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Olivia Breen blogs about being having to be patient before being able to compete again this season...

Last Updated: 11/02/14 3:22pm

Olivia Breen: Is eager to compete again once the outdoor season arrives

Olivia Breen: Is eager to compete again once the outdoor season arrives

Things are all going pretty well at the moment. I am back at Oaklands College for my second term there and I'm training hard.

There is a good vibe amongst everyone I am training with as they are all doing their indoor competitions and getting great times. I am a little envious as I really want to compete as well.

However, my coach and I have taken the view that I won't do any indoor competitions as I am not really competition fit because of my ingrowing toe nails operation in October and being ill over Christmas. It is annoying but the outdoor season will be here really soon and I am looking towards that and the summer.

I spent last Sunday at Loughborough training with the British 4x100m relay team which was great. It was lovely to see the girls again and we are planning a couple more training sessions over the coming weeks which will hopefully prepare us for the European championships in Swansea in the summer.

I am really loving long jump training. It is great fun and a bit different from sprint training and this change and variation is good. I am not sure yet when I am doing my first competition but we are working hard on technique and of course building up my strength in the gym. We are hoping to go warm weather training at the end of March for a few weeks and I think this concentrated training in the sun will really help.

I spent a fun and useful couple of hours at Sky Studios the other day having media coaching from Chris Haynes. He was really helpful and supportive and came up with some great strategies for dealing with certain media situations. It is always fun going to the Sky Studios as everyone is so positive and enthusiastic.