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Trip to remember

Louis Persent reflects on a worthwhile trip to Dallas in his last blog before returning home...

Last Updated: 28/11/13 10:00am

As an archictecture graduate, Louis Persent was keen to visit the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth

As an archictecture graduate, Louis Persent was keen to visit the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth

After 10 great days here I am packing my bags and preparing to come home. I have one more morning of training before I head to the airport.

I'm returning to the UK satisfied that the trip here was more than worthwhile. I have a solid understanding of the things I need to improve on and, most of all, I am on a high after getting back into running without being held back by injury.

It's a feeling I've been waiting to experience for what seems like forever and consequently a big psychological boost.

When I get back to training at home my winter training will begin proper. I need to continue to be cautious and sensible with the progression of my training, but I'm raring to go and feel really fortunate to have been able to make this trip thanks to the support of Sky.

At the weekend the weather flipped from heat to freezing cold, but as I had a couple of days rest I tried to get out and explore. I studied architecture at university and there was one building in particular I was keen to visit, so I drove to the neighbouring city of Fort Worth to have a look at the Kimbell Art Museum. It's a genuine classic and an amazing place to experience in person.

This week I've done some more plyometric and strength work and some sessions in the Hydroworx pool as well as increasing the speed of my running accelerations. Between sessions I've just rested up and the other day I even managed to watch fellow scholar Siobhan competing in China as it was on TV here in the athlete lounge.

My coach here, Lindsey, has been absolutely brilliant, as has everyone at MJP. They've made it one of the best experiences of my life. Hopefully I'll be able to return soon 100% injury free.