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Sky Sports Scholarships - Surgery was the only option, says Quillan Isidore

Last Updated: 30/10/13 9:43am

Quillan Isidore: Hopes to be back on his BMX bike again within the next three months after undergoing surgery

Quillan Isidore: Hopes to be back on his BMX bike again within the next three months after undergoing surgery

Life had almost gotten back to normal...

Things were going as smoothly as they could in the situation I was in. My fibula still hadn't healed but I was working around it very well. I had been subscribed a newly funded limb reconstruction machine by my hospital and I was to try that out for a month.

It's called 'Exogen', and it works by using ultrasound to stimulate blood supply to the broken bone. On reported studies it increases the healing process by 33% and had 86% pass rate so I was very much looking forward to finally be on the mend!

Whilst I was using this machine and thinking I was on the mend, life had been getting back to normal. I had started sixth form, so that was good keeping me busy on the academic side of things again. My subjects are: Sports Studies, Psychology and Design Technology. I'm really enjoying it so far and spending more time with my mates again.

Training had been going very well too. I had a good training regime under way which I stuck to for the four weeks. I had been doing three or four gym sessions a week with two swimming sessions, which were interval based, working on getting my base fitness back up to scratch.


Unfortunately, the four-week mark came and my fibula had made no improvement again. So surgery was the final option. I went in on the 16th October for a bone graft and the removal of the two out of 11 pins in my ankle/fibula.

The operation was successful and luckily I was well enough to go home the following day (even though I threw up quite a bit during the night), which was my 17th birthday. It wasn't the birthday I would have hoped for as you can tell - sleeping most of the day and feeling quite sick, but it was nice to spend the time with my family and girlfriend.

I feel well enough now to start doing little gym sessions again and get back to the sessions I was doing before my operation. I have another five weeks of being in a cast for my fibula to be healed, then the rehab starts again. So I'm hoping to be back on my bike and in full training again in about two and a half months.

The road to recovery is almost over and boy, I can't wait!