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Fighting for fitness

Savannah Marshall blogs on her fight to return to full fitness following surgery on her shoulder...

Last Updated: 30/01/14 9:36am

Savannah Marshall: Is working her way back to fitness

Savannah Marshall: Is working her way back to fitness

Since my last blog I have progressed loads in regards to my shoulder.

In my last blog I was still in the sling and had restrictions on range and movement. Now I'm seven weeks post-op and well into my rehab programme. It feels so good to be back into a routine.

At this stage the aim is to get full range and movement back. When I first came out of the sling I had hardly any movement and it was very painful trying to get even the slightest of movement. Four weeks on though and I'm really happy with the progress I've made. I'm nearly at 100% range.

As for the boxing side I'm shadow boxing at the moment and hoping to progress to bags and pads in the next few weeks. The future's starting to look a lot brighter than it did a few weeks ago.

Since I'm restricted in what I can do strength and conditioning wise I'm still trying to keep a good level of fitness and strength, whether that be from the watt bike or one side shoulder press.

The next few weeks I will be focusing on strengthening my shoulder and keeping the range.