Sky Academy Sports Scholarships: Louis Persent blogs on his injury setback

Last Updated: 26/03/2017, 14:49 GMT

Louis Persent
Louis Persent: Is keen to stay positive despite his setback

It’s often said that nothing worthwhile is easy to achieve and that the path to success is rarely straightforward.

Right now that certainly seems to rings true. I have the disappointing news that whilst training in Florida my Achilles tendon flared up and slowly became a bigger and bigger issue.

Although it was sore I was able to run on the grass and still get some good training in. As a result, I wasn’t expecting the bad news that I received on arriving home that I had re-torn the tendon, only higher up than last year.

I’ve had a few weeks now to overcome my initial disappointment, frustration, confusion and all the other emotions that come with a serious injury. After injuring the same tendon in June of last year, I have put so much in to my recovery and it’s left everyone searching for answers as to how this has happened. But my long-term goals remain the same and I know that the improvements I’ve made up until now won’t vanish overnight.


With my focus on Rio 2016 I know I must stay patient and avoid rushing the recovery. There may still be an opportunity to race this season and I would love to get back on the track, but doing so will be a bonus.

It’s a tough situation but nonetheless it’s important to remind myself that this is part of the journey to success. Naturally I crave the opportunity to prove myself against other athletes and I miss being able to get in the blocks on the start line and transform training into performance. It’s what drives me and it’s the reason I love this sport.

Over the winter, despite the usual ups and downs, I was able to really move forward as an athlete so it’s deeply frustrating not to be able to see the fruits of my labour, to see another year affected by injury.

But after years of being held back I recognise that if you’re truly passionate and committed, each setback is also the greatest source of inspiration to succeed. So I’m concentrating on keeping my fitness up, completing my recovery and, most of all, staying positive.