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Sky Sports Scholarships - Elise Christie makes solid start in World Cup series

Last Updated: 25/10/13 2:04pm

Elise Christie: Is pleased to be achieving consistent top eight finishes

Elise Christie: Is pleased to be achieving consistent top eight finishes

I've just returned to the UK from Asia after the first two ISU Short Track World Cup events.

It's been pretty full on as I have competed in a lot of events over a short space of time, but it's a good way to get the season started and I have managed to get plenty of time racing on the ice which is what I love.

Unfortunately upon arrival to the first World Cup in Shanghai I learnt my Gran had passed away. This made the first week of racing pretty tough for me mentally, especially the first day of racing as my Gran's funeral was taking place and obviously she was in my thoughts.

I was fifth overall in the 500m and eighth in the 1000m with a penalty in the semi-final.

I would have liked to have got on the podium but I am happy with consistent top-eights at this level and stage in the season and under the circumstances.


The focus for World Cup II was the longer distances of 1000m and 1500m. I had a fall in the 1,500m semi-final at 1 lap to go, which is the nature of our sport, however I was very pleased to make the final of the 1000m.

I was up against three members of the home nation, Korea, which made the race difficult as they skated as a unit. Unfortunately I hit a block during an overtake at 2 laps to go, which meant I finished in fifth place.

I'm constantly learning and trying to improve from each race, as there is so much that can happen! We made a major step forward in the women's relay - we broke the British record and our hope is to qualify for the Olympics.

In a small amount of time off from competition we visited a Chinese market, ate Korean BBQ and went to a Korean Karaoke facility. Karaoke is so much different in Korea. The rooms have beds and cushions and you have to take your shoes off! It's such a different culture over there!