Jessica Judd

  1. Jessica Judd: Competed at the recent World Athletics Championships in Moscow
    Jessica Judd: Looking to impress on the Olympic stage very soon
  2. Jessica won her first Diamond League event in the 800m this season, seeing off a world class field
    Jessica has shone in the Diamond League in the 800m
  3. It's a more tactical game on the tracks, says Juddn
    Jessica Judd is developing her tactics needed in track races
  4. Becoming the leading middle distance runner in the world is Jessica's ultimate goal
    Becoming the leading middle distance runner in the world is Jessica's ultimate goal
  5. Jessica won 800m gold at the European Team Championships earlier this year
    Jessica won 800m gold at the European Team Championships in 2013
  6. Jessica spends much of her winter building up her endurance in cross country


2015 was officially my first year as a senior athlete and my coach and I have had an eight-year plan, which initially focuses on qualifying for a middle distance final at the Rio Olympics. My experience will hopefully enable me to strive to achieve gold at the 2020 Games in Tokyo.

That's the plan! I gained senior global experience in 2013, by qualifying for the World Championships in Moscow. I was extremely disappointed not to make London 2012, but bounced back to win a medal at the World Junior Championships and believe that time is on my side.

I also started studying Biochemistry at the University of Loughborough in 2015, having deferred to focus primarily on athletics. That allowed me to be a full-time athlete for a year, before taking this attitude into university and allowing me to have the same mind-set and goals.

My aim is to be the best female distance runner in the world.


The money from the Sky Scholarship means I can afford a car and travel to and from training without having to rely on my parents or my coach. This means having the freedom to train whenever suits me.

Travel and accommodation costs for competitions are expensive, so the money means I can afford to travel to races. Additionally, I have been able to go warm weather training.

Finances have prevented this from happening in the past, and bad weather has increased the need to train abroad. This helps me improve my ability and translate this into competition.

Sky's support has been so beneficial in helping me to excel in my athletics. From the financial aid, to just providing advice and also the brilliant media training. It has all been so helpful.

The main focus has been around aiding my recovery in between sessions and help with my preparation for competitions. I invested in some Normatec boots, which have enabled me to recover better.

I have also used the money to pay for my coach which means they can watch me race and be able to be at all my training sessions.

Finally, being able to stay in a hotel before races was something that I had to think about before I had Sky's help. Now I can do what is most beneficial for my running and can rest and recover more before competing. It's a huge help!

Sky has also been brilliant with helping me with regards to providing advice and giving me someone to talk to. When I moved to Loughborough for university I made some coaching changes and contacts like Tony Lester were so helpful in making me feel better about the decisions I made.

The media training I have received has been great! It's made me feel so much more relaxed in front on the camera after a race and I feel a can get my opinions and emotions across in a better manner now.

This makes me feel so much calmer and I think has had a good impact on my running as the post race interviews are not daunting anymore.

All in all, Sky have helped me an awful lot and I am extremely grateful for all their help.


I have a great mentor in Natalie Sawyer who I've been lucky to meet up with at Sky. She's taught me a lot about the media and how it works which made me feel much better when being interviewed on Sky Sports.

I am looking forward to meeting up with her again so I can learn more about the media side, as it was very beneficial when I was interviewed after my race and had to sit in the studio on some occasions.