Sky Academy Sports Scholarships: Quillan Isidore blogs on an injury setback

Last Updated: 26/03/2017, 14:35 GMT

Quillan Isidore
Quillan Isidore: Is determined to bounce back from his latest injury setback

Having another injury, I'm more determined this time to recover and get back on my bike quicker!

I fractured my collar bone during Friday night practice at the Birmingham Euro rounds. Luckily this break is minuscule and the doctor says it'll only be a month to heal.

However, that means I'm going to miss the European Champs and the World Champs. Realising that I've completely messed up all my chances of having a successful junior career I opted for laser treatment so I can hopefully take part in the World Champs at the end of July.

The reason behind it is to gain some experience of competing at a Junior Elite level at a big event as I'm yet to experience that, due to injury. 

Thanks to the support of Sky I'm able to get the laser treatment ASAP, allowing me to be back on my bike within the next week or two.

Thankfully I can still train my legs in the gym so I should still be in the best possible condition I can be at this moment of time.

This is only a minor setback and I'm not beat up about it. Rehab for my leg is still rapidly improving, which I'm over the moon about, and it will only be a month until I'm 100% fit.