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Sky Academy Sports Scholarships: Olivia Breen blogs on filming, funding and fun at the Sky Academy launch.

Last Updated: 19/11/13 9:30am

Olivia Breen: Is looking forward to returning to training and starting to work on the long jump

Olivia Breen: Is looking forward to returning to training and starting to work on the long jump

Life continues to be good and there have been lots of exciting things happening.

A couple of weeks ago a team from Sky Sports News came with Jane Dougall to film for the day at Oaklands College. It was a lot of fun and started very early in the morning with me being filmed eating breakfast with my friends and went on until dinner time.

It was tiring but lots of fun and it is going to be shown on the Sky Sports News programme Sportswomen at 10.30am on Tuesday 19 November at 10:30am and 7:00 pm as part of Sky's coverage of women in sport.

I also found out that I have been retained on World Class Podium Potential funding level D. I am so pleased to have kept my funding as it means I can use the services which British Athletics provide like medical and nutritional services and this funding, together with my Sky Academy Sports Scholarship funding, means I can invest more money into my training on the road to Rio.


Things did not continue to be as exciting as I had to have a procedure to remove four in-growing toenails from my big toes. It was really painful and really annoying as I haven't been able to train on the track for almost three weeks. I have kept my fitness up by doing bike sessions which have become very boring and I have been working really hard in the gym.

I was cheered up though by being invited to the launch of the new Sky Academy on November 5. It was an amazing day with the highlight being watching an interview with David Beckham, who is an ambassador of the Academy, by Michael Parkinson. Sky has launched its Academy as part of its drive to make a positive impact on society through its four initiatives: Sky Academy Skills Studio, Sky Sports Living for Sport, Sky Academy Scholarships and Sky Academy Starting Out.

I feel very privileged to be a part of the Academy through the Sky Academy Scholarship and loved the whole experience of the launch day and meeting great sports-people like Jessica Ennis-Hill and Steve Brown was really inspirational.

I am really happy as I am finally allowed to get back to track training this week and I am also going to start long jump specific training. I can't wait!