Sky Academy Sports Scholarships: Holly Bleasdale blogs on missing 2014 outdoor season

Last Updated: 17/06/2014, 09:27 GMT

Holly Bleasdale
Holly Bleasdale: Will miss the entirety of the 2014 outdoor season

For those who haven’t heard or seen, I’ve decided to take a break from competitive action this summer to regain full fitness ahead of a very important couple of years I have before me.

As we all know the 2016 Olympics in Rio and the 2017 World Championships in London are only a short distance away and being on the podium in both is top of my priority list, therefore stepping away from the competitions this year is a decision I’ve made for my long term success in athletics.

Deciding to miss the 2014 outdoor season was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do but luckily I had the best support from the people around me. I’m overwhelmed with the support I’ve had from family, friends, sponsors, well everyone really for which I’m truly grateful.

My mum always told me when I was little “I don’t think you should be doing that, Holly” but I would go ahead and do it anyway and there she stood with her "I told you so” face on. I always learnt the hard way and I still do now. Not this time.

Past experiences

I’m going to use my many past experiences, all the advice I’ve been given and listen! Taking the break now will enable me to vault for another ten or more years, “short term losses for long term gains” - my mum’s quote. I’ve come to realise she’s very wise - not bad only 22 years later…sorry mum.

On a more positive note, one thing I’m very much looking forward to next year is competing to defend my title at the European Indoor Championship in Prague in March; this is a very exciting prospect and can’t wait to return back into competitive situations in 2015 indoors.

On a different note, seing as the preparations for the outdoor season have been diverted, I can focus on other things I enjoy doing. Last Monday I got the exciting opportunity through Nike to go to London for the England team send-off where I met England footballers Jack Wilshire and Daniel Sturridge, as well as watching some amazing break-dancing and beat-boxing performances. I had an incredible day and learnt some new faces.

Only the other day, I went to Sky Studios HQ in London on a tour of what goes on behind the scenes, which was very enlightening. Turns out a lot goes on to get to the final picture of the news readers on our screens.

It's days like these that makes me very grateful to be doing what I’m doing, the opportunities my sponsors (Nike, Subway, Sky and British Athletics) give me are fantastic once in a lifetime experiences.

I’m hoping to do a lot more fun and interesting things over the next few months which I will be sure to keep you updated on, a trip to Legoland is well overdue (yes, my Lego obsession is quite out of control, it’s even crept into my wedding plans). Until next time.