Sky Academy Sports Scholarships: Savannah Marshall reflects on her World Combat Games gold medal

Last Updated: 26/03/2017, 15:53 GMT

Savannah Marshall (R): During her appearance on Ringside with fellow Sports Scholar Jason Quigley

This past month since my last blog has been great.

I was selected to represent team Great Britain in the World Combat Games in St. Petersburg, Russia. I had never heard of the World Combat Games before but I was really excited because it was a multi-sport tournament. I really wanted to see the sumo wrestling but unfortunately it had finished before we had got there.

I boxed three times against three opponents I hadn't boxed before. In the final I boxed a fast Chinese girl, Qian Li, who was their new number one. I won 3-0 to take the gold. I was so happy to have won the gold and although I didn't feel like I boxed my best this tournament, I was happy with the result.

After Russia I was given a week off to recover and relax. I spent most of this time seeing friends and family which was nice after being away for two weeks.

I'm back to training now in Sheffield with the rest of the GB team. The first week back was hard and my body is aching. It kind of makes me wish I hadn't had any time off but this is how it goes.

I also appeared on the Sky Sports show, Ringside, recently. This was a great experience and although I have been on the show before it was different from the first time and just as much fun.

I appeared on it with fellow Sky Academy Sports Scholar Jason Quigley. I was glad he was there so I wasn't on my own because otherwise the nerves would have hit me 10 times more.

I've got nothing coming up at the moment which for me is good because it gives me time to work on new things and iron out mistakes.