Last Updated: 03/03/2016, 21:04 GMT

As well as his running, Louis also has a degree in Architecture from the University of Cambridge
Louis Persent: Is itching to get back on the track after a few extra rest days from training

It's been a quiet few weeks. Training has been going well, each week I've been progressing on the track and in the gym and it's been good to complete my first training phase on the track.

My body is definitely feeling the effects of training though, so this weekend I have a few days off after finishing the week with a test day. I'm not great at dealing with extra rest days, however, and just want to get back training and start the next phase.

So things have been very routine, but my group have been planning a trip to Florida for training.

It's a fair way off but it's nice to have that to look forward to, especially as the Thames recently flooded and cut off the track where I train!

I don't mind training in the cold and rain but it will be good to have some nice weather for that final phase of preparation before the outdoor season.

Plus, I've started doing some Bikram yoga so I should be more than ready for the heat and humidity!