico Ceccato
12. Cristian Cerioni Substituted off41'
11. Marco Gazzola Substituted off41'
10. Edoardo Padovani
9. Enrico Endrizzi
1. Andrea Ceccato Substituted off50'
2. Agustin Costa Repetto Substituted off66'
3. Massimiliano Ravalle Substituted off58'
4. Jacopo Bocchi Substituted off61'
5. Enrico Pavanello Substituted off76'
6. Marco Barbini
Sin Binned 17' 7. Meyer Swanepoel
8. Edoardo Candiago
16. Ivan Gianesini Substituted on50'
17. Laert Naka Substituted on66'
18. Gianluca Ceneda Substituted on58'
19. Federico Maso Substituted on61'
20. Nicola Corbanese Substituted on76'
21. Tommaso Boni Substituted on41'
22. Filippo Guarducci Substituted on41'
23. Alberto Lucchese Substituted on48'
15. Tom Prydie
14. Will Harries
13. Jack Dixon
12. Andy Tuilagi
11. Michael Poole
10. Lewis Robling
9. Jonathan Evans
1. Nathan Williams Substituted off61'
2. Sam Parry Substituted off61'
3. Tim Ryan Substituted off61'
4. Ian Nimmo Substituted off46'
5. Andrew Coombs Substituted off70'
Dismissed 30' 6. Groves
7. Lewis Evans
8. Ieuan Jones
13. Patrick Leach
16. Huw Gustafson Substituted on61'
17. Owen Evans Substituted on61'
18. Buck Substituted on61'
19. Robert Sidoli Substituted on46'
20. Tom Brown Substituted on70'
21. Wayne Evans
22. Daniel Evans
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