Sky Academy Sports Scholarships: Elise Christie feared crash would end Sochi dream

By Sam Drury - Follow on Twitter

Last Updated: 26/03/2017, 15:47 GMT

Medal hopeful Elise Christie admits she feared her Winter Olympics dream may be over before it had even begun after a crash last month.

The short track speed skater was competing in the final World Cup event before the Games in Russia when a collision during a race sent her careering into the pads at the side on the rink.

"People were like, 'your ankle, your ankle - don't move it!' and I was thinking my ankle's fine but then before I knew it the pads were on top of me and that was when I started panicking but because I'd gone into panic mode I couldn't feel anything," the Sky Academy Sports Scholar explained.

"I fell into a blade, you could see the blade mark and then around it this big bruise came up. I just knew I couldn't really move my leg because it was dead from being hit and it did cross my mind that it could be the end of my season so yeah, it was a bit scary."

As it is, Christie's fears were allayed and she was even able to compete the following day, winning a bronze medal in the process.

However, it is another medal that the Nottingham-based skater most craves and she admits to becoming obsessed with it at times.

"It is about February '14," she said, referring to the Olympics. "I think about it every day and some days it's a motivator and some days it's the thing that holds you back.

"You can find it mentally hard when you're training you're socks off and you're knackered, you're trying to perform and you're not performing to your best. Then you think about Sochi and you think I'm not ready but it is just all mental."