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15. Ben Howard
14. Sam Smith
13. Alex Grove
12. Ravai Fatiaki
11. Tom Biggs
10. Ignacio Mieres
9. Charlie Mulchrone
1. Ryan Bower
2. Niall Annett
3. Nick Schonert
4. James Percival
5. Christian Scotland-Wiliamson
6. Mike Williams
7. Matt Cox
8. Gerrit-Jan van Velze
16. Dan George
17. Mike Daniels
18. Dan Sanderson
19. Richard de Carpentier
20. Johnny Arr
21. Tiff Eden
22. Max Stelling
15. Anthony Carter
14. Drew Cheshire
13. Scott Armstrong
12. Will Owen
11. Mike Penn
10. Oliver Thomas
9. Sam Brown
1. Tom Warren
2. Adam Caves
3. Voisey
4. Greg Charlton
5. Mike Powell
6. Ed Siggery
7. Joseph Carpenter
8. Neil Mason
16. Danny Hobbs-Awoyemi
17. Scott Tolmie
18. Steffan Thorpe
19. Nile Dacres
20. Charley Thomas
21. Caolan Ryan
22. Josh Skelcey

The Championship Table

The Championship Table - October 5 2014
Pos Team P Pts
8 Jersey 5 11
Forthcoming The Champion'p Fixtures
The Champion'p
Friday 7th November
The Championship
19:45Bristol vs Doncaster
19:45Worcester vs Bedford
20:00Yorkshire Carnegie vs Rotherham Titans
Saturday 8th November
12:00Moseley vs London Scottish
15:00Jersey vs Plymouth Albion
Sunday 9th November
15:00Cornish Pirates vs Nottingham
Friday 14th November
19:45Bedford vs Yorkshire Carnegie
19:45Jersey vs London Scottish
20:00Nottingham vs Bristol
Saturday 15th November
14:00Rotherham Titans vs Cornish Pirates
14:30Doncaster vs Moseley
17:00Plymouth Albion vs Worcester
Friday 21st November
19:45Worcester vs Jersey
20:00Yorkshire Carnegie vs Plymouth Albion
Saturday 22nd November
14:30Doncaster vs London Scottish
15:00Moseley vs Nottingham
Sunday 23rd November
15:00Cornish Pirates vs Bedford
15:00Bristol vs Rotherham Titans
Saturday 20th December
14:30Jersey vs Yorkshire Carnegie
15:00London Scottish vs Worcester
Sunday 21st December
15:00Nottingham vs Doncaster
Friday 26th December
14:00Rotherham Titans vs Moseley
15:00Bedford vs Bristol
Saturday 27th December
14:30Yorkshire Carnegie vs Worcester
15:00Plymouth Albion vs Cornish Pirates

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